Kumkum Bhagya- A Love Reunited Episode 1


Hey guys, thank you all so so so so much for your wonderful comments. Sure I will post longer updates πŸ™‚ Back to the story.

Purab looks at the person shocked, “Bulbul” he whispers tears in his eyes. There indeed was Bulbul, looking at Purab with love. Purab hugs Bulbul hardly with love. Bulbul hugs him back with the same love. They pull away from the hug, and Purab sees Pragya standing behind Bulbul.
“Di!” he says excitedly. “Look who finally came back to us.” Purab says turning Bulbul toward Pragya.
“Bulbul?!” Pragya says staring at Bulbul, crying. She hugs Bulbul, crying hard. “Where have you gone? Oh god, Bulbul, I missed you so much,” she says crying harder.
“I missed a lot too di,” Bulbul says hugging Pragya and crying as well.
Pragya pulls back from Bulbul looking at her shocked, Purab also looks at her in shock.
“What? What happened?” Bulbul said worriedly.
“Your.. your… your voice” says Pragya surprised.
Bulbul smiles, “I healed it di.”
They all sit down. Bulbul next to Purab and Pragya in front of them. Bulbul starts to tell them her story.

“After I walked off the cliff, I fell into a hay stack, but was unconscious. A very nice lady found me and took me to her home. In her house, she showed me to her husband who was a doctor. He treated me injuries and when I came into consciousness, he explained what happened. Then he handed me my phone. I saw your picture and Purab’s picture and saw what pain you guys must have been going through. So I healed everyday and here I am, the new Bulbul,” Bulbul says.
“Bulbul?” said Purab.
“Yes, Purab?” she said confused.
“Why would did you walk off that cliff?” Purab says a little mad and hurt.
Bulbul looks at her hands and doesn’t say anything.
“Come on Bulbul, why?” Purab says again but softer.
“Because of Aaliya,” she says angrily.
Pragya gets mad,”What did she say?”
“She told me that Purab wouldn’t love me with my new face,” Bulbul says ashamed.
“Bulbul! How could you think that?” Purab says.
“Purab that’s not the point. The point is that Bulbul is safe with us,” Pragya says giving him a look
“Di? What happened since I left?” Bulbul says lost.
Pragya and Purab exchange looks but don’t say anything.
“Di…?” Bulbul says in an accusing tone.
Pragya rolls her eyes, starts to tell her the story, with Purab filling in. In the end, Purab explains his bit.
“Is he alright? What did the doctor say? Is he out of danger?” Pragya fires question, with worry and love in her eyes for Abhi.
“Di, di, di. Slow down. Yes, Abhi is fine, the doctor said that Abhi is alright, but he just needs some rest,” Purab says sadly.
Bulbul is sitting quietly, Pragya looks at her. “Is everything ok, Bulbul?”
“No di. Everything is not ok. I am going to go kill Aaliya.” Bulbul says shaking with anger.
“No Bulbul, anger is not the option,” Pragya says calmly. “We have to beat Aaliya at her own game.”
“How will we do that di?” Purab says confused.
“I have a plan” Pragya says.
The rest is muted, but shows all of them talking.

Meanwhile, back at the MM, Aaliya is in Abhi’s room and he is still asleep.
Suddenly Aaliya gets a call.
“Hello Tanu?” she says annoyed. “No no bhai is fine.”
At that time, Abhi opens his eyes, but Aaliya doesn’t notice and he doesn’t say anything.
“No, of course, Bhai didn’t get his memory back. Don’t be stupid Tanu,” says Aaliya and hangs up the phone. She turns back to Abhi and finds him looking at her.
“Bhai?” she says shocked, hoping he didn’t hear what she said.

Precap: “What phone conversation, Aaliya? I don’t remember anything.” Abhi says confused.

I know this precap might not be what you guys are hoping for, but trust me there is a twist. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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  1. Jasminerahul

    so happy to see bulbul back.wish bulbul had returned on the show as well.tho she had jumped off d cliff she hadnt died.did her face change?will pragya purab bulbul’s plan 2 defeat aliya succeed?i hope so.did abhi really lose his memory or is he faking it?

  2. Wowwwwww superrrrrrr…….. We all are happy to see bulbul……. Waiting for next episode….

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


  4. wow superrrrrrrrr n niceeeeeee

  5. Prathi

    Wow someone got Bulbul back on track and I am happy with that!! Nice epi hope their plan works.. Waiting for next epi eagerly

  6. Im his chashmish

    Nice episode….then i am also 16 year old so i we are friends is that okok?

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