Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 9

Sorry guys for late update as I am having fever and thnks guys for supporting my ff and today I want to ask question what you like in my ff and what you dislike plese answer so that I work on my mistakes

Todays episode start with abhi wakimg up rohit and get him ready and they both after being ready go to breakfast
Rohit: dad please today you take me to school
Abhi: ok beta
And they did their breakfast and rohit hug dadi and then aliya
Rohit: bye dadi bye buha
And they left for school and on the other side pragya and bulbul are ready
Pragya: today you go alone I have to take something from market and from their I will go to office ok
Bulbul: ok di
And they both go to their destination in market pragya takes the thing which she want and wating for taxi she see a old lady trying to cross the road but cant so pragya goes to her she is none but abhis dadi
Pragya: may I help you
Dadi see her: yeah beta I want to cross road and that side my car is park
Pragya: its ok come with me
And pragya take her and cross the road
Dadi: god bless you bets
Pragya: thnk u aunty
And goes from their dadi think such a nice girl she is and sit in car and goes

Here abhi come to rohit school
Abhi: rohit come school arrived
And they both came out of the car rohit is about to go
Abhi: so you are not missing something
Rohit wait and turn and comes near abhi and kiss on his cheek
Rohit: this one kiss for you and another for mom and goes from their and abhi stand their holding his cheek and think about pooja and then come in senses and go in car when he passing through market he saw pragya stopping the taxi but no one is stooping
Here pragya think that :oh god please what are you doing if I got late don’t know what that akadu will do
Suddenly a car stop near her and pragya was surprised and from car abhi came out and see her
Pragys thinks I take his name and he is infront of me
Abhi: so you are going to office come with me I will drop you
Pragya: no sir I will manage
Abhi: then ok
And sit in car and goes pragya looked shocked
Pragya: how mean he can ask me twice but no directly go away
And pragya take taxi and go
Abhi: what ahe think of hershlf I am giving her lift and she is showing attitude to me what a girl
Both reach office and see each other angrly and pragya go to reaharsal room and join her frnds and abhi goes to his cabin
On the other side in collage bulbul come and goes to class but doesnot see aliya and purab and get sad and goes and sit after some time they both come in class bulbul see them and get happy
Aliya and purab comewhere bulbul is sitting and aliya hug bulbul
Bulbul: hi aliya and mr. purab
Purab does not answer and sit on front of them and after some time professor come and start the lecture both aliya and bulbul get bore then suddenly a idea strike on her mind
Bulbul: I have an idea
And tell to aliya

Aliya: but what if he gets angry
Bulbul: he is always in angry mood
And bulbul start making paper ball and throw on purab and it hits purab head and he turn and bulbul and aliya pretend to study
Bulbul: mr. purab class is going in front not back so pay attention
Purab angrly: I know that and turn
When he turn both aliya and bulbul start smiling and angaing bulbul throw paper but this time purab don’t turn then she again throw paper but he does not turn and she again about to throw paper ball purab turn and see paper ball in her hand
Purab: whats your problem with me
Bulbul: nothing
Purab: then why are you irritating me and aliya you also
Bulbul: bcz I love it
Purab so you love it now I will show you

Both started throwing paper on each other and whole class seeing then and smiling while they are anaware of it fighting and aliya also join them
Professor turn and see then and gets angry
Professor: if your playing time is over then you 3 stand up
Now they come in senses and see professor and stand up
Professor: go out of class
And they 3 go out of class and purab is angry
Bulbul: thnk god get rid of that boring lectuer all thnks to purab
And give hi fi to aliya purab gets angry and pins her to wall
Purab: what you think of yourshelf you better stay away from me understand
Bulbul: no
Which increases his anger and he hit wall with his hand bulbul get scared but don’t show it
Purab: you stay away from me now
Bulbul makes puppy face and noded
And he see his puppy face and lost in it and they share an gye loch and bg music suno na sangemarmer plays
They came in senses by aliya voice
Aliya: ahhuu
And they come in senses and puran goes from their angrly and they see him goning
Bulbul: come aliya we will go to cantten
And they go in cantten and here purab come in library and thinks what has happened me now and thinks not to fall in this trap again and think to stay away from her and remember something and get emotional
On the other side in office abhi is going to take rohit from school as he promised him
Abhi is coming out from cabin and from other side pragya also coming with some file and they don’t see each other and get strike and fall the top of abhi and they share an eye lock and bg music plays
Reh bhi na paayein yaar
Seh bhi na paayein yaar
Behti hi jaaye dastaan (x2)
Umr bhar ka intezaar
Ik pal bhi na qaraar
Ungli pe nachaaye dastaan
Ho apne roothe, paraaye roothe
Yaar roothe naa…
Khwaab toote, waade toote
Dil yeh toote naa..
Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa
Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa
O Allah wariyan
O main toh haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye
After some time they come in senses and pragya tries to stand up but her hair get stuck in abhi ahirt button and she falls back and due to this sudden falling she losses balanced and her lips touchen his cheek and abhi touched his cheek while pragya is trying to get her hair out of button and abhi seeing her while holdind his cheek and sing plays tere mujse ha phele ka nata koi and abhi is seeing her trying to get her hair out of button suddenly abhi hold her hand and she see him and both are sharing eyelock and abhi take out hirr tied in button and bothget stand up
Both see each other and pragya see lipstick mark on his face
Pragya: soory sir I did nt do it internally
Abhi: its ok
They both fell awakerd so praya goes to raj cabin to give files and abhi goes to his car
Pragya come from raj cabin thinks what happen to me why my heart beat rises when he came near me and in car abhi see lipstick mark and think about incident and thinks what happened to me when I am with her I think pooja is with me
And screen splits in two parts confusing face of both pragya and abhi
But they don’t know what denstiny plays game with them


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  1. very nice my only question when will abhigya unite? pls unite them soon pa pls

  2. Its good

  3. Awesome episode yr keep going…

  4. Ver nice I love ur ff… According to me thr s no things which I dislike in ur ff… Bt one thg s I’m missing abhigya cute fight that’s it… I’m just waiting for next episode thn when abhi n pragya vl realize thr love

  5. awesome ,,funny tooo

  6. Reshma Pradeep


  7. nice epi but dont mistake me bcoz purbul moment s so boring i m sorry 2 say this but abhigya moment s awesome ……its so interesting ……. i m very eager for the union of abhigya……

  8. nice yaar… plz unite abigya soon…

  9. nice episode

  10. Ya sharmi s right… Pls reduce the scene of rabul.& pls update the parts regularly plss. Ur ff is really nice& get well soon…

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