kumkum bhagya – Meri Aashiqui (Part 1)

thanks a lot guys…hope you are looking for a change …I felt happy reading your comments. a special thanks to all..you made me smile..
hi surya , haritha ( your story is nice..I used to read it ),nannu ( same of age) ,riya ( ha..thanks a lot sissy )loka ( sivaranjini) ,sree ( no yaar. .I have not visited india), aasmitha ( achu..I read your fan fictions, really great yaar)varsha sister ( doing pg. .so you are elder than me..a special hi to you. ..sissy),priyanka ( thanks yaar),ani ( I think you are the writter of beauty and beast..I am sorry if I am wrong..but I read your updates..a different type of story),hey princess krisha( your name is krisha but I like to call you princess..you can cal me di, sister or whatever..all rights granted to you dear), di ( I don’t know your real name) , hemu ( thanks yaar),vaishali ( thanks for your compliment ),
ragela ( reji, a different name but it’s nice yaar..thanks a lot you but I don’t know either Tamil not Hindi. .I am learning)thanks krish and anu,aanya ,maha,haya, ishni,riya ( I will remember you specially because of that light green colour box yaar), Sandy, jeni,Elinor, sabeena , yagitha,nasima,kumkum,kavi,minu, aditi ( I used to read your updates)
ok ..I think I didn’t missed anyone..then guys..I am addicted to it because my friends used to talk all time about abhi and pragya.my friend smriti, she used to say how pragya looks..damm cool yaar..if I am a bit I would have proposed her and my other friend arjun ,he used to talk about shabbir. both knows Tamil and Hindu but I don’t know..I am learning from them..I don’t know how I got this intrest to write because seriously I am book hater. especially mathematics.I used to run hearing the word problems..so guys..In one update I got many friends keep supporting guys..I want you all to be my friend..will you guys be..as pragya I too have no more friends than smriti and arjun and I someone asked how you write in Indian style actually I used to read novels of chetan.ya I said I am book hatee but used to read novels..so let’s get into the story…

Abhi keeps the diary safe beside him yet close to his heart and start a to thinks something.
few years back…
CROSSDOWN UNIVERSITY, a reputed college in Pune..it is a place where lead actors and actresses or their heirs used to study. it was the opening day for freshers .all seniors were waiting for their juniors to enter the college.as for final year students they are having their last chance to rag students.as ragging is banned but it doesnt seem to work here.as all set in the college ,the screen shifts to a big auditorium all the students shouts abhi..abhi..a young man of late twenties comes waving his hands with his guitar.he starts to sing rock music..all were going crazy.he finished by making a bang sound and all shouts abhi…he gently exits. yes ,abhishek mehra ,final year student …he is head of his rock band and also topper. no one can beat him either in music nor in studies.
outside the auditorium..
all seniors were having fun on ragging. ..abhi settles with his friends.his gang it seems. ..first his best friend purab ( pragya’s childhood friend ), riya ( Pragya’S childhood friend ), rishab ( from br ) , raina ( from br), nikil ..they all are close friends…here abhi and rishab are elder one and others are their juniors ) .as abhi is known to them from their high school days they used to behave as friends .
rishab , purab and nikkil were on full mood to rag especially girls.they saw two girls. .one in pink colour chudidar with her chashma looking innocent and other in her shorts and tips looking beautiful.yes both are beautiful but the second girl seems to be mischievous. purab saw them ,he felt that some one close to his heart whom he missed these days are close to him. he started to look here and there and nikil and rishab teased him.rishab called those girls to him.abhi didn’t gave any attention to them.the girls comes towards them.purab , are you first year.the girl in blue top and shorts says” yes I am a fresher but my di is second year” . rishab, although she is new to this colegw n.a…both rishab and purab puts a hi- fi.abhi too smilled at their antics.purab, what’s your name ? the girl ,I am bulbul..rishab, or woh. ..her name.bulbul, she is my di ! riya, may be she is your di ,she don’t have names.purab starts to laugh.bulbul fakes her smile..yes ofcourse she has..abhi looks at the girl in chudidar.she hides beside bulbul.abhi thinks what’s wrong with that girl and keeps talking with raina.bulbul says rose. all together in chorus ” rose” .the girl too looked shock.she thinks why the bell she is lying to them.it’s better to say them na. .my name is pragya.abhi who heard the word rose looks at her suprisingly.rishab asked pragya it’s her name.bulbul murmers” di, better accept it or I cant help if something happens.nikkil asked what.pragya says yes…abhi looks at her and says guys let’s go..I am feeling bored.purab ,really Abhi are you feeling bored.come on yaar…see how many girls are falling for you..choose a one and live happy man.abhi in irritated tone , I don’t have any intrest in this.better you handle I am leaving and leaves.purab , now you escaped but we will meet soon and all leaves with abhi.
after all leaves ,pragya yelled at bulbul…bulbul ,whats the need to lie? if they comes to know that my name is not . bulbul says if you have so much problems you would have answered n.a….and if I have told that would have teased you di. ..grow up di. ..we can handle with it.no problem come let’s go to class.it’s getting late.I have to drop you in your class.pragya laughed at her last sentence and leaves.

