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As soon as the class was over everyone let out a sigh of relief except the four as they didn’t knew what was going to happen next. Professor asked abhi and pragya to meet him at library after half an hour. After that abhi and ranveer went to canteen whereas pragya and ishani went to the garden. Till then four of them didn’t said anything about each other but their looks were enough to tell about the silent cease fire going between them.
In the canteen
Ranveer: Hey buddy, this isn’t the first time you got detention. Then what the problem? And this even takes your detention count to 70.
Abhi :(fuming) Problem? That girl! She has created mess in my life since i met her this morning.
Ranveer: This morning?
Abhi: Oh yes , i am the freak whom she was talking about.
Abhi: (surprised) You almost ran over her??
Abhi : WHAT? You too?? Are you taking her side. She was walking in the middle of road. You know how safe i drive.
RANVEER : Yes (though he actually knew how much safe it was,that too when he was getting late). But what’s the big deal you’re only going to library.
Abhi : That’s for you Mr. future business tycoon. It’a the most unhappening place. You know i stopped going to library after sixth grade.
Ranveer: Okay let’s change the topic. Just then they heard someone greeting them from far across canteen.

In the garden pragya was in two states. She was relieved that Mr. Mehra called her to library but on the other hand she was worried cause this was the first time she got detention.
Ishani: (who was sitting besides her asked innocently) pragya…
Ishani : Do you? (she offered peanuts to her)
Pragya : (annoyed) ishu. … It’s me who got detention, not you.
Ishani: I know.
Pragya: Then why are you eating right now?
Ishani: (sheepishly) Err… that’s because i was feeling hungry.
PRAGYA : Don’t lie to me. I know you get hungry whenever stressed.
Ishani: (hugs her tightly) Oh dear i am so scared. What if professor suspends you??
Pragya : Relax , everything will be fine.

ABHI and RANVEER looked up and saw two extremely flashy girls standing there. they were wearing the shortest of possible clothes and one of them was flashing ample of her cleavage and other had a plastic smile on her place. But one thing sure about them was that they all were totally dumb. Not again, they groaned.
Ria: (leaning a little over ranveer ) Hi , i am ria . She is tanu and she is .abhi nodded and quickly turned away.
Tanu: I think you are upset after what happened in class. She didn’t wanted him to know that pragya was her cousin sister.
Ria : Forget about this. One can’t expect anything but trouble from them.
Tanu : (hurrying to the point) So are you two fre…
Abhi : I think we should go . Professor has called us. As you know. soon will talk about it later. They both rushed outside and the the two were left embarrassed.

Pragya and ishani turned around and saw miss Della standing there.
PRAGYA and ishani : Hi miss Della!! Miss Della: Hi friends! Miss Della was a full figured flirty woman in her late thirties or early forties. She was school receptionist. Though called miss , Della was of the age to be called Mrs and mother of two children. But she never found someone worthy of her ( or so she thought). The handsome boys she liked already had a girlfriend. So she was still waiting for her knight in shining armor.
Pragya : Miss Della i have go to professor.Della: Bye.
After that pragya went to library and Della also went away but ishani was determined not to leave her friend alone. So she decided to follow pragya.
When pragya reached library she saw abhi already waiting outside. And then they both went inside.ranveer was waiting outside when miss Della saw him. Millions of guitars started playing in her heart as she saw her prince charming in ranveer. She slowly started pacing towards him. Ranveer noticed that but now it was too late as she was too close to him.
Inside library
Professor asked abhi and pragya to help him sort the various books lying on the table. Abhi felt suffocated there. PRAGYA and Abhi sat besides each other and opposite to professor . They were very careful not to fight again as neither of them wanted to be in each others company anymore without knowing the fact that the were always meant to be with each other.
Miss Della knowingly dropped her books in front of ranveer. ” ouch!!” Ranveee bent and gave her books to her.
Della: Thank you!!!
Ranveer: your welcome.
Della: (stared lovingly at him) How sweet!! RANVEER : (surprised) Excuse me!!
Della: (comes a little more closer and puts her hand on his arm) Where were you till now?
Ranveer: What the?
Della: (blushes) So naughty (and playfully pats him on shoulder)
Ranveer then saw ishani in corridor . He rushed towards her and tightly hugged her. She tries to push him away but couldn’t.
Ranveer: (loud enough for Della to hear) Where were you ? I was looking for you since morning. Oh!! so he too had a girlfriend . How lucky ishani… Miss Della thought.
Inside library
soon professor asked pragya to pass him the last bundle of books. As soon she got up she found someone pulling her back. She turned around and saw that abhi was holding her hand tightly.And he had a stupid smirk on his face.
Pragya : (whispering) leave my hand!!
Abhi : Try yourself.
Pragya tried to free her hand but couldn’t.
Professor : Miss arora pass the bundle please. Pragya tries to lift the bundle with one hand but failed. And abhi quickly left her hand.
Pragya : Sorry sir, but it was his fault. Abhi : What? You are saying as if iwas holding your hand under table.And with that he winked at her.
Professor : Shut up both of you. Now i want both you to put these remaining books in their shelves.
Abhi : Both of us??
Professor :  Yes you heard me right Mr. Mehra! With that he left both of them alone inside.
As soon as miss Della left ranveer let go  of ishani.
Ishani : (screams) Are you ou…
RANVEER : (quickly covers her mouth with his hands. He didn’t wanted to create a scene outside library) For God’s sake shut up!! For a moment ishani went numb and he felt himself drowning in her beautiful eyes full of mischievousness but quickly snapped back after hearing foot steps of the professor coming outside.
Inside the library
Abhi: As if all this was not enough.
Pragya : You started all this.
Abhi : Had you kept your mouth shut in class , nothing like this wouldhave ever happened.
Pragya : You were trying to touch me.
Abhi: Really ? ( starts to pace towards her) If i wanted to touch you i would have done it few minutes ago. BeCause we are all alone and i can easily overpower you. Pragya looked around and her heart skipped a beat. She really was all alone. She quickly picked the books and moved towards the shelf. She pulled a stool to place the last book which was a little above her reach.
Abhi: Can i help you?
Pragya : Of course not.
Abhi : As you say. He stood in corner and watched place the books but as soon as she started to descend she slipped. He quickly came forward and held her. He had to admit she was too beautiful and even more when terrified. Pragya closed her eyes as she expected her head to hit the ground but instead felt two strong arms. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into the intriguing grey eyes staring at her intently. Just then abhi heard ranveer calling his name. He quickly let go of her and removed his hand from her waist.
Ranveer: Are you alright? I heard a scream.
Abhi : I am fine.
Ishani: Come let’s go (pulled pragya with her)
Ranveer: We had enough drama for today.
Ishani : What? Hello Mr. who-ever-you-are . This all mess was started because of you. Had you not fought with me nothing would have happened.

Ranveer: Excuse me? You and your friend started all this drama.ishani was about to say something when pragya stopped her. Pragya : Let’s go . I don’t want to stay here. PRAGYA and ishani went outside.
Abhi: Hey will you do one thing for me. please?
Ranveer : Don’t worry i will not tell anything to di.
Abhi : You’re great buddy!!

That night abhi,ranveer, ishani, pragya unknowingly kept thinking about each other.

Next day the list of partners in English project work was out on the notice board.ranveer and Abhi read the names of their partners.
Ranveer : ishani?? (don’t know why but he feared her to be the same girl)
Abhi: And my partner is- pragya! woah!! Both screams……

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