kumkum bhagya – Meri Aashiqui (Introduction)

Hi guys..it’s naina. I am from France. My friend used to watch kumkum and I too got addicted to it.I am 20 doing my fashion designing.I am happy to start a story and I used to read all your updates.so my story is quite different. Yes different from others I guess.so let’s get into the story..
RIYA KAPOOR ( mouni roy)
etc. …

” many times I think I am unlucky.I have no friends or relatives ..I have only one sister who used to care for me like my mother.though she is younger than me, she acts to be elder than me.but I fear that I will loose her too.in my childhood days I had a best friend riya.we both used to be so attached as we are neighbours. I used to share all things with her and she too.we used to play together. ..we used to fight a lot but after few minutes we will rejoin.but in fifth grade her father got transfer to Delhi.although Delhi is not far from Mumbai but we were sad.you know what..I am not the who cried.she was the one who cried for me.I was happy that in my life..first time I got a person who cry for me.later she left and I too missed her.she used to call me ,in vacation I used to go and visit her and she also.but not that much close …later we stopped talking , visiting..I don’t know what made a difference but I didn’t get a chance to meet her.
later in my seventh grade I had a best friend purab.he was close to me .he is not like riya but like a brother for me too.he used to care for me and I used to share my things with him.but my fate, he too left me for higher studies.
Later at my age of 12 , my parents decided to get me married.I am not opposing them as I know they knew what’s good for me.I married at my age of 13 .in my families they used to marry at small ages and after that they will stay in their parents house till her husband attains a stability .till that they have to learn house hold works etc. I was also under that pressure…on my marriage, I was made to sit beside him.I don’t know who he is or how he looks.I looked at him ,he too looks at me in annoyed…may be he too didn’t like me..as I am not as beautiful as bulbul.I had a fear because he looks arrogant..I kept quite till my marriage gets completed.I am not mature to think about it that day but now I can able to understand.I used to talk to him after my marriage not by person ..only through phones…not more but some what short…then one day he came to meet me .I was first frightened to meet him later my mom makes me to feel comfortable as possible saying that he is your husband ,you have to respect him,don’t speak when he speak…actually I was not frightened much befire my ma says.so my dad said he is waiting in my room.I slowly peeps into my room…he was standing near balcony.I slowly walked to him.I even don’t know what’s his name or bla. ..bla. ..I just went to him and stands beside him.I don’t know how he came to know that I am beside him.he turns to me and takes a look at me.I just looked down as I don’t want to look at him.he then asked me to feel comfortable and says that he is going to Pune for higher studies .I too nodded because my mom asked me to respect him.he asked me ,you don’t have any problem right.I again nodded.he asked me to talk.I looked at him..into his eyes where I could see his pain.I just said my mumma asked me not to talk while you are talking and looks down.I could hear his laugh..he simply said …ok..I am leaving. .take care and moves from there .I took a deep breath and was about to turn when he kissed me at my cheeks and says bye.I was quite suprised by his action but I liked it as it’s my first time a bit kissing. Slowly he too left me and after many years at my age of 1 6my parents died in an accident and later me and my sister were brought up by my dadi.as his parents have no objection to my studies I started to go to school after my marriage too.now I am 19 years old i gonna join a college in Pune…..I don’t know whether I will meet him but I am sure that he will remember me…I dont know how he looks now..what he is doing…but my heart will beat for him.sorry not introducing me…I am pragya abhishek mehra …sister of bulbul and wife of abhishek.ok….it’s time to pack my bags…I will see you later soon…….”

I closed the diary….and my eyes filled with tears…where are you pragya..I know I hurted you but doesn’t means I don’t like you…I am waiting for you….a man in age of 25 walks to his room and sees a small girl’s picture in bride’s dress and himself as a groom.he touches her face and says I love you..please come back…

So after pragya left to Pune did she met abhi..it made them to seperate. ..if so why abhi is longing for pragya…let’s see in upcoming episides…waiting fur your comments..

Please make a note. ..those who read the story…drop your name, what are you doing,where are you from….as a intro to me..and last about my story too..

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  1. hi,i’m from tamilnadu(india).ya it’s different from other…and pls update the next part asap


    Hai naina.. I am haritha.. malayalee.. doing my final year degree.. really different story… keep going dear..

  3. Hiiii my name is anu I am also 20 final year………..& story was different I liked.it a lot eargley waiting for next update

  4. Really a diff story line..superb story….pls uplaod next part asap…and naina akka(sisy)..i am from CBE,,TN…i am in the mid of 8th std…

  5. hai naina di.i’m sivaranjani.but,i used to mark my name as lokha.i’m from tamil nadu(india)and i am 15 studying 11th.its really different story.eagerly waiting for next

    1. R u from kamala niketan, trichy

      1. no dear.i’m from chennai.R U from trichy?

