Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 7


Soory guys i dont giving the precap because i on the spot writing the story i didnt think about whole story so i cant gice precap soory for that and thnks for likng my ff

Todays episode start with pragya goes happily home and give news to sarla and she gets happy and she hug pragya and on the other side bulbul came in library behind purab and see him reading a book and goes near him
bulbul: wow what a library by the way which book you are reading mr. Akadu
purab: its none of your busissness
suddenly hearing their voice library incharge come and tell both of them to go purab goes angrily and behind her bulbul goes
bulbul: hey wait thnk god that mam make is out otherwise i will fall their so many books my god
purab gets more angry and hold her hand
purab: what is your problem why are you following me
bulbul smiles : tell me yout name
purab: oh god ok my name is purab
bulbul: nice name
purab goes from their and smiles what a crazy girl she is
and here bulbul think today i got to know your name i will gain your frndship also and smiles and go in class and after collage bulbul go home and pragya give news about her job and both happily hug each other
bulbul: i which company you get job
pragya: apr company
bulbul get excited: so you work in famous rockstar abhi companu really di
and start dancing

pragya: wait what is so dacing in these
bulbul: my stupid di girls eagrly wait for only his one look you know
pragya: i know how he is and tell hom about whole incident
bulbul: relax di i big cites is small talk happens so chill
pragya: waiy abhi tumhara filmy buth utarti hu
and bulbul run and pragya also run behind her and throw a pillow on bulbul bulbul also throw a pillow and they started pillow fight after some time they get tired and see the room andsmiles
next morning pragya and bulbul get ready and pragya drop bulbul collage and then go to company
prayga goes in and see twinkle, kunj, roshni,sid and goes to them and tell hi to eveyonevabd they all respond hi to her and after that talk about them and after some time raj assistant come and ask who is pragya
pragya: me
assistant: sir want to meet you please come
pragya goes behind him and he takes him to abhi cabin
assistant you wait here sir is coming
pragya goes in room and see the room and goes near his chair and siy on it at the mean time abhi come but pragya not see him
pragya: how that akadu talk
pragya in abhi tone: hey you whats your problem why dont you do your work properly
and pragya smiles and abhi also hear and unkowingly a smile come on his face and he come in pragya see abhi and get up in shock
pragya: soory sir i didnt sit intenally soory please
and she fastly stand up and coming her leg get twist and abhi hold her and they share an eyelock and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays and after some time they compose thmselves and abhi is going to sit on chair someting stop him he look back and see prayga duppta is stuck in his braclete and he see pragya
pragya: soory sir

and pragya goes and started removing and duppta and abhi seeing her and bg music allah wariya plays pragya free her duppta abd abhi goes and shit on chair
abhi: so miss pragya i heard your song you sing well
pragya: thnk you sir
abhi: ok best of luck now go to your work and abhi start seeing file but pragya is standing their only abhi see her
abhi: any problem miss pragya
pragya : no sir
abhi: then get back to work
pragya: ok sir and goes from cabin
aftet pragya going abhi think why when she is with me i think pooja is with me abhi jerks his mind no way no one is like my pooja and opens the table drawer and take out a photo and thinks about his first meeting with pooja how they fight
abhi: why you left me pooja i am missing yoi so much
and hold the photo frame and closes eyes and tear come from his eyes and on the other side pragya come out and think how akadu not tell soory for his behaviour andi stupid tell him soory two three times dont know what happen to me today i will make him to tell me soory
scren splits on abhi closed eyes having photo frame and pragya angry face


Credit to: Queen

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