kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 8


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Episode starts with

Lights went off and spot light was once again on ishani. She saw her partner’s face and was surprised to see ranveer. She least expected him to be here. But it she felt a warm nice feeling when she realised that he’d put his ego aside for her.
RANVEER: (whispers) Now will you please dance otherwise i will have to lift you throughout our performance. I didn’t come here to make a fool of me.Soon the two started dancing. They were gliding like a feather in wind. Graceful and beautiful. Everyone watched in awe.
Ria and nikkil were clearly fuming but couldn’t sayanything. Soon the performance ended and they got standing ovation.ishani got so much excited that she hugged ranveer. Suddenly she realised that they were too close and broke the hug. Ranveer wondered why he felt bad when she pulled away.Later when ishani was going off the stage when she heard ria talking to her friends.
Ria : I know she must have given him some kind of favor, otherwise why would a handsome guy like him would partner with a girl like her. She can easily warm anyone’s bed.
Ishani felt tears coming to her eyes and she rushed to locker room.
Ranveer noticed the change in her behavior and followed her.

Pragya was startled by Miss Tamana’s voice and lost her balance.abhi stepped forward and held her by waist.
Miss T: Exactly!! Just stop there. Abhi don’t lift her. Just stay like this. (to pragya) Now look into his eyes.
Pragya : WHAT?
Miss T : Do as i say.
Pragya gazed in his eyes and saw a strange combination of amusement,mischief and….what was that? Love? Abhi couldn’t take it anymore as he didn’t wanted to wanted to be this close to her and loose his senses.
Pragya : What happened Miss?
Miss T came forward and crushed pragya in a big hug.

Miss T: Perfect!!! (She slightly pushed pragya towards abhi ) Just look at them . You two look perfect with each other.abhi smirked as he now understood what Miss T was talking about. So now feisty pragya was going to be his Kate. Perfect.
Miss T : (Almost screaming) You are my Kate pragya!!!pragya opened her mouth to say something but Miss T cut her.
Miss T: No nothing!! This is my order not request.pragya had no option but to oblige.

Ranveer reached locker room and found ishani sobbing in the corner.
Ranveer : ishu? What happened?
Ishani : Thanks for coming but i don’t want to participate.
Ranveer : But why?

Ishani : I don’t to participate.
Ranveer : And i asked you why?
Ishani: I think pragya is calling me.
Ishani started to leave but ranveer grabbed her hand from behind and pulled her towards himself.
Ranveer : What’s the matter dammit!?
Ishani : I don’t want to because people to think i went in bed with you to make you my partner.
Ranveer : What the…..?And he left her arm.
Ranveer : Stop crying!!!! And grow up ishani. People talk rubbish and stop thinking about them. But if you think that i am gonna leave you then you are wrong. I am not gonna leave you. Ever!!And then he went away but his words were still ringing in her mind. Next day
There was prom night the coming Saturday and everyone was expected to arrive with their partners. everyone was tensed and excited to find their partners.ishani was in the canteen waiting for pragya. And the tanu and ria came up to her.
Ria: Look who’s here! The great dancer.

Ishani : Shut up!!!
Ria : Ooh attitude!!!
Tanu : Why not, she is also like her best friend. both of them are perfect at seducing boys.
Ishani : Excuse me?
Nikkil : (comes from behind) I don’t think so!!! She was never able to impress me.
Ria : That’s because you are all mine (hugs him).
Tanu : So who’s your partner? I don’t think anyone will actually come with you.”THAT’S BECAUSE SHE IS COMING WITH ME.”And with that ranveer turned around and left everyone, including a wide eyed ishani,stunned

Pragya was rehearsing her dialogues with abhi. She was trying her best not to make a prolonged eye contactwith him.
Miss T : Look in your Petruchio’s eyes Kate!!
PRAGYA : Sorry Miss.When they finished Miss T called both of them.
Miss T : I want my Kate and Petruchio to go together at prom.

Pragya and abhi : WHAT?

Hope you all loved…ha it’s short .I want to say onething as i could not update my episode last few days .it’s because you people know ria Cassandra. Some may know ..some may not and she is famous for her tale….the fault in our stars….actually she is my cousin.she stopped updating because she was about to marry .her marriage is to be held in two days.but unfortunately she passed away last Sunday….so that I could not upload ,actually I am not in mood to upload last episode but something pushed me to upload

So I just thought to share .. sorry if I bored you….

Credit to: naveena

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  1. I am so sad. Hope her soul rest in peace. I loved the story for today.

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    Keep updating and I love your episode

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