Kumkum bhagya-love is trust (TS)

Hi guys this is Monesha I am fed up of seeing tanu track so I thought to end this tanu track so I am giving this two sorts this is continuous of recent promo
now coming to the story,

Episode starts with abhi sitting in living room pragya came to Abhi with DNA report in her hand she kept that in front of abhi.Pragya says I don’t know how to prove this so I took DNA test of your’s and tanu’s. Abhi ask DNA report???(in doubt). Tanu saw this from upstairs she panicked and rushed to them. he was shocked to see the report is negative. Tanu says abhi don’t believe this she gave a fake DNA report this is not true. Pragya says shut up your true face is out now suniya this is original you can check it plz trust me suniya. Abhi shouts stop it pragya enough is enough you crossed your limit. Pragya shocked to hear this and says suniya(in crying tone). Abhi cut off her by saying I agree tanu mistook the video and says to all of them is wrong for that you will play with innocent baby how can you do this pragya. Pragya’s eyes filled with tears. Abhi says I am warning you pragya don’t do this again in your life just get out of my sight saying this he left from that place.

Pragya sat in floor and cried bitterly tanu came to pragya. Tanu says Pragya..,Pragya.., I thought you will win this time but you proved that you can’t do anything I told you na abhi doesn’t love you. You can’t prove yourself innocent In champak case you escaped by purab, purab only proved you are a innocent then how can u prove my child is not abhi, you are a looser pragya looser saying this tanu went
Pragya cried bitterly by sitting in floor. The word looser is echoing in her mind. Pragya thinks tanu is correct he doesn’t love me. Love is full of trust but he is not even trusting me then how can he love me. Why should I cry for him who doesn’t have trust on me, why should I worry for him who doesn’t love me, why should I be in this house no, first I have to go to my family who love me a lot. She wipes her tears and went to his room.

Pragya came to his room she saw he is sitting and thinking something by closing his eyes. Pragya starring him by her eyes which is full of hatred and anger towards him. She went to cupboard and packed her Chudidhar and saree. She took the divorce and property papers and she signed in it. She went from the house without saying to anyone. Abhi opened his eyes he drank water and he slept

Pragya came to her home and knocked the door sarla opened the door and shocked to see pragya with luggage. Sarla asked what happened. Pragya with teary eyes hugged sarla tightly. Pragya says ma he is not trusting me. Love is full of trust but he is not even listening to my word. Why should I be with him who is not trusting me. I don’t want to see him ma, I don’t want to be in that house. Bcoz my love I lost my bulbul and they tried to separate you from me but I fought all this for him but he is not even trusting me. I forgive him when he doubt me and purab,I forgive him when he doubt me and Suresh and now also I forgive him when he doubt me and champak but this time I am not going to forgive him. I am having only hatred towards him no love. Sarla understood her daughter pain. She wipes her tears and says Pragya now go inside your room I will come with food for you saying this she went. Pragya sat and cried a lot

Abhi got up from the bed and goes to tanu’s room. He was about to knock the door but he stop by hearing nikhil and tanu laughing. Nikhil says thank god abhi didn’t believe Pragya otherwise now we both will put of the house then my baby will suffer a lot. Abhi was shocked to hear tanu child was nikhil. Tanu says you are correct but it will not happen but so sad for pragya she changed herself for abhi and fought with alia,raj,me and you but abhi doesn’t believed her. Nikhil says don’t forget I want more money. Tanu says come on nikhil we know that Pragya wants abhi and not his properties if I marry abhi then she will go out of this house then I am the queen of this house so I can give you more money. Nikhil and tanu smiles. Abhi got angry and says to himself you will pay for this tanu.

Abhi rushed and searched Pragya and then he came to his room to search her but he couldn’t find her anywhere he went to cupboard there is no dress of her he saw divorce and property papers sighed by Pragya he was shattered and sat down. Abhi to himself this means she left me alone tears rolled from his eyes. He wipes his tears and says I won’t leave u Pragya, I won’t allow you to go away from me. First I will teach the lesson to tanu and nikhil then I will show them what is meant by hell and then I will come to you. Be ready Pragya, I will come and make you mine forever and smiles

PRECAP-our rockstar is back to punish takhil

Credit to: Monesha


  1. Adhya


    |Registered Member

    OMG…Monesha…it’s just Amazing my dear…u just rocked..yaar…….i love it to core…Keep rocking always…love u and All the best..waiting for ur next part

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and in my ff or TS there will be no abhigya’s separation

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and there will be no separation of abhigya in my ff or TS

  2. Lakshmi

    Really u just rocked monesha… can’t wait for nxt update.. pls update today itself….

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see that you loved it I will try to my best to update next episode soon as possible

  3. Trisha


    |Registered Member

    Wooowww!!! Absolutely mindblowing Monesha????… Brilliant writing… Awaiting the next shot!… Love it!

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and appreciate I will update next part soon as possible

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support and I will try my best to update next episode soon as possible

  4. Suha


    |Registered Member

    My lil princess is really really wonderfull… wow.. from where did you got these ideas… no words to express your tallent. Love the way you write…. proud to be your di.. princess you told your frist commrnt is for me.. you know what… its really proud to me as your di.. not only that… itz lucky to have frist comment from a great writer like you.. keep rocking sis love you forever and i am the biggest fan of great writer monesha… love you my lil princes… and love you my princess mom!

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur sweet comment di I am the luckiest person bcoz I got a di who is encouraging me in all the time I love u a lotttttt di if you before me now I will give you a tight hug for you but I am not that much lucky to hug you but its ok I will give you a hug now biggggg huggggg to you di and lot of kisses to u di

    • Monesha

      Thank you so much for ur support di and I will try my best to update next episode soon as possible

  5. Maya


    |Registered Member

    So sorry for the late reply Monesha! But whatt an creativity! It was truly amazing and interesting! ?? I really loved it to the core????

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