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Abhi and ranveer stood there thinking who is pragya and ishani. Though ranveer had a notion that ishani was that stupid girl he met yesterday but abhi didn’t had the faintest idea about who pragya was.
Abhi : Look, as i always say my is life is so filmy. I even get a partner named pagya.
Ranveer: Well i must say it is indeed aunique name.
Abhi : Of course, the girl has to be special.
Ranveer: We will surely find them in class. As far i know you won’t be preparing the assignment at all. Poor girl.
Abhi : Why should i when i have pragya (winks) pragya and ishani also read the list. They too were trying to figure out who this abhishek mehra and ranveer kapoor were.
ishani : pragya
Pragya : hmm ishani ?
Ishani : Don’t take me in a wrong sense but what if this abhishek’s full name of abhi- the guy we met yesterday.
Pragya : (giving her a stern look) NO WAY !! After what we did in tat devil professor class i am sure sir will never put us together.
Ishani : Maybe you are right.There was still an hour left to next class so pragya and ishani decided to go to canteen but soon ishani was called to reception as principal sir wanted to have a word with her. When ishani asked the receptionist she found that the peon mistakenly called her rather than ishani choudry. When she was about to step back she heard the receptionist calling ranveer kapoor . So she decided to silently wait in the cornerand find out who this ranveer was.ishani picked up the newspaper lying there and hid her face behind it. She then heard footsteps coming that way. Receptionist offered him the phone. It seemed as if it was from his family. As soon as that person spoke ishani felt as if she had heard that voice before but couldn’t put a finger to it. Then slowly the person turned around and ishani went pale. She was thinking about all her misdeeds that must have led to this.

PRAGYA was passing by the basketball court when she heard someone yelling ” hey abhi pass the ball man “. So this abhishek is here busy with basketball. But before pragya could do something a ball came flying out of nowhere and hit her hard on head. Being the clumsy person she was, she fell. “Sorry” someone said and offered his hand.She then looked up to see the face of that person. And she realised that the person was none other then the boy who created so much mess yesterday.pragya : YOU!!!
Abhi: Not again please. I said i am sorry . Are you going to get me detained for this too? Pragya stared him. He was so good looking and well toned. She was sure his now sweaty tshirt . Wait what!?? Why was she thinking like this? She felt a strange feeling every time they met.She was trying hard not to look at him
Pragya was about to walk off but suddenly stopped remembering she had this ‘abhishek’ matter at hand.

Pragya: excuse me, do you know who this abhishek mehra is?
Abhu : (smirking) You seem to be quite smitten by him.
PRAGYA: It’s not like that. Tell me if you know him.
Abhi : Yes of course i know him. He is our friend but a big jerk. I have heard that he has spent last two years in a mental asylum. Abhi loved the lines of worries appearing on pragya’s face. He enjoyed this flustered pragya.
Pragya: (worried) Is he scary?
Abhi : (pretending to sympathize with her) No it’s nothing like that. He has never misbehaved with any girl . Maybe that’s because he never got to be alone with any of them. One personal and free advice.
Pragya: (terrified) What??
Abhi : Stay away from him. He is very dangerous and don’t ask anyone about him. You see he hates being talked about.
Pragya : (unsuspectingly) Y-y-yes. Ishani planned to quietly sneak out of the reception. She decided to request devil professor to change her partner as she didn’t wanted to team up with an angry young man like ‘him’. But as soon as she was about to leave someone called her. Receptionist yelled her name and for first time she wished that she was called anything but ishani . Ranveer instantly turned around and the two froze when they saw each other. Receptionist : You are still here?
Ishani: (looking at ranveer) Oh…i…i just came here…because…err…i forgot my bag here. Receptionist : You found it?
Ishani : No. But don’t worry i will manage. Ishani soon ran outside and went straight to the classroom where she saw a tensed pragya chewing on her lip. She quickly sat beside her. Soon abhi and Ranveer entered and the class started.After the lecture professor: I have decided partners very carefully. So no one dare ask me to change their partners. Now i want all of you to come and sign this notice saying that you will submit your assignment after two weeks. Also discuss about the book you wantto work upon.

Professor started calling out their names. After sometime he called ranveer and ishani. Both ranveer and ishu came forward as pragya and abhi gasped. Ishani clearly saw that ranveer was not happy with all this and his expressions were totally showing his discontent over being her partner . But that doesn’t matter to her. She reminded herself that she could manage this project on her own.
Professor : (to ranveer) I have seen your previous records and expect best from you. Damn it!!! how could one expect things to be perfect when ishani was around. Finally he called pragya and abhi.pragya was terrified to face that freak but quietly rose from her seat and at the same time abhi got up.abhi was shocked when he realised that she was pragya. He never expected her to be pragya. But one thing he had to admit -she sure had grace and beauty like her. Pragya felt anger burning inside her when she found that he was the real abhi. Oh god!! How could she be so stupid enough to believe him. Abhi was first shocked but then he smirked looking at anger burnt face of pragya. So his prank finally worked and he managed to irritate her. Little did he knew that after sometime he will be the one who would not be able to see pain or fear in her eyes. As soon as the bell rang abhi ran outside the class. He knew that pragya was following him.
Inside the class
Ishani : Look ranveer. None of us is interested to work together but have to . So please throw these angry looks and behave normally if you want to work with me.
Ranveer : Look who’s speaking about behaving normally , the one who herself is abnormal.
Ishani : Listen you !! (points out herfinger)
Ranveer : (grabs her hand and pushes her finger inwards) You listen to me. Come prepared with your topic tomorrow. We need to discuss about the book .

Pragya : Stop abhishek!! Right now!!!
Abhi : Hi chashmish..!
Pragya: (fuming) Say my name properly or keep your mouth shut if you can’t.
Abhi: Oooh!! anger. Are you always like this?
Pragya: Shut up!! If you think i am perturbed by your stupid prank then you are wrong. I just came here to tell you to decide the book.
Abhi : Doesn’t looks so to me and by the way i have already decided the book on which we are going to prepare our assignment.
Pragya: (surprised) Already?? which one??
Abhi : (winks) 50 shades of grey.
Pragya : WHAT??…..

Hope you all loved it…

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