kumkum bhagya (a love story of the romantic couples) episode 1 MAHAEPISODE


guys my exams didn’t get over but because of pongal holidays i can upload the next part so guys i am wishing you all a VERY VERY HAPPY PONGAL if i get chance i can upload the next part tomorrow guys one change in this ff the ego loving characters didn’t propose so wait and watch wat is going to happen nxt

the episode starts all of them giving their performance abhi says to ranveer and purab we should give our best and defeat them ishaani says to pragya we should give our best and win this competition next abhi’s team name came they did their performance well after the performance tanu heard wat pragya’s team is going to do it should not be better than them she took their performance CD and damaged it disha sees this but tries to tell pragya and ishaani but they went to stage they played the CD but it didn’t work they taught wat thy r gng to do and they planned and sang their freindship song suhani and bulbul played keyboard and other instruments disha encouraged them abhi’s team felt mesmerized with their voice tanu and aliya smirks they finished their turn and waiting for the results pragya’s team’s college won the first prize abhi’s team get shocked nishi says to ranveer bhai our tanu only damaged their CD abhi says this is cheating tanu we should apologize to them ishaani says to pragya it’s already getting late disha says di i want to eat ice cream suhani and bulbul says ya di we too pragya says to ishaani ok we will eat a ice cream i will inform to maa and come u arrange the seats ishaani says ok let’s go pragya comes to the ice cream shop bulbul waves her hand they sat abhi’s team comes there ishani says to them again u came here to give problems pragya says cool calm down abhi says sorry it’s our mistake tanu come and say sorry tanu says sorry i realized my mistake abhi says sorry hereafter we all are friends abhi and pragya shake hands (allah waariyan) plays u can come and join our clge suhani says joining other college means it is many formalities sammy says y u r thinking about that we will handle it tanu take aliya a side aliya says i know wat u r thinking wat these middle class girls r going to do they are now our friends tanu says hey aliya says don’t worry it is just acting


finally pragya ishaani bulbul disha suhani joined abhi team’s collegue nishi says welcome to our clge purab says now u r also the members of our gang our gang leader is abhi bulbul says hello ok now we will introduce ourselves i am pragya this is my sister bulbul and suhani and we ishaani and disha r best friends abhi asks u three r sisters great ok pragya says oh know class time we have to go abhi says wait we will not give importance to studies pragya says i am going to attend the class who are all coming come with me abhi says she is so fond of studies purab says i forgot to say our ritika went for a outdoor tour for the scouts camp she will come as soon as possible and asked ranveer to call her abhi says hey she went to class sammy says professor is angry with us they went to the class prof. says to them today is Q&A session i will ask all the questions from the book abhi says i will sent this virus (prof.) to hell a good news to all u can divide into groups and discuss tell the ans bulbul says don’t worry our pragya di and ishaani learnt all the Q&A from the book because of pragya and ishaani abhi’s team escaped they answered all Q. correctly and prof. appreciated them after the college abhi says we thought wrong about you guys are really clever and i think you will help me to copy ur answer sheets pragya says i will not help in that ways ram-priya neil-ragini and parekh-falguni came to the college to give a surprise to their children ishaani says maa papa they hug all their parents pragya bulbul suhani sees them priya asks them who r they peehu says maa they r our new friends ragini says oh hello beta ram says we came here to say that we all are going to a family picnic pragya says we r leaving after ur picnic we will see ishaani says y u r going u too come with us we will all enjoy ragini says ya u can also join us they all we don’t have any objection pragya says ok we are coming neil and parekh says tomorrow we will arrange a car to ur house they went

they said about their first day in new college sarla says arreyy wow that’s great go and enjoy the picnic prag’s dadi says ya go dear and enjoy and come they kept their clothes for tomorrow’s picnic

Precap : abhi says to purab i have a new feeling when i am with pragya i don’t know how to express it my mind is saying pragya my brain saying tanu purab says me too abhi when i am with bulbul same happened in pragya’s house at the picnic at the top of the mountain they sat down and have the food pragya slipped off from the mountain abhi holds her hand

guys first i am going to unite our abhigya and ishveer see what happens after many obstacles how they realize their real love and then our next jodis i think u all r ok with this and pls share ur comments and again i am wishing a HAPPY PONGAL to all u guys enjoy and hope u all like my ff

Credit to: reji

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