kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 2


guys i know this very very late upload as i said know i stucked with exams and a good news guys with all your wishes and prayers i got first mark in english thank you so much guys
at last we saw that pragya and her sisters and abhi’s team (denoting to all) are going for a picnic abhi starts to realize his love for pragya and he is going to propose her on the picnic

the episode starts with abhi says to purab is i am really in love with pragya purab says ya i can see it in ur eyes abhi says how may this happen purab says i saw u many times that when u r with pragya u r behaving somewhat different pls recall the times when u r with pragya and tanu abhi says ya purab i think i am in love with pragya purab says go and propose her on picnic abhi says ya this is the nice time

pragya bulbul and suhani are packing their things suhani says pragya di this is enough for picnic bulbul says di u forgot onething pragya says what bulbul and suhani says your special aloo paratha bulbul says u r expert in this dish know so pls we can take to the picnic and eat there pragya says ok my dear sisters a car came to pragya’s house to pick them while going out of the house pragya slipped and her hand got hurt bulbul says di di …… suhani pick the first aid box sarla comes there and gets shocked suhani did the first aid but blood is still bleeding in her hand sarla says beta u no need to go pragya says it’s ok maa i am fine bulbul says don’t worry maa i will take care of di they went

all the families assemble in abhi’s house priya says to abhi my rock boy where is pragya and her sisters ram says ha … han neil says ya they r coming ragini says i made some dishes for picnic priya says ya ragini but i didn’t make Mr.kapoor’s fav. aloo paratha otherwise he will eat everything ram says don’t laugh ragini says fatty sorry neil laughs ram says you too neil says sorry ram ranveer says still now they didn’t reach sammy says y this driver is making so late pragya arrives abhi is shocked he holds pragya’s hand asks what happened he sucks her blood they share an eyelock allah waaryian plays …………. purab smiles tanu gets irked

abhi says where were u sisters we were waiting for u so long pragya says don’t worry high traffic so only nishi says where is peehu and ritika ranveer says nishi they r not coming to picnic ishaani says here too disha is not interested so they three went for vacation for someother countries ram says fine we can move

They went to a beautiful place for loving spot tanu says to aliya i will propose abhi once again abhi thinks this is a nice place to propose pragya they all open the blankets ram says aloo paratha smell is coming neil says now u started bulbul says uncle we only bought our di is expert in making that dish ram says pragya beta i love it pls give priya says don’t give maa pragya says don’t worry aunty ji one day only know let him eat i bought more only but i don’t know u will all like it ram says i want a bahu like u only abhi and pragya gets surprised they all enjoyed the dish and appreciated pragya ishaani says i want to wash my hands pragya accompanied her while washing tanu comes there secretly and pushes pragya from the mt. cliff ishaani says help abhi and the family comes there and gets shocked abhi goes to rescue her abhi asks to pragya to hold his hand pragya says i can’t abhi says i will not leave you pragya says pls leave me otherwise you also fill fall down abhi says no i will not leave you anytime he shouts I LOVE YOU PRAGYA pragya gets surprised and happy abhi says pls don’t leave me pragya holds his hand and comes up she hugs him tightly a romantic song plays …………

priya says so my dear bahu pragya blushes ranveer says i am so happy that you both love each other ishaani says i am too happy ranveer but one thing i want to say abhi says what ishaani says tanu pushed pragya and because of her she fell down everybody gets shocked aliya acts like something she asks tanu y did u do this tanu abhi comes to slap tanu but pragya stops him tanu says sorry abhi becoz of my selfishness i did this pragya says it’s ok let’s be friends everybody went

precap: priya and ram come to sarla house and asks about abhi and pragya’s marriage sarla agrees pragya and abhi gets happy

guys i am soon going to end this becoz of less comments pls comment if u like it guys

Credit to: reji

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  1. what a great mind u have,really nic epi

  2. its awesome plz dont end

  3. awesome u r great

  4. Nice …

  5. great one yr super duper hit hai bosss

  6. Superb ff

  7. awesome
    in some pple are silent reader plz cntnu yaar in this all ff your ff is different & lovly plz cntnu plz its request to u. i love your ff more than other bul u are saying u r going to end why? plz dont end
    & one thing update next ff episode soon

  8. Reji it is inresting! Nice work! 😉

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