kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 3


guys really sorry for the late update i read the ff of naveena , tisha , sowmiya ,sahima i liked and i loved it so much and hope you will like my ff too !!!!!!!!! pls comment guys as everybody said your comments only will give strength for us to write

a short recap : as we saw abhi resued pragya and they realize their love and we r going to see about their marriage

the episode starts with ram and priya gets blessings from dadi priya says maa i am very happy to get pragya as our bahu ram says yes maa she is making aloo paratha very nice priya says achha for aloo paratha only you are marrying her to our son ram says no no dadi says don’t fight beta we can go to sarla’s house for discussing about their marriage

abhi calls pragya pragya blushes by seeing abhi’s call pragya picks the call abhi says so my wife !!!!!!!! pragya says hello rockstar still i am not ur wife abhi says but you are going to be my wife know pragya says what !!!!!!! abhi says yes i am coming there with my dadi and parents pragya says y suddenly u r saying ?????????? abhi says hey chasmish we already reached !!!!!!!!!!! calling bell rings pragya gets nervous she opens the door it is courier from abhi she opens it and takes a letter in letter abhi says hello chasmish what u got nervous don’t worry we r coming evening only but i want to meet you now !!!!!!!!!!!

after reading the letter her phone rings abhi says chasmish pragya says don’t call me chasmish !!!!! in little angry voice abhi says arreyy !!!!!!! ok i will not call you but i found another name to you pragya asks eagerly what name ?????? abhi says that i will not tell you now it is suspense bulbul and suhani comes there suhani asks di di to whom r u speaking in phone ???????? bulbul says suhani u didn’t know our abhi jiju only !!!!! pragya blushes with shy she runs from there suhani says arreyy di di …… bulbul and suhani follows her

ishaani says maa papa ritika and disha are coming today to INDIA parekh says oh that’s great news falguni says but we have an important meeting dear !!! ishaani says no problem i and ranveer will pick up them !!! i will inform him !!
ishaani calls to ranveer ranveer was surprised by seeing ishaani’s call he picks up ranveer says yes ishaani ishaani says don’t be so formal yaar rv says ok tell me ishaani says ritika and disha r coming to INDIA rv says ya i forgot zaveri uncle also told me !!!!!! ishaani says so if u don’t mind can u pls pick up me from here to airport rv says ishaani y u r plsing for this of course i”ll cme n pick u

rv and ishaani waiting for ritika and disha ishaani asks rv y flight is so late rv says cme lets go to a coffee shop and come ishaani says ok they move outside for a walk to coffee shop they reaches there waiter comes rv asks wat do u like to hav ishaani says capucchino rv says to waiter ok 2 capucchino the coffee comes rv says to ishaani so r u in the idea to marry someone !!!!!????? ishaani says wen my parents selected a boy i will marry him rv says pls don’t marry him ……!!!! ishani says what!!!!???????? tum hi ho plays…………………….

rv says no i m saying pls don’t marry him without knowing any info about him ishaani says oh !!!!! rv and ishaani moves in the airport rv thinks y i am feeling so nervous with ishaani ishaani thinks i am having a new feeling with ranveer ritika and disha arrives ritika says rv !!!!!!!!!! disha says di di !!!!!!!!!! they hug each other ishaani feels jealous when ritika hugs rv rv uneasy with ritika breaks the hug ritika feels suspicious …..

abhi with his parents and dadi enters pragya’s house sarla opens the door sarla says arreyy abhi beta everybody pls come in pls sit down wait i will give coffee sarla calls pragya beta ……… pragya …… pragya comes and sees abhi with his family she blushes and stands in one corner sarla asks her to bring coffee pragya gives coffee sarla says ya pls tell me priya says Mr.Kapoor u start ram says maa first u start dadi says no u start sarla looks on abhi murmurs to ram dad u start ram says ok beta sarla ji we came here to …………………. ask your daughter as our family’s bahu pragya blushes and runs sarla sees her ram sahab suddenly u r asking ????? dadi says abhi beta u itself tell abhi says auntyji i and pragya love each other definitely i will keep her happy always sarla says my beti’s happiness only is my happiness so i am agreeing for this marriage abhi says thank u aunty ji and gets blessing from her and goes to meet pragya

pragya stands in the balcony abhi comes and hugs her and says we r going to become husband and wife allah waariyan plays…………. pragya says really i am so happy bulbul and suhani enters bulbul says sorry we disturbed u jiju u continue pragya says bulbul………. and blushes they went down abhi says to ram dad mom i am going to arrange a party for my friends to inform that we are going to become husband and wife sarla says as your wish ram says can i also join ?? abhi says sorry dad it is only for youngsters priya pinches ram pragya says don’t worry dad ji we also arrange for elders !!!!!!!!!! they went

rv thinks about ishaani and ishaani thinks about rv rv thinks y i am thinking ishaani sammy and nishi comes there sammy says bhai wat r u thinking rv says nothing his mobile rings it is abhi he picks up abhi says gud news dude !!!rv says wat ??????? me and pragya’s marriage have been fixed rv says that’s great news abhi says we r arranging a party you shuld cme rv says of course i will cme and thinks ishaani will also cme pragya calls ishaani ishani says s my frnd pragya says i and abhi r going to married ishani says wow congrats any treat or party ??????? pragya says of course we r arranging a party definitely u shuld cme we r calling all our friends and college mates rv and his family also coming ishaani feels happy and says sure we will come the screen freezes with abhi rv ishaani and pragya’s happy face

Precap: abhi and pragya dances closely abhi and pragya kept a game that nishi will take two papers in that which couples’s name came that couples should give a special performance ishaani and rv name came they gave a romantic performance after the party somebody hits ishaani on head and some goons takes ishaani

guys u will get more suspense pls keep reading and comment

Credit to: reji

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