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One of my frnd asked how will pragya reveal the truth of tanu. I thought a plot. Here it is?

You guys know tat recently pragya caughts vijay and while police cames he tooks the name of abhi. After tat.
Police was abt to arrest abhi, pragya says, one second! And goes near vijay. She says abhi could not be and to say the name otherwise she says i know how to spill from ur mouth.
Vijay thinks and sees the gun in the police hand and he gets it and placed on pragya’s head. Abhi shouted not to shoot, and vijay says let him go and abhi agrees. Pragya gets fainted and purab from the back holds vijay’s hand and makes to drop the gun. He asked abhi to hold pragya. Abhi holds her and asked bulbul to hold and beats vijay.
Bulbul asked pragya to open her eyes, but she didn’t

Abhi takes her to room and purab calls the doctor. The doc arrives and asked everybdy to wait outside the room and checks her. Pragya regains conciousness and the doctor says u r pregnant!!
Pragya is shocked to hear. Doctor says she is very wek and tc. Pragya asked the doc not to say to her family.

Doctor comes out and abhi asked wat hapnd? And doc says she is fne, just she is not strong. Abhi rushes inside and sats near her and says ,u hav lots of money, eat tat and bcme strong. Pragya ignores him and asked him to leave her.
Alll went out,pragya thinks how can i? And thinks if dadi,bulbul,purab knows abt it and thinks
fb : when abhi dates pragya, he adds alcohol to the juice and he too drinks it and both of them initimate. And pragya says ohh god and leavez to see dadi.

Dadi,bulbul,purab waiting in the room, pragya comes and purab ask if she is fyn now pragya nods and hugs dadi. Dadi asked wat happenend? Pragya says i did a mistake, i am sorry.
Dadi asked wat she did and pragya says i am pregnant. Dadi,bulbul,purab gets shocked and bulbul asked wat di!! Bt how? Pragya says the story, all smiles amd dadi says it k beta no problem u hav done a ri8 thing after many days. Pragya says, dadi but if abhi comes to know? Dadi says dont worry and hugs her. Pragya says doc asked her to come tmrw and bulbul tickles her.

Next mrng, pragya thinks how to leave? And asked ronnie to come with her.
both of them was abt to leave, abhi asked where they r gng and pragya says we r gng to meeting and stay at home. And they leaves. Tanu says she needs to go to checkup and ask him to come with her.
Unfortunately tanu,abhi comes to same hospital where pragya,ronnie comes. Doc says to pragya she shd nt use stairs use basement floors and its good for her. Abhi sses them and thought wat they r dng here?
Pragya, ronnie leaves and abhi says to tanu tat he is having imp work and leaves
And tanu says k lets go to home
tanu, abhi reached home pragya comes.
At the entrance she asked ronnie to keep the file safe and hide if abhi sees,he will ask wats it?
Alll gathered in the hall,pragya says well,all r here! And asked robin to shift all her stuffs from her room to basement room. Abhi asked wat hapnd? And pragya says y its my home,i can stay where ever and leaves. Abhi thinks she is hiding something.

Dadi goes to pragya’s room and asked, wat hapnd? She says wat the doc says and dadi says fyn bt u tc and leaves.

Abhi hears their conversation and get shocked? Pragya is pregnant? Y she is hiding from me and goes to ronnie’s room and sees file on table, he opens and shocked. He thinks now she will herself spill the truth

Next mrng pragya comes to hall and sees the breakfast and gets worried and asked ronnie to bring her soup. Abhi asked y she is gng to hav soup. She says i am in diet. She gets vomiting sensation and asked excuse and leaves. Purab, bulbul comes and worries for her. When pragya comes abhi asked her wat hapnd? And asked her to say truth. Pragya was abt to leave, abhi throws the file on table. He says miss. Pragya arora is pregnant. All gets shocked. And abhi asked her to speak and pragya says yes and all bcoz of u. U took me to date and makes me to drink and cries. Tanu says wat rubbish? And ask her for proof. Tanu says she has to take a dna test whether tis child belongs to him or not.
Pragya says s and abhi asked her not to prove, hence he knows,bt tanu says i want the proof. So pragya,abhi leaves. Abhi asked her not to but pragya did the test.

Abhi comes home holding pragya and throws file on tanu and says its my child. Tanu says wat abt me, pragya was abt to faint abhi takes her to room. He sats near pragya and he felt asleep
Next day tanu plans to make pragya fall in the stairs so at last step she pours oil.
bulbul,purab comes calling pragya, while coming down, pragya slips bt purab holds her. And all comes there, dadi ask if she is fyn. Tanu gets irked and abhi comes and scolds her,where is her thoughts and bulbul sees the floor and says its not her fault, smbdy spilled the oil here.

Pragya says i want to meet doc, tanu says she too and asked abhi to come with her. Pragya says fyn purab came here to pick me.

In the car,pragya was lost in her thoughts.
Abhi comes and ask purab to take his car and he will take pragya to hospital. Purab says tanu i asked aliya to take her
abhi gets into car bt pragya didnt look at him. She was looking away,abhi holds her hand. Pragya feels how can abhi and turns and cries by hugging him. She asked how he comes,abhi says i am a rockstar and i can and wipes her tears.

They went to hospital and returns home. Tanu and everybdy waited for them. She tday i want the answer from u abhi whether u want pragya or me.
Abhi ask her to listen,and he says, he loves pragya than him bt not her and says i will do what u and ur baby want till i am alive.
tanu says she dont want small amount and abhi ask her wat she wants.
She says whole property she wants and abhi gets shocked. Abhi asked so u loved my money not me. She says s i loved u bt not now. I need ur properties tats it.

Pragya claps her hand from behind and says thank u tanu. Tanu asked for wat? Pragya says accepting ur truth
Pragya goes to abhi and says this is truth. I am not pregnant. Everybdy gets shocked?

Pragya says i know u listened to our conversation and i asked ronnie to place the report on table so tat u will see and i asked doc to lie. Tats it.
tanu asked y u lied. Pragya says to bring ur truth and says i know u want all properties and goes to her and says u asked me to take dna test whether u can take tat. Tanu is shocked. She says its pragya’s new game and nt to …

Pragya goes to abhi and says its nt ur child. Abhi asked then who’s
pragya sees twards the entrance a man comes its nikil and says mine. Nikil gives a video to abhi and in tat tanu says she will come after getting all properties from abhi. Pragya says all r ready and ask tanu to get married. Nikil nods and they left.
abhi asked why u did this drama, pragya says i am ur fuggie i am nt changed and to bring the truth i did this and hugs abhi.

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Credit to: naveena

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