kumkum bhagya and matsh – SOULMATES FOREVER 10

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Tanu and everyone else turned around. They were shocked to see pragya coming down the stairs with abhi’s arm around the small of her back. Pragya who was not liking all the sudden attention and tightly clutched abhi’s arm. Abhi brought his lips near her ear and whispered “relax” which made a pleasant shiver run down her spine. Everyone watched in pin drop silence as Kate and Petruchio walk down the stairs hand in hand. To say that tanu and her gang were jealous would be an understatement. Just then Miss T arrived and she introduced pragya and abhi to everyone. Soon the party regained its pace and ishani came to pragya .
Ishani : Well that was some entry. (Winks)
Pragya : It’s because of him (points towards abhi )
Abhi : (Fake gasps) Me!?? If it wasn’t for you drooling all over me in the way we could’ve reached early. By the way you look gorgeous ishani .
Ishani: Not to bad yourself mehra.
ABHI saw pragya raised an eyebrow. She was never comfortable with his friendship with ishani. So he decided to make her a little more jealous.
Abhi: You know ishani you are far better than this friend of your’sover here.
Ishani : (Giggles) Hey pragya is nice……..well………most of the times. With that ishani and pragya burst out laughing while pragya stomped away like a five year old. Soon everyone was invited on the dance floor. Abhi dragged pragya with him to the dance floor. He held pragya’s hand and placed it on his shoulder and he grabbed her firmly yet gently by her waist. The two dance as if someone had placed a magic upon them. But when abhi noticed raghav eyeing his pragya, he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her off the dance floor.
Pragya : What happened?
Abhi : That…that raghav. How can you be so foolish pragya? Can’t you see he was trying to touch you!!
Pragya: I know that. He is creepy.
Abhi: What do you mean you know that? How could you stay silent?
PRAGYA : Look i don’t want to create any fuss here.
Abhi : But i am not going back there. And i don’t like if he touches what’s mine!!

Abhi suddenly realised what he said. So he quickly turned around and went away .pragya was still shocked by what he said. Just then ishani came back and they both started chatting. Tanu was fuming with jealousy . So she bribed the waiter and asked himto spike ishani’s drink. A minute later the waiter came with a drink and ishani accepted it but before she could take a sip Miss T announced a paper dance competition. Ishani was all excited to take part in it . So she went to dance floor and handed her drink to pragya. Pragya sipped on her drink as she watched ishani begging ranveer to participate with her. He agreed later and the two entered the contest. PRAGYA decided to sit back and enjoy. A little later she felt her head spinning. She quickly rushed to washroom. Abhi noticed this and he followed her. PRAGYA was inside girls washroom so he knocked outside.
Abhi : pragya are you okay?
Pragya : (weakly) Y-yes…i mean no.I feel sick.
Abhi : You need help….pragya didn’t reply which caused abhi to panic. He decided to call some girl and ask her to check up on pragya but everyone was busy dancing. He called her name thrice but she didn’t reply. He was getting nervous.

Abhi : pragya i am asking you last time and if you don’t reply i am going to come inside.pragya didn’t reply so abhi slowly pushed the door and was shocked to see an unconscious pragya on the floor. He quickly picked her head and placed it on his lap. He then started to rub her palms.
Abhi : Open your eyes dammit!! Look at me !!! This isn’t funny!!He then sprinkled water on her face and she slowly opened her brown caramel eyes. Abhi was relived to see her awake.
Abhi : I hate you pragya. Don’t do that again with me. Ever!!!He helped her get up and pragya instantly started to pull away from him.
PRAGYA : What are you doing here?abhi : Scuba diving.
Pragya : (Groans) Shut up abhi.
Abhi : You fainted pragya . Now let’s get up. We need to go home.He tried to hold her hand but she pulled back.
Pragya: I-i am alright .She took few steps before swaying and crashed into abhi’s arms.Madhu : I-i can manage…
Abhi : (Grabs her roughly) Shut up!! I can clearly see how fine you are. We and leaving and that’s final. Let ranveer and ishani enjoy their prom night.
Pragya : And what about you? I don’t want to ruin your night.
Abhi: I ruined my prom night the minute i agreed to come with you.
Pragya : W-what? How mean!!
Abhi : (Presses finger against her lips) Sshhh…..
Pragya : No y-you go!! I don’t want to be near you. You make my heart race.
Abhi : (Realising she was drunk) I am glad we are having this conversation pragya. But we are leaving.
Pragya : Y-you can’t force me. It’s against the law!! I-i will scream.
Abhi : (Brings his face more closer. His hairs were touching her forehead) I can easily shut your mouth pragya. So please don’t tempt me.Then he lifted her bridal style and sneaked out of the party.
Ishani and ranveer were winning the contest and their only competitor left were nikkil and riya. Ishani was determined to defeat them at any cost.The paper was folded one more time. now it was too small for both of them to stand. So ishani removed her heels and placed her feet gently on ranveer’s . He quickly held her to prevent her from falling. And again their eyes locked.
Abhi and pragya came to parking lot. He made her sit in the car and fastened her seat belt. But as per Aarti’s plan their car broke down in the middle of the way. Abhi looked out and saw the totally deserted road. Pragya who was sitting quietly until now started to laugh loudly.
Abhi: Don’t laugh pragya, I didn’t know only one drink can cause this much trouble with you.
Pragya : (Giggles) Your things stop working whenever i am around.
Abhi: What?
Pragya : First your head,then your door,then your heart and now this car.Yes she was right his heart stopped pounding and brain stopped functioning every time she was around. Abhi tried to call for help but couldn’t due to improper signals. He then picked PRAGYA’S phone but she was already on cloud nine and didn’t remember her password. So only option left was to take a lift. Pragya also got out of the car and stood while leaning against the car. Abhi asked for lift but only one car stopped. The person asked abhi if they were husband wife to which he declined and the car went away. Now it was clear to him that people were ready to give lift to husband-wife but not to any random boy and girl together. Just then he heard pragya throwing up. He quickly went behind her and pulled back hairs from her face. He took out water bottle from the glove box of the car and made her drink some water. Just then a car stopped in front of them with a middle aged couple sitting inside.Lady : (To abhi ) Any problem son?
Abhi: Yes ma’am. our car broke down and she is not feeling well (Poining towards pragya who was still dry heaving)
Lady: Oh dear. She is……..?
Abhi: My wife!!
Lady : (smiles) Get inside.The lady gets out of the car and helps pragya to get inside. Pragya was feeling weak so she fell asleep on abhi’s shoulder. He put his other arm around her to prevent her from falling.
Lady : I am Jenny and this is my husband Victor.
Abhi: Nice to meet you. I am abhishek mehra …
Jenny : And she is?
Abhi: She is pragya kha ……PRAGYA ABHISHEK MEHRA . It felt so weird yet so right to call her pragya abhishek mehra
.Victor : When did you get married son?
Abhi : M-married? Yeah,we got married six months back
.Jenny : Isn’t that a little early?
Abhi: for what?
Jenny : For a baby son. She is throwing up and has that glow on her face.
Abhi : BABY!??
Victor : It’s their personal decision Jenny. Nowadays couples are becoming young parents
abhi : PARENTS!?
Jenny : Yes son. Not that she is expecting you should take extra care of her. You shouldn’t be out so late that too in these early months.
Abhi : But…
Victor : He’s shy dear. So son you want a boy or a girl?
Jenny : How will they know so soon Victor? (To abhi) Son she is beautiful. Your baby will be as cute as you two are. Abhi had no option but to nod his head in acceptance. ….

let’s see in next episode.

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