kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 11

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Victor and Jenny dropped abhi and pragya at pragya’s house. Pragya was still asleep in abhi’s arms. He knocked on door and pragya’s mother came out. Though they were worried initially but abhi told them that she was fine but he didn’t told them that her drink was spiked.ishani and ranveer were getting worried about two and were relieved when they recieved call from pragya’s parents. Ranveer decided to drop ishani home as it was getting late.pragya was still in abhi’s arms and he went to her bedroom upstairs. It was cozy little girlish bedroom with two beds for pragya and ishani. Abhi laid pragya on one of the beds which he recognised to be of pragya by the pile of books lying nearby. She was totally opposite of him.He could easily identify ishu’s side because the right side was all messed up with clothes,books and many other things on floor. He spotted a stuffed bunny on ishani’s side and smirked.That girl was so childish.As he got up from her bed,he felt someone tugging him and realized that pragya was still clutching his jacket. He gently removed her hand pulled a blanket over her. Despite all the chaos he felt that this was his best prom night ever. Abhi had no option but to wait till ranveer arrived to drop ishani. Soon the two arrived and ishani thanked him and rushed towards her room.
Abhi : By the way nice bunny
Ishani (winks).ranveer laughed at ishani’s tomato red face and ishani rushed upstairs silently cursing abhi all the time.
Next day
Ishani went towards ranveer.
Ishani: So when are we practicing today?
Ranveer : Excuse me?
Ishani: We are dance partners. Remember?
Ranveer: We are but only when you concentrate on our project.
Ishani : I do.
RANVEER : Really? Tell me the name of book.
Ishani : Jungle book…no Twilight…no…
Ranveer: (Sarcastically) Harry Potter?
Ishani: Err…what about you?
Ranveer : I have decided we are going to work on – ‘and then there were none’ by Agatha Christie.
Ishani: Is this name of single book?
RANVEER : (Sighs) Yes of course and tomorrow i want you to come prepared with it. Otherwise be ready to lose the competition.With this he left a gaping ishani.
Ishani : What the…

Pragya and abhi were rehearsing for the play . Pragya was trying to talk to him but he was pretending as if she didn’t exist. They were rehearsing for their marriage scene.
Miss T : And now you have to kiss Kate.
Pragya : WHAT?
Miss T : Don’t worry dear he is not going to actually kiss you. You have to just pretend like that.abhi pulled pragya towards her and she unknowingly grabbed his collar.
Abhi : (Smirks) Kiss me Kate.He then bent forward and his face was inches apart from her face. Pragya’s heart started pounding loudly. She felt intoxicated by him. So she preferred to shut her eyes. Abhi slowly brought his lips close toher ears and whispered.
Abhi: Don’t worry i am not going to kiss you yet.pragya was shocked by this and stood still. To others it looked like as if they were in middle of a passionate kiss.

Miss T : Cut it.And the two stepped apart.
Miss T : Really sensual i must say and that’s all for today. You all may go back to your classes now.abhi quickly got down the auditorium stage and pragya followed him. She kept following himuntil he suddenly turned back.
Abhi : Why are you following me?
Pragya: I wanted to talk to you.
Abhi: (confused) Here?
Pragya : Yes.
Abhi : Do you realise it’s boys washroom pragya…
Pragya looked around horrified and stared wide eyes at abhi.
Abhi: (Smirks) I didn’t knew you were so obsessive about me.
Pragya : (Pulls him to side ) Can i talk to you for a minute?
Abhi : Okay.
Pragya: Thanks and sorry.
Abhi : For what?
PRAGYA : For dropping me home last night and sorry for ruining your prom night. By the way, what happened last night?
Abhi: Someone spiked your drink and…
Pragya: What?
Abhi: And i didn’t knew that you were that amazing.
Pragya: What do you mean?
Abhi : A boy and girl, all alone on a lonely road in a car and one hour.Draw your own conclusions (winks) Hanky panky….bruhh.He then went away and left a bewildered pragya behind. She was afraid if she had told him how she felt whenever he was near her. And how did it took them one whole hour to reach home? PRAGYA decided to work on Jhumpa Lahiri’s book – Unaccustomed Earth. It had a story which explored an aged father’s relation with his married daughter. So she decided to do a little survey of the old people who lived nearby.

Two days later abhi and pragya went for their survey though abhi was least bit interested. Finally they found their tenth and last home. Abhi knocked on door and an aged lady opened the door.She was none other than Mrs. Jenny – the lady who had given them lift few days back.abhi was beyond shocked to see her. Then he remembered whatever stuff he had told with her but that time pragya was asleep and now she was standing right beside him.To say he was in trouble would be an understatement.Jenny too immediately recognised them.Jenny : Come inside son!! What a pleasant surprise.
Pragya : You know them?
Abhi : Yes we met them on our way back from prom.
Jenny : How are you pragya? Don’t stand. Please make yourself comfortable.
Pragya : Nothing, actually…
Jenny : Why nothing? You shouldn’t stay hungry during this time.She then went to kitchen and abhi saw it as right time to talk to pragya..
Pragya : How did she know my name?abhi: I told her …pragya listen,let me do the talking here
Pragya : Why are you suddenly so interested in our project?Jenny came back with puddings andgave one to pragya.
Jenny : Here, vanilla one for you dear.
Pragya : Thanks.
Jenny : (Gushes) This will make your baby even more fair.
Pragya : Fair? (Turns towards abhi) baby?
Jenny : Don’t look at him like that. One can’t hide such things from me.
Pragya: But…
Abhi : (Cutting in between) So Mrs.Jenny we are here for our survey . Will you please answer a few question?
Jenny : Sure son.Jenny started answering all the questions and pragya kept staring suspiciously at abhi but he preferred not to look at her. Pragya knew something was wrong because he seemed to be flustered. Abhi was relieved when the survey completed and they were about to go.
Jenny : (to pragya) Take care and what do you want – blue or pink?
Pragya : Err…what blue or pink?
Abhi : (Shouts) Pink!!! She likes pink (to pragya ) Isn’t it…pragya understood there was surely something fishy and now she was determined to find it.
ABHISHEK never smiled so sweetly at anyone.
Pragya : Sorry i wasn’t able to recognize you .
Jenny : You were very pale that day and i must say you are very beautiful and your baby will be too
Pragya: BABY!??Jenny: (Looks astonishingly at abhi ) Yes baby.
Abhi: (Slightly presses Madhu’s hand and pleads her with eyes to stay silent) Yes, our baby.
Pragya : (with deadly clam voice) ABHISHEK !!!!

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