kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 5

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Pragya and abhi came out of the room and pragya tried to move towards ishani but stopped when she realised that abhi was still holding her by her and he seemed unaware of it.aarti  also noticed this.
Aarti : Abhi , you both are out of the room and she is not going to be hurt.(points towards his hand)
Abhi automatically flings his handback and looked the other way.
RANVEER : But how did you got locked in?
Pragya : I was searching for washroom and got lost.
Aarti : (to abhi) I am sorry . The door will be fixed by tomorrow morning . (to pragya) You’re okay?
RANVEER : (to Abhi ) And were is your phone?
Abhi: I gave it to you bone head!!!
Ranveer : Oh shit!!!! Sorry i forgot because of her (points towards ishani) ishani : Me?? Don’t you have any manners? Instead of thank you,youare blaming me!!
Ranveer : Listen you…
Aarti:  (cutting them in between) Cut it !!! Enough for today,now lets go downstairs.
RANVEER : Excuse me, i have to make a call. Everyone proceeds downstairs but ishani stays back with ranveer.
Ishani : Listen i wanted to say something.
Ranveer : Now what?
Ishani notices a big fresh cut on his hand which he might have got while breaking the door.
Ishani: (pulls his hand) That you are a jerk!!
RANVEER : What the?? She then takes out his handkerchief from his pocket and cleans the wound .
RANVEER : (grumbles) I can manage my self.
Ishani : i know (hands handkerchief to him) but don’t close your fist . It will only make you bleed more. And by the way…thank you.She gave a small smile and went down stairs. But that smile effected ranveer in a big way.
That night all four of them were awake due to hurricane of emotions in their hearts.

Next day
    Pragya was coming out of the library when she bumped into someone. But this time it was not abhi but raghav..
PRAGYA : (thinking) Oh god!!! Please send someone to get me rid of him.
Raghav : Hey pragya.
Pragya : Hi.She started to walk off but he blocked her way.
Raghav : So i didn’t saw you at the party yesterday.
Pragya : Hmm…i was..
Raghav: No need to tell me..i know you are waiting for my party. But don’t worry it will be soon and much bigger than those newbie’s. Abhi, who was listening to all this decided to cut in between.
Abhi : Please do invite me too.
Raghav: I will surely
PRAGYA was trying hard not to look at abhi but he was constantly staring at her. Raghav was getting irritated by all this. He wanted pragya to be his only.
Raghav : So what about a coffee pragya?
Pragya : Err… may be next time i have to discuss something with abhi.
Abhi : Oh yes i forgot. Here it is (hehands over a small clutch to pragya)you left it on my bed yesterday. (emphasizes on the word ‘BED’ ) pragya gets what he was trying to say. She opens her mouth to clarify but someone beats her to it.
Raghav: Bed?
Abhi: Yes on my bed . (smirks) She was in my room last night.
Raghav : (to pragya) You didn’t tell me.
Abhi : Why should she ? It’s a little personal, isn’t it?(winks at her)
Pragya : Excuse us. She grabs abhi’s arm and drags him to the corner.
Abhi : Woah slow down.You like it rough haan?PRAGYA gives him a stern look which silences him.
Pragya : Why did you said all that?
Abhi : What? I only said the truth.You were with me in my bedroom(comes a little closer and whispers) only difference is that people don’t know what happened inside. He then walked away. PRAGYA fumes in anger. Why the hell did she asked god to send someone to save her from raghav. Next day it was a holiday.ishani was still sleeping but pragya went to temple. Aarti also went to same temple and saw pragya there. She decided it was the right time. Aarti saw pragya coming out of the temple and faked sprain in her ankle and screamed out loud for her to hear.

Aarti : Aaahh!!!!!
Pragya rushed towards her and recognised her as two devils’ angel sister.
Pragya : Are you okay?
Aarti : No,my foot it hurts.
Pragya : You came here with someone?
Aarti: No i am alone. Will you please drop me home?
Pragya : (A little bit hesitant) Okay.
Pragya takes aarti to their mansion. On their way to home aarti asked pragya about her and her hobbies. She indirectly tried to tell her about her brothers (mainly abhi). When pragya reached mehra mansion Aarti didn’t let her go and asked her to come inside.The living room was splendid like theone in movies.
Aarti : I am going to dadi , will be back just in a second. In case you need anything just call for the servants. Pragya nodded. Aarti went to dadi’s room. Just then bingo arrived and he started playing with pragya and wagged his tail everytime she called his name. Then suddenly he picked her small bag lying on table and rushed upstairs. PRAGYA went behind bingo but he didn’t stop. In fact he did but inside guestroom where abhi was asleep. He had shifted in the guestroom till the door of his room was repaired. The lights were turned off,the curtains were tightly drawn and even the door was not locked. So pragya thought it to be empty. she went inside and saw bingo standing there with her bag in his mouth. Suddenly he dropped it on the ground and ran away. The room was faintly lit and pragya was a little afraid of dark. But she gathered courage and went inside and picked her bag. She tried her best to make minimum noise. But abhi was disturbed. He had noticed someone in the room. First he decided to turn on the light but that would make the thief alert. So he slowly went behind the thief.PRAGYA had already sensed someone behind her but as soon as she turned back someone grabbed her and pinned her to the wall.
Pragya screamed HELP!!!…..

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