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Miss T made a very helpless face to emotionally blackmail the two.
Miss T : Look i had to change Kate in such a hurry and now i want to announce it grandly in front of everyone. So will you two please help me? (Turns towards pragya) I have earned this reputation after years of hard work but it can be spoiled in just one night if you two do not go together. Theater has been my only love and i don’t want anything to gowrong with my play.
PRAGYA : (sighs) I am ready.
Abhi : Me too but on one condition, that pragya will come to pick me up.
Pragya : Abolutely not.

Abhi: Accept it or forget it.
Pragya looks at Miss T and then nodded her head in acceptance.
Saturday evening
Ranveer reached ishani’s house to pick ishani who was still not ready as she was taking out her frustration before party by making paneer jamoon(a dessert). So ranveer had no option but to wait. Something similar was happening with pragya. She went to mehra Mansion and Aarti opened the door.
Aarti : Hi pragya. Abhi told me about you. And you are looking absolutely gorgeous.
Pragya : Thank you.
Aarti: One more thing that i am sure about is that the boys will be totally blown by your beauty.
Pragya blushed but didn’t understood that Aarti was pointing towards her dumb brother abhi.
Aarti : Please sit. I am extremely sorry that abhi didn’t came to pick you but let me call him.
Pragya : Call? He isn’t here?
Aarti : Err…sorry but he isn’t even up yet.

Aarti : Don’t worry he will be ready in minutes. That’s why i always want him to have a girl who can make him do his things on time just like you did today.pragya didn’t understood why her cheeks were burning red.
Ranveer was waiting when ishani came downstairs. She was wearing a beautiful red gown that showed a little of her bare back. She had this particular grace around her.
Ranveer’s jaw dropped low,he couldn’t believe that his freaky girl was looking like a princess. Wait, his girl? Aarti went to abhi’s room but didn’t told him that pragya was downstairs. She wanted to keep the rest for surprise. Soon she came downstairs but without abhi.
Aarti: (To pragya) Just ten minutes only. I have left my purse in the car ,so i am going to pick it.
Five minutes later

Pragya heard someone rushing downstairs hurriedly. Abhi was rushing downstairs and yelling for his sister.Such a baby. Abhi stopped in his track when he saw pragya. She too quickly got up. Abhi was looking hot in his tux and bed hairs . The top two buttons of his shirt were open and he had his tie in his hand.abhi was staring without blinking at pragya. Damn it. Why she was looking so beautiful. She was wearing a black shimmering gown and was looking the perfect Kate of petruchio full of arrogance yet s*xy.Both were gazing in each other’s eyes when Bingo barked and broke their eye lock.
Abhi : What are you doing here?
Pragya: Com’on don’t you remember what you said yesterday?
Abhi : Anyway. Where is di?
Pragya : She has gone outside.
Abhi : Why now?

Pragya : Will you please hurry up i don’t have much more time to waste.We have to get there in ten minutes.
Abhi: We can’t. I don’t know how to do my tie.
PRAGYA : Er…if you don’t mind can i tie it?abhi handed her the tie. Pragya came forward but she was not that much tall like abhi so she had to stand on her toes to put the tie around his neck.As pragya was balancing on her toes abhi gently put his hands on her waist to steady her. A shiver ran down her body wherever he touched her and pragya peeked at him but quickly snapped back and fastened the knot. When she finished, abhi left her and went to his room. He soon came downstairs and they both were about to leave when they met Aarti at door.
Aarti : Oh my god!!! You two look perfect with each other!!she slightly pushed pragya towards abhi and clicked their picture together. Abhi rolled his eyes at his sister’s excitement over a photograph but little did her knew that later this photograph was going to mean so much to him. After they left Aarti mentally patted herself.She had emptied abhi’s car’s petrol tank. It was enough to rush them to prom but not enough to get them back home. Now the car way sure to stop on their way back home. She knew that this city was safe so there won’t be any problem if two got a little more time to spend together due to her.

Ranveer and ishani had reached the party had already began but abhi and pragya were no where to be seen. When they reached the entrance ranveer put his arms around ishani’s waist and pulled her slightly towards himself. Before ishani could open her mouth to say something he replied back.
Ranveer: Please don’t say anything. I am your partner here and besides ria and nikkil are just behind us.When they reached inside tanu and all were already present. They all flinched at sight of them together but ranveer didn’t even spare them a glance.tanu was with raghav..
Tanu : Where is that abhi?
Raghav: abhi? But you are here with me baby.
Tanu : Oh i am sorry dear but you know i was thinking that he and pragya are nowhere to be seen. (although she was praying that her nightmare doesn’t comes alive.)
Raghav : Hmm…by the way who was coming with pragya?Dipali : (gives a fake laugh) Do you think anyone will ever want to come with her? Come on.”I don’t think so.”They all turned around to see ishani.

Ishani : Don’t look at me like that. Kate is waiting with her Petruchio at the front entrance…..and smiles.

Screen flashes between ishani ‘s smirked face and tanu’s confused look….

Credit to: naveena

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