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Hi it’s aditi here..I know I am long after back to here ..I could not upload my ff ‘s as I was hospitalised few days back and so that I could not update..but after reading ” my destiny is to be with you ” haritha thanks a lot …special thanks to you..it makes me to write something about abhigya..as it’s a one shot..I hope you all will like it.

          ” Abhi..I think you should think about it again?.” Pragya asked abhi looking at him.” You really want me to think when we are here at register office ” Abhi replied quite irritated.” I mean i don’t have anyone to inform or get permission but for you dadi is there na.. .you informed her?”.  Abhi quite anger, don’t repeat it again..then whom we are to you.pragya,but its the truth abhi ..what will dadi think..she will get hurt if she comes to know you married me that too without informing her.Abhi, I informed her..pragya,what you informed..pragya in eager tone, what she said..Abhi looked down .pragya looks at him and from that she gets her answer.pragya,when dadi didn’t accept for this marriage..then why you are marrying me.Abhi ,dont keep on asking pragya.stop thinking about others.think about us and don’t think about them when they never mind us.pragya was taken aback by his sudden reaction.pragya,abhi..what happened to you..why you are talking like this.you love dadi more than anything right..Abhi, I don’t know how to explain ….come let’s go..it’s getting late.pragya,no..I need an answer now…otherwise I will not get marry to you.Abhi,fine..you dont want to marry me..better leave..go..but listen to me before leaving..I will die and will leave you forever.pragya in sad tone,why you are speaking like this..how can I live without you..ok come let’s get married..Abhi holds pragya’s hand and both registered their marriage.Abhi puts mangalsutra around pragya’s neck and applied kumkum.” Now you are husband and wife…congrats to you both “the officer told and smiled at them.
After their marriage in a register office abhi takes pragya to mm.dadi and others were quite shocked but abhi takes pragya with him to his room.
After reaching abhi’s room ,pragya freed her hand from his asking you didn’t explain to dadi..atleast we can get blessings from them.Abhi,no..I am not coming..if you want you go.pragya could not understand that her abhi..when started to hate everyone.pragya goes down and all were looking at her.pragya slowly walks towards dadi and bends to get blessings from her.but dadi stopped her .she makes her to stand straight.pragya knows that she is angry on her.dasi too stands near dadi. Dadi raised her hands ,pragya thought she gonna slap her , she closed her eyes in fear but she felt a hand on her head.she opened her eyes seeing every one smiling at her.pragya looks confused at dadi whom smiles in return.dadi ,pragya I am happy for you as you married him..pragya, but dadi  he told you didn’t accept for this marriage. Dadi,yes..I didn’t ..it’s because for him to realize his love for you.I know he will not ask permission from me..but I never thought he will marry you soon.pragya,I am sorry dadi..behalf of him..dadi,this thing made me to convince that you are perfect for him..I don’t know if I could get a daughter in law like you …i am proud that abhi selected a best girl in this world.dasi ,stop praising and give this bangles to her.dadi makes pragya to wear and she simply hugs her.after many years pragya found her family..New one which abhi gifted her. Pragya lost her parents in her young age and she was brought up by her dadi . She is good in studies and got a seat in top college of the city.she joined it and she was first rejected by everyone as she is not that much rich as them.but pragya ignored that and she concentrates on her studies.Abhi too irritates her more but after knowing the truth that she lost her parents as him they both became friends.Abhi shared everything with her and pragya too.soon they started to love each other. At the end of first year abhi proposed pragya.pragya could not believe his words  that the famous rockstar loves her . She too accepts him and the whole college rejoiced it . In second year, pragya’s dadi passed away..Abhi and his family supported her in all the way and abhi was main to support pragya.she becomes weak thinking that there is no one for her.Abhi promised her that he will be with her forever..soon Abhi wants to marry pragya but dadi rejected it and asked him to marry after his studies.but abhi opposed it and explains that no one is there for pragya and he could not leave her alone. Finally dadi tells to do whatever he wants and abhi had no choice to marry.he wants her to give her perfect life…perfect family..which she lost in her younger age. He wants her to support in all stages and he knows she will never accept anything from him and she is the best student..he can’t see her studies spolied …..so he marries her so that now she will accept him as he is her husband.
      Pragya entres their room and looks abhi sitting there with guitar.she knows he is feeling guilty for what he had done.pragya sits beside him and abhi looks at her.pragya,thanks a lot abhi..for giving me this wonderful family..I am really feeling blessed to have you in my life.Abhi holds her hand saying i am really happy to have you in my life..you are my life fuggie..I will never leave you in pain..it’s my promise.pragya gets overwhelmed by his words and hugged him.Abhi too hugs her.Abhi ,so today is our first day of our marriage.pragya knew what he is gonna talk about.pragya breaks the hug asking so..Abhi, so..pragya,abhi..I am feeling sleepy..actually tomorrow we have to leave college n.a…and one more thing..rather than purab,aliya no one knows about our marriage..let’s maintain that.Abhi nods his head and says I am leaving..I have an audition for a company. ( here abhi is not a big rockstar, he is popular amoung his college level) ..pragya,are you leaving..when will you return.Abhi,I am not sure about it but you sleep..good night..he kissed her forehead and pragya wished him best OF luck.Abhi leaves and pragya went to sleep…Abhi too asked sorry to dadi of his rude behaviour and dadi too forgave him.

