Kumkum bhagya-love is trust (TS) shot 2


Hi guys I am really sorry for late update my class teacher gave imposition to our class for shouting in class room so I couldn’t update by imposition I am really sorry now coming to the story,
Episode starts with abhi get a call he took the call and talked to someone his face was glowed voice was muted he went outside and after some times he returned to his house. Abhi shouts all the one come to living room. By Abhi’s voice all the one came. Dadi, purab, raccha, akash and all the one came to living room. Dadi asked where is Pragya. Purab says I don’t know dadi. Dadi ask why abhi called us. Purab says I don’t know dadi but something going to happen I don’t know it is good or bad thing but something definitely going to happen.
Tanu ask abhi why you called all the one. Abhi says I am going to say one happy news. Tanu ask what good news abhi. Abhi says it is about your marriage tanu. Tanu felt like flying in air and thinks wow tanu you are great abhi came to your side. Purab says to Dadi plz leave me dadi he is talking like stupid. But Dadi stopped him. Mitali says abhi again marriage but this time also Pragya will stop the marriage. Abhi says no bhabhi she will not stop the marriage bcoz this is my marriage this nikhil and tanu marriage. Tanu and nikhil was shocked

Tanu shout abhi what are you thinking by yourself. Abhi shouts shut up tanu I am not the abhi who was emotional fool I am rockstar abhi. Tanu was panicked by abhi’s anger. Nikhil says Abhi you understood as wrongly. Abhi says no nikhil I understood correctly. Tanu came forward to Abhi and shouts how dare you abhi you believing her how characterless she is I won’t leave that characterless I will teach her a le… before she could complete abhi gave a tight slap continuously five times, don’t dare to say Pragya as a characterless you are thinking all the girls like you idiot and again raised his hand to slap but nikhil holds his hand. Nikhil says can’t you see you slapped the pregnant woman how can you do this abhi. Abhi shouts whether she is behaving as a pregnant woman she played with my life. Abhi moved towards tanu who is shocked and crying by holding her cheek and ask I told you na I am in love with pragya only not in you but that time also you didn’t say the truth. Tanu says with teary eyes no Abhi you misunderstood us. Abhi shouts idiot I heard both of you. Tanu and nikhil shocked. Abhi comes to purab side and says you all thinking that I won’t believe you all right. All the one shocked. Dadi ash Abhi who said this. Abhi says somebody it is not important that tell me the answer.

Purab,Dadi and all remains in silent. Abhi says no answer right it’s ok now I will bring Pragya back to our house. Dadi asked with shock what Pragya went to her home without informing to us. Abhi says yes Dadi its all by my mistake and narrated all the things what happened in the morning to Dadi. Dadi says its ok beta now bring Pragya to house. Abhi nodded. Purab says abhi now we can throw out this two idiot. Abhi says no purab first I will come with pragya then they both want to ask sorry to pragya. Tanu and nikhil was shocked. Nikhil says I won’t say sorry to anyone in angry tone. Abhi got angry. He went to nikhil with his style walk (rockstar music plays)(guys it is music not happy love song) and holds his collar. Abhi says I am not a emotional Abhi (with full of anger) I am Abhi the rockstar. If you didn’t ask sorry to her then you will see what is meant by hell got it. Nikhil panicked because he only saw emotional abhi’s angry this is the first time he is seeing our rockstar’s angry. Abhi went to from the place. All family are standing around nikhil and tanu. Tanu was crying continuously. Purab starring tanu happily. Dadi noticed this and smiled by his childish activity.

Pragya in her room sitting in bed by folding her legs towards her chest and holding her legs by her hands. Abhi came to pragya’s house and knocked the door. Sarla opened the door and was surprised to see abhi. Before she could say something Abhi says aunty plz forgive me now onwards I will be the pillar of Pragya to trust her always. I can’t live without her, she is my life, she is my love plz aunty. Sarla smiled happily and moved the way to go to pragya’s room. Abhi came to pragya’s room and closed the door forcibly. Pragya was shocked to see him.

Pragya says why you came now I gave all the properties papers and even divorce papers to I gave then what you want. Abhi says I want you pragya. Pragya says oh wow you want my soul that means you want to kill me. Abhi says no Pragya I want you to live with you, I want my love back plz Pragya. Pragya says if your drama over mean can you go. Abhi says I won’t go without you. Pragya says then I am leaving from here saying this she started to move. Abhi hold her hand. Pragya says leave me. Abhi gave a witty smile and pulled her to the corner of the room and pinned her to the wall. Pragya was shocked by his activity.

Pragya try to move but Abhi comes close to her. Pragya says leave me I want to go. Abhi says you can go but you have to answer for my question. Pragya says ask fast. Abhi ask do you love me. Pragya says I loved you till yesterday but not now (in a husky tone). Abhi came more close to her. Pragya closed her eyes. Abhi ask what I want to do to get the love from you again. Pragya opened her eyes to see his eyes which is full of love and she can see new thing in his eyes it is trust yes she can see the trust for her. Abhi ask the same question again but she sees his eyes only. Abhi moved more close, now there is no gap between them. Pragya couldn’t manage that she pushed him and stood near the window. She kept her hand in her chest. Abhi comes near her and holds her waist. Pragya closed her eyes and holds her fist tightly. Abhi turns her and says Pragya. Pragya opened her eyes.