      2. S…. I asked tis ques bcoz I hav a frnd in same name and studying 11

      3. happy to know that u have a friend with my name.then will u accept me as ur friend??

      4. Sure

    2. Asmithaa

      lokha di?? what is ur date of birth..

      1. hai achu.my D.O.B is 20.9.2001.which makes u to ask this question?and what about u dear?

      2. Asmithaa

        actually ur age…. that why i am sep 8 2001.. i am elder than u…haha.. but i like to be ur choti..

  6. Hai naina….i am Varsha from Tamilnadu (India)..I am doing my PG final year..and ur is nice and superb keep going….

  7. Hii naina..i am priyanka.. i’m from tamilnadu..doing my degree second year..story very different from others ff..nice dear..

  8. B_Ani

    hi naina, i am loshini from Tamilnadu, India. ani is my nick name. i am a student of class 11.
    this story is really a wonderful one. very diff storyline. it is superb and keep going.

  9. Princesskrisha

    Hi my name is krisha I’m from India I love your update so hello naiina welcome may Icall you di as you’re elder to me???I

  10. wow super i am from tamil nadu…….

    tis ff is different n nice also , waiting next 1……….

    pls conti

  11. Really super i loved it to core i cann’t wait plz update next part soon

  12. Vaishali

    hi naina sia i am vaishali from pondicherry, tamil nadu, india i am studying my 12th std ur story was awesome sis its that awesome that it made me to imagine those scenes and while reading itself it was playing in front of me i was so happy superb story dii awesome pls update regularly na so that i will enjoy a lot love u loadzz keep gng…

  13. Hi di… As u said tis story is of different concept… I loved tis promo… Post d next part asap…. I’m Sree from tamilnadu and I’m studying 11 std

  14. Asmithaa

    Hii.. Naina sissy. I amAsmithaa. u can call me achu{i like to be called as} from Tamil Nadu. I am in class 10..loved it.. very happy to know that there is a fan of Abhigya from France.. hmm.. how did u write the story in indian style??

  15. Hi Naina ..I am Ragela .My short and pet name is Reji…So here i became reji . I am 13yrs old …I am from India and i am a Hindi mixed Tamil ..Born in Mumbai ..Living in chennai ..And nice ff..??

  16. hii naina…, im krishnapriya………frm tamilnadu (India) im dng my UG 1st yr……nice stry really diff frm othrs…….. nd waitng fr te nxt one…..

  17. Hi I am Anusha, I have completed my B.Tech early this year,I am 21 years old and I am from Andhra Pradesh. Story is different n nice

  18. Hi Akka l am Aanya from Tamil Nadu I m studying 11. And yr ff is so different I loved it waiting fr the next epi.

  19. hi I am maha (tamil girl) Tamil nadu.Final yr engineering student 🙂 Good intro keep going

  20. Hi naina… am haya… from sri lanka… ya ur ff is different..eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt epi…

  21. hi i’m thilini from SriLanka it’s very nice di & different

  22. Hello Naina Di ! Your story line is Superb ! I actually like this as u added Riya kapoor (Mouni roy)
    Now coming to my intro … I am RiyaShri . Doing My Higher Studies in India . Okay I hav seen so many riya(s) here so Let me inform u before hand My Comment Box Colour would be in Light green colour . Like the one it is now .

  23. Sandy

    Naina ?,
    Welcome aboard to KKB ff world ?
    Am Sandy from Chennai, India. #differenttrack #niceone #keepgoing

  24. I am Elinor from Hyderabad,India. Liked ur story was amazing and I know French as it is my third language in school I am in 9th class I am 14 years old

  25. Really nice yr….pls continue n update regularly…

  26. Hi nainaVery interesting. . . Waiting for next episode. . .

  27. So sweet story line…..
    Pls continue….
    Am sabeenia from pondicherry, 23 yrs….tamilan….

  28. i m nasima frm chennai..differnt story.its quite intrstng…

  29. Hi naina im kumkum I like your story it seems very different and interesting.

  30. Hai naina i am kavi from tamilnadu. I am 25 yrs old. Really interesting and different concepts. I like it. Waiting for nxt update. Best of luck keep rocking

  31. Nice start!!!

  32. Great start

  33. Aditiroy

    Hey it’s aditi .I am from India.I am writer of forced, contract marriage ….keep up…start your work soon….

  34. Prathi

    Hi Naina, This is Prathi 24yrs old, Chennai, TN currently working!! And superb start!! Welcome to kkb family!!

  35. Trisha

    Hi Naina! I’m Trisha and I’m from the Caribbean….Trindad to be exact..love your storyline…awesome start…keep rocking!

  36. Mukundraj

    hey i am mukund from bihar currently live in Rajasthan and preparing for IIT

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