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Ishani: So…………..how was it?
Abhi : Awesome.
Ishani : Really? Then please wait for a minute.ishani rusheed inside. Pragya noticed abhi smiling at ishani. A certain green eyed monster made his way inside her heart. Why was he smiling like a goof at her?
Pragya : Why did you lie to her??
Abhi: What lie??
Pragya: That you liked pizza. I know you didn’t liked it.
Abhi : And may i know how? Are you my wife,fiancee or girlfriend? Besides i like a little burnt pizza.
Pragya: Look don’t indulge ishani in our fight. I don’t want her to get hurt. And no wonder a person like you likes burnt things.
Abhi : I am not indulging anyone. She is so unlike you. And i think i can smell someone is burning, which for your information is definitely not the pizza.
Pragya : (angry) I am not jealous.
Ishani came out with a tiffin box and handed it to abhi.
Ishani : This is for aarti ji.
Abhi: (looking at pragya) And for me??
Ishani : Oh they are enough for you two.
ABHI: And ranveer?
Ishani : Special instruction, don’t give a single piece to that pig.
Pragya : ishani what will be left for us if you distribute all?
Ishani : Don’t worry i have made enough pizza for two days.
Abhi: (helds out his hand for ishani) Friends then? Abhi.
Ishani: (shakes his hand) ishani the great
Abhi: That’s so tricky.
Ishani: Just like me (winks)
  Pragya was getting jealous at their proximity. And right now she wanted ishani to stop being so good.
Pragya : (interrupting ) ishani don’t you think we should have our own breakfast now?
Ishani: Sure. Bye abhi.
Abhi : Bye.
      He then drives off. But he was still confused by the look on pragya’s face. Also for first time pragya felt jealous of ishani. She didn’t wanted abhi to come close to her but why?
Pragya : (hinting indirectly) I don’t think you should make friends so easily.
Ishani: But he is not that bad. He is far better than that ranveer.

   Next day:
    Whole class was relieved when they found that professor was on an outdoor trip and hence would not be able to conduct their classes for at least one week. This meant that they got some extra time to work on their project. Next few days went quietly until they saw two notices on notice board.First one was about the upcoming freshers night and college excursion trip. Second one was about the annual function to held next month. It’s auditions were starting from tomorrow and students were invite to showcase their talent.ishani was all too excited to participate in dance competition. She rushed to give auditions but was disheartened to find that she needed a partner to pair with. Pragya knew how disheartened ishani was, so she went to give her an advice.
Pragya : Can i suggest something ishani?
Ishani: What? Please say anything but not to team up with that nikkil.
Pragya: You can ask ranveer.
Ishani : WHAT?
Pragya: Give it a thought ishani,you can ask him.
Ishani : And what if he rejects me
Pragya: Then may be challenge him.
Ishani went to search for ranveer and found him in classroom. Damn that guy was no fun. She took a deep breath and gathered the courage to ask him.
Ishani: I wanted to ask you something.
Ranveer : What?
Ishani : I …err…how is your hand?
Ranveer : It’s fine but please ask the main question.
Ishani : Willyoubemypartneratdancecompetition?
Ranveer had a look of irritation and disbelief on his face, What was wrong with this girl? Fighting for desk,fighting with him  then caring for him, making burnt pizza and having nerve to send them for someone and now speaking too fast. Yes, he had he pizza when nobody was looking.
Ishani: Will you be my partner at dance competition? Don’t forget we are partners at the English project and if i did anything wrong you will lose your marks too.
RANVEER : You are threatening me? Really?
Ishani: No not threatening i am just challenging you that if i outscore you at our next weekly assessment then will you agree to be my dance partner?
Ranveer: (smirks) You really have some nerve? You think you can beat me at assessment?
Ishani: (nervous) Say yes or no?
Ranveer : Yes.

   Pragya went to auditorium were auditions were going. She was taking care of arrangements backstage. Sure she loved to act but she never had guts to act in front of so many people. She was better back stage.This year they were going to showcase the famous Shakespeare play – TAMING OF THE SHREW. It was a story about two sisters Kate and Bianca. Kate being arrogant and shrewd while the later one beingmore desirable. Then comes a gentleman from Verona named Petruchio who takes up the challengeto marry Kate and transform her into an obedient wife. The auditions began and pragya was busy helping drama teacher Miss Tammana . They decided to modernize the play so as to keep the audience entertained. Undoubtedly abhi was selected for the lead role of Petruchio. Afterwards riya was selected for the role of Bianca. Few days later they selected tanu as Kate.

