kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 5

guys sorry for the late update but i read all ur ff naveena , tisha , sowmiya , surbhi i loved ur ff and other ffs too and the other writers aru ,tripthi, hani , and naren etc…(sorry if i didn’t mention any of the ff writer name) u r doing a great job i read all ur ff but sorry for not commenting friends keep it up and guys i mean those who r reading our ffs are the best by spending ur valuable time for us by reading our ffs hats off to u all and thank u evryone for cmmntng …… pls do comment and thank u silent readers and hope u will also comment …….. “Don’t fear to comment here”…… this is my new proverb …. for u guys

a short recap ; Ishani is going to get kidnapped

Abhi says to Pragya fuggi says wen is our marriage ? Pragya says so soon rockstar!!! ….. wait a min wat’s this puggie Abhi says it’s not puggie it’s fuggi my darling !!!!! Pragya says but… Abhi says there is a main reason to keep this name !!! Pragya says kyaa??? Wat reason ??(in a angry face) Abhi says Fat… Pragya wat ?? i am fat now ?? Abhi says present nahi … in past hai !! and shows pragya’s baby photo in his mobile … Pragya says mere bachpan pic …. how did u get this ?? Abhi says in facebook !!!….. Pragya says wat !!! u uploaded this pic in facebook !? abhi says mein nahi your pyaari sister bulbul !!!Pragya says now all will be seeing this pic ……. Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder and says hey fuggi !! u sister shared this pic not in facebook !!!! but in whatsapp that too only too me (abhi insisted bulbul to share pragya’s childhood pic) !!!!!!! Pragya says wat u fooled me !!!! and runs after abhi …….. while running they mistakenly pushed all the curtains it falled on them ……. they have an eyelock……

Ishani says to herself no i am not in love with rv and walks here and there !!! wat i am doing ??ok wait ishu !!! let me use pragya’s idea rv will not come in my mind !!! she closed her eyes she recalls their romantic meet in airport !!!!!! and when she feeled jealous ….. Ishaani says with her that this means i am in love with rv !!!!!!! but wat will be rv’s answer ?? ok don’t wait for him let me propose to him !! and walks two persons (face is not revealed) came inside and holds ishaani from back ishani shouts and breaks evrything in the room they drag and hit ishani on the head and the goons took ishani they smiled with a wicked face ….. while coming out one person’s ring fell down they didn’t notice it ……..

rv says so i love ishani ok we have to give a gift to her what we have to give ok let me give my ring to her and saw his finger and says oh ! this is my friendship ring but it’s ok for now let me give this ring !!!!!!! and goes to give the ring to Ishu !! He finds evrythng were broken in the room and something happened to Ishani and shouts and calls everyone everybody assembled Ragini says to Rv kya hua beta ???? Rv cries Neil asks y u r crying ?? abhigya says bolo rv ??? Priya and Ram r confused Sammy and Nishi asks bhai pls ans …. Rv says ishani is kidnapped !!!! everybody gets shocked ……… Parekh says Wat happened beta ??? pls says fully… Abhi says rv don’t get panic pls say sumthng !!! Rv says wen i entered ishani’s room she was not found there and the room was messed up her bangles were broken……… purab says we can give a police complaint abhi says ya !!!!

Ishani was tied it is a gudown !!! ishaani slowly gains consicious and sees her tied up and looks evry gate in the gudown were locked ……… ishaani shouts where i am ?? help me…… somebody here pls come in front of me .. the two persons who kidnapped ishaani claps their hands and laughed with cunning face….. Ishaani gets scared and shocked ….

FF NEWS – new character is going to be introduced so keep reading……

sorry for the late update guys pls comment and i hope u all like my ff and my new sentence “Don’t fear to comment here”

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