kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 13

guys i saw all of your yesterday’s guesses and comments and thanks for it so keep commenting and this is the next episode …………

the episode starts with comm. arrives to the gudown with his cops abhi pragya ishani rv ritika r standing together shikar says to ishani if u didn’t get for me u shuldn’t get for anyone and throws a knife pointing ishani …….. mistakenly the knife stuck one pragya ……… everybody gets shocked ………. abhi shouts . P R A G Y A !??? pragya slowly faints and falls unconscious abhi rushes towards her comm. says arrest shikar ……. abhi says to pragya fuggi i will not let anything happen to you pragya says suniye and holds abhi’s hands…….. ishani cries and says rv pls call the ambulance !! the ambulance arrives and they rush to the hospital ……….

abhi says to rv pls do sumthng !!! rv calls all the family members sarla maa shouts pragya kahan hai meri beti ??? she comes to abhi ………….. abhi says maa nothing will happen to pragya doctor is treating her ….. and he hugs her dadi priya ram enters dadi says to sarla ji pragya will be alright ……… ishani says rv nothing will happen to my pragya na?? rv says s and hugs her …….. doctor comes out….. evrybdy rushes to him …….. doctor says the knife went deep inside her body so it is difficult to take the knife but we can’t say anything now so till then pls wait we r trying our best …… ram says doctor money is not a problem pls treat her with the specialized doctors …… doctor goes ….. priya says to abhi arreyy my rock boy shuld not cry pragya is your lucky charm know then who will snatch her from you ?? priya hugs abhi…….. rv calls his parents neil and ragini comes to the hospital and finds rv and ishani ragini says ishani beta u r fine na?? ishani says s i am fine but pragya ??? neil asks kya hua pragya ko?? rv narrates evrythng (a note rv and ishani r standing outside the hospital and neil and ragini and doesn’t know anythng) neil and ragini gets shocked and rushed inside ……… they sees evryone neil says ram priya?? ragini aks to priya now how is pragya?? priya says wat doctor said…….. abhi comes and sees pragya’s face in the glass and cries (rang thhe , noor tha Jab kareeb tu tha Ek jannat sa tha , yeh jahaan Wakt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa Likh ke chod gaya tu kahaan) plays abhi cries hard …….. sarla janki and rockstar prays to God statue

doctor comes out evrybdy comes doctor says it’s a miracle we took the knife from her body and she is fine now abhi and evryone gets happy abhi says can we meet her now?? doctor says yes but slowly she will get conscious and she is completely alright if u want u can discharge her nowitself !! abhi says thank u so much thanks a lot doctor doctor says ok u can go and see her……. they enters the room ……..

pragya slowly rolls her eyes out and gains conscious abhi rushes to her purab bulbul suhani comes there they says di di aap teek hu na?? pragya says haa n mein teek hoon she sees abhi is upset … she holds abhi’s hand and says i told u na i will not leave u and hugs him ……dadi says now evrthng is fine we can leave to our home …..they nods

they enters…. abhi lifts pragya … pragya says let me down i am fine ……. abhi let her dwn……. dadi says i think now evrythng is fine priya says haan maa . priya says we forgot onethng …. ram asks kis baath ?? priya says arreyy we have decided to get abhi and pragya married but after that these all happened ….. ram says haa u r right abhigya blushes …….. rv and ishani smiles …… abhigya says one more marriage also is going to happen …… evrybdy asks whose marraige?? abhigya says ranveer and ishani evrybdy gets surprised …… rv and ishani blushes ….. dasi says so two marriages r going to happen in this house …….. ram says to neil do u have any objection to keep the rituals in our house?? neil and ragini says arreyy!! comeon yaar y we r going to say objection ?? no problem !!! parekh and falguni says ya we also have no problem ………. peehu ritika and aliya and evryone says ok let’s rock this double marriage double treat yaar!!!!!!!!!!!


Precap:In abhigya’s and ishveer’s engagement one couple enters and they asks “here who is abhi and rv” ?? abhi and rv sees that couple and gets shocked……

so guys i hope u all like this track many surprises r waiting for u and pls comment guys waiting for ur comments


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