Abhi says Pragya I am really sorry I love you so much, I accepted that I didn’t trust you but now I am telling that I will trust you always Pragya, plz don’t leave me I can’t imagine the life, plz plz don’t leave me. Pragya cupped abhi’s face with tears and says suhhhh.. I saw the trust that means you loving me a lot trust is love, love is trust, I love you a lot suniya. Abhi hugged Pragya and says I love you too Pragya. They broke the hug. Abhi cupped Pragya’s face and wipes her tears and went near to her lips. But Pragya moved and blushes. Abhi hold her hand and turns her forcibly and kissed her lips passionately Pragya was shocked but then she too respond to his kiss. Then they broke the kiss. Abhi says omg it was awesome you gave me a super kiss, I don’t know this much kick will be in your, can u give me one more and he comes close Pragya pushed him and runs and opened the door. Sarla and rockstar Dadi was shocked because they heard all the conversation between abhigya. Sarla and dadi smiled. Pragya got shyness. Abhi says aunty we all are going to our house. Sarla says but.. Abhi cut off her by saying no but that you are coming. Sarla smiles and says ok my beta. Then they all reached MM

All the one entered in MM. Pragya was surprised to see tanu and nikhil in this stage. Abhi went to them and ask them to say sorry to pragya but they didn’t utter a word. Abhi shouts in peak of anger I said ask sorry to pragya. They both panicked and says sorry. Abhi says I am having another surprise to you Pragya and for all. Pragya saw him in confuse. Abhi shouts come on your sisy is waiting here. One girl is coming. Pragya saw her suddenly tears were rolling from her eyes. purab was standing like a statue all others are happy sarla also in tears yes guys it is our bulbul. Bulbul says di suddenly Pragya ran and hugs bulbul tightly. And then she came to purab with teary eyes. Without wasting time he immediately hugs her and then sarla also hugs her. Pragya holds her hand and says buddhu why you left me you don’t want your di bulbul close her mouth and says don’t say like this di one half of me is you and ma and another half of me is purab. Purab went to bulbul and ask then why you left me. Bulbul says I am buddhu na so only I don’t know what I have done sorry. Plz forgive me , again purab hugs bulbul tightly. After, she hugged all the family members.

Pragya ask how you find bulbul. Abhi says I had a doubt because we didn’t find the body so I asked police to search them I got a call today that bulbul is alive that one siddha doctor gave treatment to bulbul so I asked them to come to house with bulbul. Pragya says thank you so much. Abhi says hey she is my sister also. Pragya smiles happily

Soon reporters came to abhi’s house every one shocked except Abhi. Abhi came to reporters and says I am going to give you a news. Abhi called tanu and nikhil. They both were shocked. Abhi says my marriage is not with this characterless tanu he narrates everything to reporters and says I am in love with my wife, my Pragya, my fuggi, my mogamboo. Reporters ask tanu why you want to separate this jodi mam tanu was irked and says get out from here. Nikhil says cool down tanu. Abhi ask reporters to go. They all left from there. Abhi says now you both are going to face hell all the best now get out. Takhil went out with anger. Then our rockstar Abhi’s family happily went inside. Finally Abhi and pragya going to start their life happily

Thank you guys for ur lovely supports if I bored you really sorry love you all

Credit to: Monesha

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  1. really nice but tis cannot happen in real kkb

    they 1ly dragging yaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Thank you so much for ur support. Yes you are 100% correct they will always drag but we can enjoy with our friends,di,choti ff

  2. Maya

    Too good Monesha! We can just dream something like this can happen in real kkb!?? but it was so nice of u to write it…at least thr ur writing we can have a satisfaction feeling for the end of tanu track??

    1. Thank you so much for ur support di. I am really sad for real kkb but I love all the ff. I am fan of you

  3. Honey

    Superb as usual

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and for ur sweet comment

  4. Superb.really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and happy to see that you enjoyed it

  5. amazing yaar

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  6. lovly episode…

    1. Thank you so much for ur support dear

  7. Really superb thn it’s 10000000 times better than real kkb…

    1. Thank you so much di and happy to see such comments from you

  8. Hey chtu sweetu superb da lovely love u loads????

    1. Oh thank you so much for ur support di I love you loads di immeasurable love. Lotttttt of kisses and hugs to you

  9. Superb…

    1. Thank you so much for ur support dear

  10. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Thank you so much for ur support dear

  11. Suha

    What a wonderful epi… keep writing like this princess… you are a amazing writter.. i love this than real kkb.if i cani ‘ll replce ekta’s position with you… keep smiling princess. Love you…

    1. Oh my dear sweet di I am really happy to see that you liked my episode. I will always smile dear if I am not smiling also your comment make me to smile. You are going to carry a lot of love from me. Lot of hugs and kisses to u di

  12. Krish

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee dr…………..

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and for ur cute comment

  13. Vaishali

    awesomeeeeeee wowwwwwww far far far more better than real kkb dii it was unbelievable u r the nest keep gng love u

    1. Thank you so much for ur sweet sweet comment I love you too

  14. Arshifan

    Superb…excellent dear…i m just waiting for this moment from the beginning…thnqq for such an amazing epi…keep going dear..

    1. My dear sisy first I have to thanks for ur sweet comment. I am really happy after seeing ur comment. Thank you so much sisy

  15. Maahi

    omg monu dr its simply superb yaar I really wonder if it hppns in the real kkb but uu rocked it dr keep rocking

    1. Thank you so much for ur sweet comment I also want end for tanu track in kkb really feeling bad for abhigya

  16. Superb shot yar.expects this full should g.happen in real kkb also. Its so nice.

    1. Thank you so much for ur support and thanks for ur sweet and cute comment. I am happy to see that you liked my shot

  17. Prathi

    Hope something like this happens in real kkb.. Awesome yaar?

    1. Thank you so much for ur lovely comment and for ur support. I also want something to happen in kkb

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