Their journey started smoothly. Both had a better understanding and for the whole college abhi and pragya are still in relationship but they never noticed the closeness of abhigya.Abhi used to drop her in college.they used to share everything after reaching home.they are not like other couples.they both managed well their studies as well as other things. Pragya as usual rocking in studies and abhi gets many opportunities and he is a growing rockstar.he is slowly growing in front of whole world…all started to recognise him and pragya is the main reason for it.she too feels happy for him.both were living happy until then tanu comes there.she wants to separate abhi and pragya.she is a model and starts to spend time with abhi.though abhi was not intrested he didn’t have any other choice. Pragya started to feel avoided by abhi … she was almost broken when abhi didn’t wished for her birthday rather than he was in his trip for a concert with tanu. Pragya felt cheated and decides to leave him. She thinks that there is no one for her and she packs her bag .
Pragya was about to leave from there when abhi comes there .he was standing there in anger . But pragya was more anger than him. He never knows that tanu’s closeness will hurt her. He thinks he will trust her but today his love wants to leave him.he moves towards her when pragya turns to opposite side. Abhi turns her to his side and pragya looks at him.her eyes were red which means she cried a lot.Abhi gently kissed her eyes which made her to close her eyes.Abhi slowly kissed her forehead and looks at her lips.pragya opens her eyes and looks at him. Abhi brushed her lips with his thumb which makes pragya to shiver. Suddenly Abhi kissed on her lips. Pragya too kissed him with eagerness. Abhi starts to give open kisses and moves towards her neck.pragya stopped him which made abhi to get irritate.he holds her hands tight and now pragya could not do anything. Abhi pushed her towards the wall and he leans towards her . Pragya could feel his hot breath near her neck. Abhi slowly starts to kiss her neck which makes pragya to moan.Abhi pulled her sleeves down after opening her zip.pragya was not in mood to stop him and abhi further pulls her top.that time tanu comes in and both were unaware of it.she gets anger and throws a glass which was on the table om the floor.both of them looks at her and pragya adjusted her dress and abhi looks at her in why you are here..
Tanu , abhi..there is a meeting ..let’s go. Pragya looks at abhi. Abhi in irritated tone ,can’t you see..I am busy with my wife..I will call the producer and will inform..if he is not comfortable..better I will cancel the deal..so better you leave now.. tanu gets anger and leaves from there.
Abhi, you doubted me right..how can you think that I will leave you when I promised you..pragya, I thought you are not intrested in me as I am not like models and moreover I am boring too..Abhi ,ha..you are little boring but I love you more than that..I want you in my life..I am here because of you..because of your support..how many people may come in my life but you are more important to me than others and remember one thing if you again think of leaving me then I will…pragya stops him by kissing him.
Abhi holds her more closer and pragya sets her hands around his neck..

Next day , pragya was on her way to class when two boys started to tease her.she just ignored them but they started to badmouthing about her.
Boy1 : who knows she may finished everything with abhi..i don’t know what he found special in her.
Boy 2: ha..bro but one thing..sure one day he gonna throw her out of his life…
Boy 1: pragya ji. ..pragya turns to them looking in anger.
Boy 1: if abhi leaves you..don’t get hurt..we are here..for you..he slowly touched her hands but pragya pushed him.boy2: tell me how much money he will give you..we will give double the amount..pragya starts to cry hearing these words.
Abhi was busy in his works when purab comes there.
Abhi,purab..kya hua yaar..purab,abhi..some guys are teasing pragya.he tells everything.. Abhi gets angry.he leaves from there with purab.
One boy was about to hold pragya’s dupatta when a hand stops him..it’s abhi.pragya hugged him and she was crying.Abhi can’t see someone hurting his love. Abhi, what you said …you want to know how much I pay for her ha..I am giving my life for her..can you give..oh..you said that you will give double right..will you give your friends life too …don’t you have shame to talk to a girl like this.. what will you do when someone talk to your mother or sister like this.you will laugh and clap…then your mother or sister will slap you ..
.and moreover go and speak to them like this … they will be proud of you.. you know whom she is to me..she is my wife… MRS.ABHISHEK MEHRA…don’t dare to speak to her like that ..I dont know what I will do..he takes pragya from there. .
Pragya hugs abhi and abhi was still in anger.purab sighed him to control his anger. Abhi pats her back saying i am here n.a…don’t worry now no one will dare to raise their voice on you.pragya,thanks a lot abhi..for supporting me when I need you..you are there for me.Abhi , stop thanking me..whom I am to you..I am your husband right..it’s my duty to protect you.. let’s leave… I think we need to spend some time alone..shall we leave.pragya nods her head as she just want to be with abhi.
Abhi,so madam..we are in your favourite place..now can you please smile for me..pragya smiled at him and abhi side hugged her.they stands there still hugging each other listening to sound waves which brought an unknown peace in both og them…and they promised each other whatever the situation may be they will support each other….

So guys…I don’t know why I started this..how I ended..I dont know what I thought to convey..it’s almost my imagination..so pardon me if there is something wrong…it’s almost a simple story

Soon I will try to upload or else will try to finish it….so guys be happy…stay happy…I thought to say that’s it …..I don’t know when I will return again but sure will miss you all…

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