Kumkum bhagya my love (One shot)

I am writing one shot ff hope you all like it

a big hospital is shown as we go in a room a girl is lying on bed and docters are around her as we move outside we see a boy sitting on chair like a lyf less body with clothes stained with blood and a old lady is sitting with him
lady: abhi have faith on your love beta
abhi: yeah dadi she cant leave me alone like this
and abhi think and flashback start
abhi is reserved type guy and hate girls one day he is going in shooping mall suddenly he collide with a girl abhi fall and girl fall on her abhi lost seeing her both share an eye lock and bg music ishq wala love song plays and they compose themselves and stand up
abhi angrly: dont you have eyes i know your types of girl only want chance
girl hearing this smile and abhi get angry seeing her similing
abhi: dont you have shame i am scolding u and u are smling
pragya smiles

abhi: are you a dumb discusting
a girl call her
girl: pragya
pragya turn and smile then again turn towards abhi and hold her both ears and blink her eyes and goes from their and abhi see her going
a guilt came in his heart
abhi: she tell me soory even i scolded her so much mistake was mine also i have to tell her soory but where i found her
abhi goes in but doesnt find her but didnt find her he gone to a shop where he see her and goes towards her
abhi: excuse me miss pragya
pragya turns and see him
abhi: i am soory for my behavoiur mistake was mine also so i am soory
pragya smiles
abhi: did you forgive me
pragya noded

abhi: but why didnt you say anything to me
suddenly the same girl come to pragya and see abhi
girl: who is he pragya
abhi: i am abhi mehra nice meeting you
girl: mee too come pragya lets go
abhi: excuse me why she is not talking
girl: she cant talk
abhi hears this and fell sad and say soory to her and lower his eyes
pragya signs something to girl
girl: abhi she is telling dont fell bad and be happy always
and they go abhi smile and see them going and he also go home and think about her and smiles next day abhi is going in car to office see pragya on road and goes to her pragya smiles seeing him
abhi: come i will drop u
pragya noded and sit
abhi: where are u going
pragya take out writing pad and write something
abhi: fashiob designing job interview
abhi: if you dont mind i will see your design
pragya noded and abhi stop car at side

abhi see the design made by her
abhi: awesone design would you like to be my company fashion designer
pragya noded happily
abhi: ok u join from today i am going their
pragya smiles
as time passes both become good frnds and share everything with each other and now abhi understand more than her dadi is also treating as her daughter as pragya is orphan she also respect dadi so much abhi started loving pragya but someone not like this and she is tanu
one day abhi take pragya blindfollded at a place he open her blindfold and pragya stunned seeing the decoration as their are photo of both of them and abhi bend ob knees
abhi: pragya before you come in my life i used to hate girls but you come in my life you taught me how to laugh how to live life you become my lfy and now i cant live without u i love u
pragya hearing this turn her face and tear come in her eyes abhi stand up and turn her
abhi: i know pragya what are you thinking please see me i love u u are my life and i have see love for me in your eyed u are my life

pragya hugs him and both smile and they sit and then they go home and givw rhis news to dadi dadi
gets happy but tanu hearing this get angry and kidnapped pragya and tell abhi to come and take pragya abhi informs police and they track them and go and arrest tanu abhi frees pragya and hug her and gors to tanu and slap her
abhi: why u did this tanu
tanu: bcz i love u and she come btw us i will kill her
abhi: just stup up tanu i love her
and goes to pragya and hold her hand pragya see him teary eyed
tanu take out gun from police pocket and jerks him
tanu: abhi if you cant become mine then i will not let you have of anyone
and shoot pragya come in front and bullet hit her shoulder abhi shout and tanu smiles abhi take her to hospital
flashback end docter come and docter come out of ot abd abhi goes to him
docter: she fine now and she can talk now
abhi hear this and get happy

abhi: really docter
docter : yeah her vocal cord nerve has blockage noe its fine

abhi happy hugs docter
pragya is shifted to ward and after some time she wake up she see abhi
abhi: pragya tell my name u can talk
pragya gets happy and take abhi name and tear come in her eyes
abhi:i am so happy hearing my name you are my love lfy thnks for coming in my lfy and hugs her
dadi:now i wanr you both to get married fast ok
both smile seeing each other

pragya: ji dadi
after some days pragya get fine she talk so much and both are happy with each and after some days they get married and live happily

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  6. Tripthi Arora

    could u pls make it as an ff yar

    1. What happened to your ff trips this Arora. Queen I loved this one shot. You should write more one shots. There are better in a way cuz you know the ending in one episode

  7. Haww…soo cutee 🙂

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