kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 10 ,11,12 MAHAEPISODE

hi guys sorry for the late update as i am stucked with revision exams i can’t upload and all the ffs r ruling this page tisha somiya surbhi naveena ria cassandra doing a great job and naveena welcome back !! i think u r fine pls let out your creativity !!!! and guys thanks for your comments and keep commenting guys

a short recap:ishani is kidnapped and ranveer and abhigya r trying to find her

the episode starts with commissioner saying to every cops that fax shikar’s photo to every police station and send our remaining cops to all the places…… cops says s sir but we need somemore cops ……. comm. says ok i will speak to higher officials

abhi says rv we found that shikar only kidnapped ishani and we can easily find where he kept ishani…… pragya says where is ritika ?? abhi says definitely shikar needs ritika to find out our plans so only ritika is out……. pragya says i have an idea we can go to ritika’s house and enquire about this to her abhi says gud idea rv says i am also coming abhi says let’s move ……

abhigya and rv enters……….. zaveri says beta wat r u doing here …… rv tries to say the truth about ritika’s involvment in ishani’s kidnapping but abhi stops him abhi says kuch nahi uncle we came here to see ritika…… where is she ??? zaveri says ritika is out with her scouts frnds rv asks which place ??? zaveri says Mumbai abhi says thanks uncle zaveri says tk beta!!!

they comes out pragya says ritika lied to zaveri uncle rv asks abhi y u stopped from saying the truth ?? abhi says u know na zaveri uncle is a heart patient ……. so it is not good time to say the truth to him pragya says ya he is right so now ishani is in Mumbai ……….rv says how exactly u r saying??? pragya says uncle said ritika is in Mumbai so as i said one should be out for convey that what’s going on ?? so ritika is not here that means ishani is also here rv says to abhi s pragya is right for all our questions we can get answers in Mumbai abhi says i will say this to comm.

abhigya and rv arrives dadi asks kya hua beta ??? priya says abhi pls say sumthng abhi says ishani is in Mumbai everybdy gets shocked ….. priya says how you know ??? abhi narrates evrythng ….. indu says sabash beta abhi says maa papa dadi today itself we r moving to Mumbai ….. ram says don’t worry beta i will book the tickets and i will inform to Mr.Parekh .. rv says abhi i am leaving to my house to pack my stuffs….. abhi hugs rv and says ok… rv gets blessings from evryone and leaves …..

goons gave food to ishani but she refuses ….. goons told to shikar ……. shikar comes there and says ishani pls eat sumthng ….. ishani says y i should eat ?? i will die too wats ur problem shikar comes there and holds her hands and says don’t say like that ishani says don’t touch me …… u forgot about the 7days challenge …. my ranveer will come shikar laughs wickedly ha ha ha …… this is the forth day of your challenge but still he didn’t come and tomorrow is the fifth day how he will come here within two three days?? see definitely i will win …….. ishani turns her head shikar says pls eat wait i will feed u ishani says i will eat the poison too but not the food from your hands……. shikar keeps the food and leaves angriliy

the filght arrives to Mumbai Airport …. abhi books a cab they went to a 5star hotel … abhi says we want to book rooms manager asks how many rooms u want ?? pragya says 2 rooms abhi thinks wow me and pragya r going to sleep in one room ……. pragya asks sir i want to ask you sumthng …. manager says yes mam ….. pragya asks can u pls find out and tell me that anybody staying here with the name Ritika Zaveri …. manager says sure mam ….. he takes customers record and checks abhi asks wat u r doing ???pragya says just wait ……… manager says s mam Ritika Zaveri is staying here only …….rv gets happiness face abhi says fuggi u r genius …… pragya says she is our friend ……. even we came to Mumbai for her only can u pls says the room no. and book our rooms opp to her rooms to give surprise to her manager says mam Ritika room no is 601 and ur rooms r 602 and 603 rv says thanq ……. pragya goes to her room abhi follows her pragya asks arreyy y r u cumng here abhi says u and me r going to sleep in 1 room na??!! pragya says very funny….. who said like that abhi asks tthey y u booked 2 rooms ?? pragya asks oh hello i booked two rooms 1 room for u and rv and other room for me abhi says pls i will sleep here pragya says sorry!!!! and shuts the door abhi says arreyy darwaaza kolo !! abhi says hey fuggi i will catch u soon ….

abhigya and rv r waiting for ritika’s arrival ritika arrived to her room and feeling tensed…… abhigya and rv enters rv says y u r feeling tensed ……. suddenly ritika turns back and sees them and keeps her calm ….. says hey u three wat r u doing here ??? pragya asks that we want to ask u wat r u doing here ?? ritika says i i !!!**?? rv asks where is ishani?? ritika asks ishani?? rv slaps her hard abhigya gets shocked ………. rv says i trusted u so much but u joined ur hands with that shikar y ?? ritika says becoz i love you!!?? .. rv gets shocked ritika says i loved u rv but u left me for that ishani na?? rv says just shut up!! abhi says calm down pragya says ritika rv considered u as his best friend and trusted u more but y ??? pragya says love means there should feelings for both boy and girl for themselves in their heart this is love ……. wat u r saying it’s just an obsession …….. rv says u betrayed me ….. ritika cries hard ….. and says i am sorry rv but it’s not my fault and it is shikar …. they gets shocked ritika says first i didn’t do anything he came said that he loves ishani and put some wrong things between rv and me in my mind and manipulated me so only i did this without knowing but now i realized ….. but rv i am so sorry rv says i know u can’t do this abhi says we shuld not leave that shikar …… pragya says u know na where is shikar pls tell us ritika says yes i know come with me …

they went in the car abhi says where they are?? ritika says he kept ishani in a andheri gudown …. abhi calls comm. .. rv says i will not spare him they reached that gudown ……..
ishani is tied ritika abhigya and rv reaches there rv says ishani!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ishani sees him rv runs towards her they hug each other tightly tum hi ho plays………………

rv says ishani u r fine know ………….. ishani cries and says haa mein teek hoon !!!!.. and hugs him shikar and his goon came and says now here no one should go out !!?>>> all sees him and gets shocked abhi and rv fights with the goons pragya hugs ishani ….. pragya narrates evrythng abt ritika and ritika says sorry …… ishani says it’s ok and hugs her
all the goons lied down without energy …… ritika ishani rv abhi pragya stand together comm. comes there with the cops shikar throwed a knife on one of them all of them gets shocked screen freezes on 5of them tensed face……….


no precap because there will be no suspense


so guys the knife stuck on one of them guess who ??
(A) abhi
(B) pragya
(C) ishani
(D) ranveer
(E) ritika


share your guesses in the comment box and i am waiting for ur comments till the stay tuned!!!

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  1. reji osum yaar…loved ur way of writing. .and all the best for ur exams…

    1. hey NAVEENA mam glad to see u back. how r u?

  2. I thk it may b on RV…thn today’s episode s nice

  3. Let it be pragya
    Pls some more abhigya scenes

  4. i think rv

  5. Super episode Is it pragya

  6. pragya or ishani anyways awesome

  7. awesome Reji loved it and I think it must be Pragya… or Ritika..

  8. Ritika plz it will make it interesting

  9. Pragya please… today’s episode was awesome


    I think its Ishani……..

  11. Thanks a lot guys but suspense is still there keep commenting

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