kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 6

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Pragya screamed as abhi pinned her to wall. Abhi was also surprised to hear a girl scream.
Abhi : Shame on you,being a girl you do such type of things!
Pragya instantly recognised his voice and stopped moving . Abhi also noticed this stillness and quickly grabbed the lighter from side table and lit it so as to see her face more clearly. Just then he saw big brown doe eyes staring at him. He felt himself drowning in those eyes and was perplexed by her beauty. Suddenly they heard a bark and the two broke their eye lock.abhi switched on the light and was surprised to see a very scared pragya trying to dissolve in to the wall.
Abhi : I thought you went home after party.
Pragya : What? I just came here to pick my bag.
Abhi : But what’s your bag doing here in first place?
Pragya: Your dog brought it here.
Abhi : His name is Bingo and i know it’s one of your fake excuse after i caught you breaking in my room. Why are you so head over heels in love with me?
Pragya : What?I am not in love with you mister!!
Abhi : Exactly you are not in love with me but my body (smirks)
Pragya : Whatever helps you sleep at night.She started to move but bingo came near her and loudly barked at her. She quickly turned back but bumped into abhi and they both fell on bed with pragya on top of him. They once again locked gaze and abhi unknowingly tugged hair behind her ear. Suddenly the two realised their proximity and got up.
Abhi : (To bingo) What was that bingo? She could have got hurt! And she is not even new here. Bingo hides behind pragya and givesher big puppy eyes. Pragya’s heart melts and she glares at abhi . Looks like someone jumped on the other boat.
Pragya : Why are you yelling at him?He didn’t knew me properly,(looks at bingo) besides he is a very good boy. Isn’t he?She scratches behind Bingo’s ears and he lovingly wags his tail at her. Just then aarti comes and winks ather partner in mission – Bingo.
Aarti: So you are here! I was searching for you all over the house. Pragya : I-i actua…
Aarti : (cutting ) No need to tell . Bingo gets excited with new people in house.
Aarti: (to abhi) Look at you!! You are up so early!!
Abhi : (looking at pragya ) Yeah someone disturbed me and found their way in my room
Aarti: Thank you pragya.
Pragya : Why
Atari : First for dropping me home. (to abhi ) You know i sprained my ankle today. (to pragya) And second as you did my job today. It usually takes me half an hour to wake him.
Abhi : She didn’t wake me up. I thought someone broke into the home.
Aarti : I always pray to god to give him a loving wife who can wake him up early daily, like you did.
Abhi : Yeah but not by barging in my room . He then picks up his towel and rushed towards bathroom
Pragya came downstairs .Just then ranveer also came back from his morning walk.
Aarti : So chhote is also here. (to pragya) Chhote goes for morning walk daily whereas abhi prefers to work out in gym.
Aarti : Now have breakfast with us.
Pragya : Sorry but i can’t as ishani is making breakfast today. So she needs someone to encourage her all the time.
Aarti: (out loud for ranveer to hear) Oh ishani is making breakfast. Then i will not force you. Ranveer smiled faintly at the thought of ishani preparing less of breakfast and more of mess in kitchen.
Aarti: I need to give you something pragya. She goes to her room and pragya and ranveer start talking. They discuss about their school, educationand future plans. Just then abhi arrives there and notices the two busy in talk. He feels a little jealous but doesn’t show it. Aarti comes back with a small pot in her hand.
Aarti : Here you go.
Pragya: But why?
Ranveer : because di is a nature lover and she gives her favorite plant saplings to those she really likes. Aarti : And i like you and ishani.
Pragya: Thanks. Ranveer goes to his room to get ready and abhi is also about to leave but aarti stops him.
Aarti : Where are you going? You have to drop her home.
PRAGYA : No problem i can go on my own.
Aarti : abhi she helped me and can’t we drop her safely to her home?abhi had no choice but to drop herhome. Di knew how to push his buttons. Soon abhi and pragya were on their way to her home. Abhi was not in a mood to argue with her. So he increased the volume of radio. But at that time a romantic song was playing. When their car stopped at red light an old lady came up to them with a bunch of flowers.
Old lady : Please son , please buy these flowers for your wife. It will make her happy. Abhi flinched at word wife but before he could say anything pragya rolled window and brought flowers and even gave change to her.
Old lady : May god bless you both. Wish you a very happy married life and may you two have a baby as cute as both as you both are.abhi and pragya : BABY!??
the old lady was already on her way back.
Pragya : But he is not my husband.The old lady turned around and said : Oh. So he is your fiance!!!
Pragya: No..
.Old lady : (smiling) You are meant to be together. Fate has her own ways. Before any of them could say anything the signal turned green and they drove ahead but her words were still ringing in PRAGYA’S mind. What if she was right? What if fate had actually planned abhi to be in her life? But suddenly abhi started to laugh.
Pragya : (annoyed) What’s so funny?abhi : She thought you were having a baby.
Pragya : She might have mistaken me for someone else.
Abhi: She may have but it only shows how fat you are so that people consider you to be pregnant.And he burst into laughter. Pragya felt a little hurt. After all she was not like ishani who can shove down a pile of sweets without gaining an ounce.
Pragya : (yells) I am NOT fat!!
Abhi : Oh really but that lady thought otherwise.
Pragya: I am warning you abhi . She just blessed us like old people do.
Abhi : (giggles) Blessing? Our baby will be a weapon of mass destruction. Imagine we two atom bombs having hydrogen bomb of our own.pragya felt her cheeks becoming red hot.So she decided it was better to look out of the window. Sure she wanted a family in future but not with abhi. She felt pity for the girl who would be stuck with him, How can anyone tolerate this guy? And imaging a mini version of abhi horrified her to no extent. Abhi glanced at her and saw her stupidly staring out of the window but with a faint smile. There was something different about her. Soon they reached her house and pragya found ishani standing in garden with a plate in her hand.
Ishani: Finally. Aarti ji called and told us everything.ishani grabbed pragya’s hand and knocked on abhi’s window. Abhi rolled down his side of car’s glass window and raised one eyebrow.
Ishani : Although you have troubled her so much already but i must say thank you for dropping her home.
Abhi : Thanks…by the way, what were you cooking?
Ishani : (to pragya) Look pragya,i told you the smell was coming till the end of street also. I am sure you must have wondered what that amazing aroma is. Then let me tell you abhi, it is ishani’s special breakfast.ishani all but beamed at abhi. He wondered how can anyone be so cheerful at morning.
Abhi : Errr…actually i just figured out from your dress.
Ishani looked at herself and realised that she was wearing an apron and it was stained all over with different curry stains. She even had hints of flour in her hair. Wow, real mature ishani..
Ishani : (handing out the plate) Then you must try them.abhi had no option but to pick one slice of her home made pizza.pragya watched anxiously as abhi ate as she was afraid he might say something which may hurt ishani But instead something happened the other way round.

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