kumkum bhagya (lovely party while aliya’s mission starts) Episode 5


guys i can upload the next parts because school has been postponed to monday and after that next weekend only now i am continuing my track

the episode starts with the 5 star hotel the party is going to start sarla maa is asking where is abhi and pragya ? dadi says and purab bulbul too sarla says they didn’t show me the outfits too dadi says here too sarla says i think they are doing some plans dadi says ok lets enjoy the party
the hotel announcer says (which abhi made to say him) abhi pragya purab and bulbul will come here soon till that we can start the party dadi says where they went DJ starts the music some 4 strangers enters inside hiding their body with a black bed sheet it is rather than that abhi pragya purab bulbul they took the bed sheets and gave a surprise to all the guests and family members pragya wore a beautiful red princess full frock with glitters and bulbul wore pink abhi wore black prince coat suit and purab wore blue they were like price and princess similar to cinderella and the prince dadi and sarla maa were happy to see them bulbul asks the DJ to start the song first they played TERI GALLIYAN……abhi and purab lift their couples and they dance with a romantic mood the family members joined them they played OM SHANTI OM in the background abhi and purab lifting pragya and bulbul gave a shake to them in the dance

seeing this aliya get angry and calls tanu tanu asks what happened aliya tells everything and she says now itself we should start the mission tanu says have some patience aliya says they have crossed my patience limit tanu says yes ok aliya i too can’t bear this i will say to nikhil aliya says ok

tanu says to nikhil nikhil says leaving us like this without baby they are enjoying party for another baby tanu gets happy

everyone appreciate the performance and enjoyed the party abhi purab and dadi thanking the guests for coming abhi asks purab where are pragya and bulbul purab says they went to change the dresses abhi says so soon i think we can do a group concert too purab says don’t joke pa

pragya and bulbul change their dresses bulbul says today i changed the party so much pragya says me too nikhil and some goons covered their faces makes pragya and bulbul falls unconscious they kidnap pragya bulbul while they started move they broke a flower vase nikhil opened his mask to see what he has broken purvi while the way she crosses she sees nikhil kidnapping pragya and bulbul nikhil comes out and says take them out and i will talk to tanu and aliya that i have kidnapped them purvi is shocked that aliya and tanu too involved in it purvi rushes to tell everyone .

Precap:abhi says something is wrong why pragya and bulbul are making so much time to change their dresses purvi rush down and tells to everyone that nikhil with some goons kidnapped pragya and bulbul and tanu and aliya also involved in it i saw him speaking with tanu and aliya in his phone abhi purab and whole family gets shocked

Credit to: reji

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