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This is another one shot hope you like it its big but please read it and comment and I will write another ff also

A girl is standing near a window holding a photoframe in which a boy with two girls is standing girl see the pic and smile and tell I miss you both so much finally you are coming I am so happy
Suddenly two hands come and blind flod that girl
Girl: rohan I know its you
Rohan: you alayws find me that’s not fair
Girl smile
Rohan: so tommarow your bff are coming my jaan my tanu ji
Yeah she is tanu
Tanu smiles: yeah rohan you know they are bff you know we share a great bond sepically pragya and abhi you know their love story is so intesting there is sad happy fighting all phase you know when I see them my trust in love increases
Rohan: then today I want to hear their story
Tanu: ok my pati dev ji you change I will bring coffee for us
Rohan goes to change and tanu goes to bring coffee

After a while both goes in garden having coffee mug in their hands and sit on swing and tanu start the story
Tanu: you know rohan abhi is naughty guy and pragya she is smiple
Flashback start
I was in collage in second year and abhi and pragya has join collage in secong year I first meet pragya and we become frnds as I was coming from my hostel room hurridly I collide with a girl
Tanu: soory I didn’t see you as I was in hurry as I am getting late for collage so soory
Girl politly say
Girl: its ok mistake was mine also
Tanu: thnk u and nice to meet u
Girl: if you don’t mind can you tell me where is room no. 36 please
Tanu: its my room no. so u are my new roommate hi my name is tanu
Girl: my name is pragya arora
Tanu: so frnds

Pragya smiles and both shake hands
Tanu: come I will take you to the room
Pragya: but u are getting late na
Tanu: oh come on yr for frnd I cant left my one class na by the first year
Pragya: no second year
Tanu: great I am in also second year come you put your stuff we will go together ok
And they headed towards room and pragya put the stuff and they headed towards collage as they come near class they see a boy standing outside floding hand and praying both smile seeing him and goes towards him
Tanu: hey what happen what are you doing
Boy: I was late today now I am gone that teacher knows my parents and she tell them then I am gone
Both girls laugh
Boy: not fair you both are laughing on me on my problem
Pragya: no we are laughing on your expression and laughs
Boy: first you see your expression miss chasmish
Pragya oh hello my name is pragya don’t call me chasmish ok
Boy: chasmish
Pragya: ok then u motu
Boy: you called me motu I will not leave you

Pragya: I will see what u do
Tanu: u both don’t fight come lets go in ok
Both noded and see each other angrly
Tanu and both come in class and teacher see them
Teacher: so u get the time to come
Tanu: soory miss as I get faint and these two take me to medical room so we get late
Teacher: oh its ok come in
Pragya and abhi smiles hearing the excuse
Tanu goes and sit on last bench abhi and pragya are going but teacher stop them
Teacher: you both come here
They go their
Teacher: so guys these are two new admission she is pragya arora and he is abhi mehra now u both go and sit
Abhi and pragya goes and sit beside tanu
Flash back end
Rohan smiling: so they fight on the first day itself
Tanu: yeah now listen further

Flash back start
Tanu: hey I am tanu so lets be frnds
Abhi: yeah why not u are cool like me its fun to be frnd with u
Tanu: ok now u both also shake hands
Pragya: me
Tanu: yeah please forget everything and make a fresh start
Abhi: ok
And both shake hands
From that day they trio become frnds and slowly bff they can do anything for each other when one get punishment other also want to get that punishment they help each other in every problems whole collage get influenced by their frndship and they do all masti and naugthyness together and abhi and pragya cutely fights and go come closer to each other but don’t know their fellings towards each other but tanu understand and make plane to realize their love
At night in girls hostel tanu and pragya is sleeping in their room abhi sliently come in their room and on the light both girl wake up aand see abhi
Tanu: abhi u here this time
Abhi : come na yr we will go out at pub
Pragya: motu when u come warden didn’t see u
Abhi: chasmish you don’t know my skills ok na
Pragya: yeah motu
Abhi: ok come na lets go

Tanu: ok but we have to change
Abhi: ok fastly
And they both change in party dress and go through window and go to pub
They started dancing and enjoying suddenly a girl pooja of their collage come and start dancing with abhi and pragya see this and get jelious and tanu see her pragya goes and sit in bar tanu also goes
Tanu: they are looking nice na together
Pragya hearing this fumes
Pragya: no way she her she is not matching with abhi
Tanu: but see how they are close na pragya I think abhi likes her
Pragya: no way she is not god girl u know she changes boyfrnd as clothes
Tanu: I don’t think so let it be why we care
And tanu smiles seeing pragya angry face and pooja come more near abhi and this cant tolerate by pragya and she goes and push that girl and slap and runs from their crying and abhi shockedby this tanu also dint except this
Flash back end
Rohan: she become this much jelious poor abhi get slap
Tanu: yeah I didn’t except this from her but

