kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 4

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Abhi was shocked on see pragya standing in his room with her hands covering her eyes. He quickly rushed back to the bathroom to dress more appropriately.
PRAGYA : (with her eyes still closed) I am sorry but i didn’t saw anything. And please don’t come outside.

Abhi: (shouts) Pass me my shirt. It’s on the bed. Luckily she found the shirt he was asking for. Pragya knocked on the bathroom door and her eyes were still shut. She stretched her hand out to give him his shirt but she forgot the most important thing – to remove her hand and let go of the shirt as he pulled it. Abhi was already too much irritated by these sudden turn of events that he opened the door a bit too forcefully and pulled the shirt inside along with pragya. And thus pragya got pulled towards him and knocked on his marble chest. Suddenly her eyes flew open and let out a squeak. But up till now she hadn’t realised that her hands were on his chest along with a shirt between them and his arms were locked around her waist.   

  Abhi too didn’t knew how she got inside but he was staring  at big doe eyes which were full of love and life. Suddenly pragya broke the eyelock and a traitor blush covered her cheeks.
Pragya : Sorry!!! (again shuts her eyes) You shouldn’t have pulled so hard.
Abhi : State the obvious. You wanted to be alone with abhishek mehra .
Pragya : (opens her eyes) No!!! (but quickly shuts on realising that he was still not wearing his shirt)..i mean …i got lost.
Abhi : (smirks) That’s a very old filmy dialogue. I know you wanted to spend some private time with me.
Pragya : Private time with you?? Never!!!!!
Abhi : Then why are you here, at this time all alone in my bathroom and that too when i am not wearing my shirt? Pragya’s head spun at so many questions. All these things made her look like a girl who entered in anyone’s bedroom.
PRAGYA : Let me go.

Abhi then let her go and pragya quickly came outside. Soon Abhi also came outside but this time wearing his shirt.
ishani was searching for pragya but didn’t found her anywhere. She told her parents about it. She also tried her number but found that pragya left her phone on her table. So  neil went back to their house to check if she was there. Where are you pragya? Khushi soon started to get tense. She was surely not going to spare pragya when she finds her.
Ranveer went upstairs to call abhi but found his room locked and heard no voice coming from inside so he thought it to be empty.
In the room

Abhi came out of bathroom and PRAGYA’S jaw dropped. He was looking like a Greek god of beauty but pragya tried hard not to look at him.
Abhi: Now will you please tell me what are you doing here?
Pragya : I came here searching for washroom and got lost.
Abhu : So when you’ve already arrived let me tell you the washroom’s on your left. I think you should go (he said pointing to the bigspot on her dress)
Pragya rushed inside and saw her face in mirror. She was blushing tomato red. Stop it pragya!! She said to herself – he is just a normal guy , like everyone else. No!!! there was something different about him. Downstairs

Ranveer was calling abhi but abhi’s phone was on silent mode in his own pocket.

Ranveer : Where are  you dammit? He turned around and saw tanu and ria there.
Ria: Oh dear, where were you looking ? We were just right behind you.
Ranveer: Actually i was…
Tanu: You’re looking hot!!! Where’s your best buddy?
Ranveer: (sternly) I am asking the same question. Just then ishani arrived there.
Ishani : Has anyone seen pragy?
Ria looked at tanu but declined.

Ishani then turns to leave but ranveer who had heard everythinggoes behind her.
Ranveer : ishani!!! (she stops and turns back) You said that your friend pragya is missing?
Ishani: Hmmm…i have searched allover again and again. Neil have even searched at our home but she is nowhere. But why are you asking?
Ranveer: That’s because abhi is also missing. BANG!!!Suddenly realisation dawned upon both of them. What if they both were some where together and in trouble. They must be fighting. Inside the room
Pragya came outside and saw abhi trying to open the door.
Abhi : Dammit !!! I told di to get this crap fixed.
Pragya : Err…don’t you have your phone?
Abhi turned around and blocked her between him and wall.

Abhi : Had i got my phone i would have surely used it to save myself from you.
Pragya : Save yourself? Excuse me, i am not murdering or molesting you.
Abhi: But what’s the guarantee that you will not try to take advantage of a lonely s*xy boy like me ? (winks)
Pragya : (trying hard not to look at him) I don’t know what you are trying to say but can i get a glass of water.
Abhi then steps back and gives her water from the jug on his side table.
Abhi: You know you are very lucky.
Pragya :(sarcastically) I know that’s why i was detained and now locked in your room.
Abhi: No not in that way but you know you are the first person for whom abhishek mehra worked.
Pragya : But you didn’t do anything for me
Abhi : I did. I just gave you a glass of water.

RANVEER and ishani told their families about abhi and pragya missing and how they could be together. Aarti got worried and asked all servants to search both inside and outside the mansion.
Inside the room

They both were stuck since last half an hour.pragya started to try her luck to open the door.
Abhi : That’s great.beCause i failed when i tried but you a mere 44 kgs girl will not break this door. Excellent.
Pragy : Will you stop commenting and give some helpful ideas?
Abhi : There are three options:first , we should try to jump from balcony risking our bones and future. Secondly it will also look as if i am eloping with you. Second, we should scream at the top of our voice to seek help. But it will be of noise as music playing downstairs is louder than our voices combined . Third and the last is to sit her and wait till anyone comes or till the party is over.
Pragya: I don’t think we will have to wait for so long cause ishani must be searching for me.
AArti suggested to check in abhi’sroom again.ranveer and ishani went upstairs and knocked on door.
Ranveer : abhi are you in there?
Pragya : Yes !!!
Ishani : (shocked) pragya?? What are you doing inside? WITH HIM?

Ranveer: Is abhi with you pragya?
Abhi : Yes i am here buddy and save me soon this girl is after my body. Ranveer and ishani: WHAT?
Pragya: It’s nothing like that. I lost my way and got stuck here with him. Now will you please open the door. Pragya quickly turns around and gives him a dare-you-say-that-again look.ranveer rushed downstairs and informed everyone .They all rushed upstairs. Yash,ranveer and neil decided to break the door.
Yash: (yells) abhi and pragya stand aside. We are gonna break the door open. Soon they started hitting the door and after 10 minutes the door came down and it’s small pieces splattered on floor.pragya quickly rushed towards her family and was about to step on the iron nail on the ground when suddenly abhi pulled her.

Abhi : Stop it!! Can’t you see? You will get hurt. Pragya was amazed at this sudden change and abhi also felt quiet uneasy with his own behavior. Why the hell was he caring for her?  Luckily a cupid named Aarti also noticed this.

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