       Whereas ishani was busy studying day and night as she wanted to win at any cost. Now it was a question of her pride. She knew it was stupid of her to challenge RANVEER as he was state topper but what can be done now. After one week weekly assessment exams were held but ishani was not sure if she would be able to outscore  ranveer.Also the practice for the play were going with full swing except for one thing – that the tanu was a terrible actor. She constantly reported late and forgot lines. There was no chemistry between her and abhi and abhi being an excellent actor overshadowed her part. Besides she was only interested in romantic scenes and coming close to abhi.So Miss Tamanna was still hoping to find the right girl who could argue and fight with abhi as naturally as Kate with Petruchio.
The next day results were to be announced . Also it was the last day for auditions. Ishani and pragya rushed to college. On their way pragya was constantly praying for ishani to win the challenge. Soon they were in college but ishani didn’t had courage to see the result pinned on notice board. So pragya went ahead but when she returned her face didn’t show any positive sign.
Ishani: What happened? No let me close my ears and then you say it.
Pragya : But how’re you gonna listen when you have closed your ears?
Ishani : Oh then say it quick.
Pragya : You didn’t outscore ranveer.ishani was blank when she heard it. She didn’t knew how to face the whole class in front of whom she challenged him. She turned around to leave but pragya rushed and hug her.
Pragya : (yells) I said you didn’t only outscore ranveer but also outscored everyone else!!!
Ishani: What??
Pragya: You topped whole class idiot!!!
Ishani: (completely blank) I..i topped!!! (suddenly yells) ON YOUR FACE RANVEER !!
pragya : Yes!! yes!!! yes!!! Ishani who once got compartment in seventh class has finally topped our test.

     Soon ishani rushed to audition room and pragya  went to help miss Tamanna. Ishani first went to classroom but didn’t found ranveer there.She then went to audition room and got her number.riya too was there with her partner nikkil.
Ria: So where’s your partner ishani?ishani: He…he…he is just coming.
Ria: Is he really coming or are you expecting to find someone now.
Ishani: Actually…
Nikkil : You should have asked me earlier.

Ria: No chance he is all mine.Just then dance instructor called ria and nikkil on stage . The two danced quite well and got selected. And afterwards ishani was called on stage. Just when she was going on stage ria winked at her.ishani went on stage and spotlight flashed on her. But she was standing still. Then the teacher and instructor asked : Where is your partner ?ishani didn’t reply and tears were brimming in her eyes when she saw other students yelling at her for wasting their time. She turned around to leave but suddenly felt a hand on her waist and someone turned her around.

Pragya was standing backstage and giving written dialogues to all the students. Tanu was still not getting her lines and was acting pathetically.
Abhi and tanu were on stage and miss Tamanna couldn’t take it any longer.
Miss T: Shut up!!! Tanu off the stage NOW!!!
Tanu: But why miss ?
Miss T :(yells) CAUSE YOU SUCK!!!
Pragya gasped and abhi burst out laughing at their teacher’s blunt language.
Tanu : (she heard abhi giggling) What??
Miss T: I mean that you can’t act at all. It’s been a week since i’ve been trying to teach you but you still can’t say any single line properly. I don’t want to spoil my play. So i am replacing you.
Tanu : You can’t. Because now all the auditions are closed and you can’t find any other Kate.
Miss T: Yes i can. And that too,by the end of the day.
Tanu stormed out of the room . Abhi was smirking as he wanted to know who the new Kate would be. He was hell tried of tanu and her clingy ways.
Pragya : Miss T, how will we find new Kate today?
Miss T : I don’t know pragya .Miss T she to went backstage. slowly everyone left except for abhi who was standing all alone on stage. Pragya went on stage and collected all the papers lying on stage . As soon as she turned around she knocked into abhi who was starting to leave.
PRAGYA : (yells) Can’t you see?
ABHI : Now what? Look i am already fed up of this tanu drama.
Pragya: Me too. But let me tell you one thing . YOU bumped into me first.
Abhi: Oh really?
Pragya: Besides please decide the book for our project.
Abhi : (winks) I have already told you.
Pragya: (yells) I am not going to write on that pathetic book of your choice.
Abhi : No problem let’s do the practical.
Pragya: What?
Abhi slowly started to move towards pragya. She started to back away. Suddenly they both stopped when someone yelled.”PERFECT !!! SHE IS OUR NEW KATE!!”

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