pragya enters the class and sees purab and riya sitting there.pragya was first shocked to see them later she gains confidence and sits at last bench.purab turns towards her and sighs that his eyes are on her.pragya gulped and murmers be strong pragya..be strong.purab and riya smiles at her giving an oops expression. the professor enters.all wished him.he says today I gonna introduce a new person to you all.I know that in your class a new girl has come..all turns towards pragya.she slowly stands smiling at them.the professor continues well you guys know she is a topper in that college.all opens their mouth hearing this simple girl is a topper. he again,due to some family issues she shifted to this college.hope you will understand her situation and will help her.all nods their head.now purab and riya looks at her in sorry expression.the professor asked pragya to introduce.
pragya ,oh god what I gonna do.. they know me as rose..I have to kill bulbul for this situation.she slowly speaks. .my name is pragya,finished my 1 st year course in xyz university, Mumbai. hearing pragya ,both purab and riya looked at her in shock.pragya could able to understand that if she stuck in their hands she is finished..so she thinks how to escape from them.after classes ,pragya leaves from there quickly but to get bad luck all were standing near the gate.she mentally cursed bulbul for not accompanying her.purab slowly took her bag from her hands and asked her to get inside the car.pragya looked tensed.nikkil asked are you getting un or not.riya ,give her sometime nikkil.rishab asked her not to think much…

so guys what the abhi’s gang is gonna do.purab and riya knows pragya’s name but what about abhi…will he able to identify her

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  1. Superbbbbb Naina di !??? U started it so well !?????? Keep writing !???? And glad that will remember that Light green box . ?Thanks sis !????

  2. Its so nice di…im jst loving ur concept

  3. I loved it but want to see abhi expression ………I have a dout abhi don’t know about pragya shifting & she is also having a sister named bulbul….& pragya don’t know that abhi is studying in same clg …….they didn’t speak in phones also after abhi shifting to.Pune …………….so many quries ……naina

  4. Awww..so super di..i loved it..keep writing like this ..eagerly waiting for next epi

  5. Really i loved it to core

  6. Oh god it’s really awesome naina it’s really a different plot n superb ff n I’m too excited for next part to know wat vl hpn to pragya n in abhigya life…

  7. superb ya.keep going

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  9. Hi Akka Its so nice waiting for ur nxt epi.

  10. hi naina di..its awesome to the core..loved it so much..waiting for next

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    Hi naina di awesome update di waiting eagerly di for next part di all the best di loved it n awesoooommmmmeeee di pls post soon di

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    Naina, #Niceepic #suppperrexcited #suspenses Am just wondering where pragya/Rose will be taken ?

    WIll you able to update regularly ?

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