Flash back start
Abhi goes behing her and hold her hand
Abhi: whats your problem pragya what is that
Pragya: problem how can you dance with anyother girl when I am with u
Abhi: what u mean to say I cant understand
Pragya: u will not understand my fellings u are such a idiot but I love this idiot
Abhi shocked hearing this but happy also as he also love her
Abhi holds her hand: what u say
Pragya: nothing u leave me go to that pooja why are u here
Abhi: when my love is here where should I go
Pragya see him with teary eyed abhi wipes her tears
Abhi: I love u my chasmish
Pragya: really
Abhi: yes
And both hug each other and they hear a clapping sound and see tanu and gets happy tanu comes to them
Tanu: I am so happy for u both
And they trio share a group hug as time passes both become the best couple of collage and my ideal couple but one day all things get changed and which changed our frndship and all realtions
That day pragya get a call

Unknown: if you want to know your boyfrnd loylity so come to xyz hotel at room no. 601
And cuts the call pragya told me and we go to that hotel the scene we see we get shocked pragya gets heart broken abhi is lying on bed without shirt and beside her pooja is lying abhi wake up and see us and then see the senirio and shocked pragya gets break and about to fall I hold her abhi comes near her
Abhi: pragya please listen you are taking me wrong I don’t know how I came here please belive me
Pragya slap abhi
Pragya: I hate u abhi
Abhi comes to me but I was shocked and we go from their from that day our frndship break and they both couple also break we start leaving sad but try to make us understand but we didn’t belive him but one day I hear pooja conversation with her frnd
Pooja: she insult me that day na now they are getting its punishment
Girl: but what you did
Pooja tell her the whole incident how she call him for birthday party and how he mix sleeping pills in his drink and call pragya and make the incident
I am get angry on her and me also that I didn’t belive my frnd and I call both abhi and pragya behing the collage they both come and see each other
Pragya angrly: why u call me here tanu u know na I don’t want to see his face then why
Abhi: pragya tanu please once belive me I didn’t do anything
Tanu: I belive u
Pragya looked shocked

Tanu: yeah pragya and tell her the whole incident pragya has tear in her eyes of gulit foe not beliving her love and I have tears in my eyes for not beliving my frnds
We both fold hands and come on knees and ask for forgiveness abhi make us stand
Abhi: I am happy that I should proved innocene you know you both are my life tanu u are my best frnd my life and pragya u you are my heart beat I canty live with out you both now promise you both will not leave me
Tanu and pragya: yeah promise
And they share a hug and then we break the hug
Tanu: we have to take out the real face of pooja in front of whole collage
Pragya: leave it na tanu what we will get my this
Abhi: yeah live it
Tanu: no way I cant leave it she break our frndship and make mu btw you both and make you both cry I don’t leave her I have a plan
And tanu discus the plane
And they started the plan and they send a chit in which it is written that I had prove that what happen that night with u and abhi and I will give it to pragya she get panic reading this and its also written that if you want prove that come to store room and she goes to store room and their tanu is tanding wering mask
Pooja: who are you and how did u know
Tanu: I have cctv footage of it

Pooja: please forgive me I know I have made him drink sleeping pills that night there is nothing happen btw us
All collage hear this as there is mike in store room tanu uncover her face and from behind abhi and pragya come
Pooja: you all
Tanu: yeah miss pooja what you think only u can make plan this is my plan now whole collage know your face
And tanu hold her hand and take her outside in mid of collage and all curse her for separating two love birds tanu goes and slap her
Tanu: this is for making us to not belive on our frnd
And again slap her
Tanu: this is making my fnds cry
And again slap her
Tanu: and this is for making apart two lovers and now get lost from here and pooja goes from their angrly and they trio share a hug and they complete their collage and from that day they never missundersatnd ech other
Tanu: so this was the story u like it
Rohan: love it my jaan you know you are best and I am lucky that I get a wife like u
Tanu: me too my pati dev ji
And both hug each other
Tanu: come lets sleep we have to go tommarow to pic them
Rohan: ok
And next morning they both get up and go to airport and tanu ios eagrly wating of them and when they come they see tanu and happily runs towards her
Abhi: I miss you tanu so much
Pragya: me too and trio hug

Tanu: meet my husband rohan
Abhi and pragya shake hands
Abhi: you know tanu this cahsmish have bored me I miss you so much
Pragya hits him: you motu
Tanu : now you both don’t fight ohere ok now you come we all will have fun
Rohan: seriously I salut to your frndship I am happy to see your bonds and iwant to join this gang if you don’t mind
Abhi pragya tanu smiles
Abhi: sure u are whole hurtly invited
And they 4 share a hug and screen stops on their smiling face


Credit to: queen

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