Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 6


Soory guys for late update and soory that today abhiya scence is not and thnks for comments
Todays episode start with bulbul come in her class room and see purab their and thinks so this handsom is in my class I am so lucky bulbul comes near his seat purab see her bulbul smile but he ignore it
Bulbul think attitude but its ok with me I like boys who have attitude
Bulbul sit with him
Bulbul: hi
No response
Bulbul: so did not forgave me for slap
Purab: no its ok
Bulbul: ok then lets be frnds I am bulbul

Purab: soory but I don’t make frnds
Bulbul : ok and thinks but I will defiantly make you my frnd see what I do
After some time professor come and start the lectur bulbul gets bored and start singing song
Purab: will you be quiet you are disturbing me
Bulbul: soory mr akadu but I am felling bored
Purab: how dare you to call me akadu
bulbul: bcz you didn’t tell your name tell your name I will call you by that
suddenly professor turn and see them talking
professor: you both stand up and thow choke on them
purab and bulbul stand up
professor: if you want to talk get out of my class
purab: soory sir it was she talking
professor: I don’t want to hear anything go out of the class you both
purab: but sir

professor: go I said
and they both go out of the class
bulbul: thnk god get free from that lecture hey lets go to cantten
purab give her a angry look
bulbul: I have one question why you are always in angry mode
purab start going from their
bulbul: hey akadu listen give the answer and go behind him
on the other side abhi is cheking file to get pragya number and got the file
abhi: bahi I got the file here its
raj: so call her and tell soory
abhi: me
raj: yeah you have done mistake so you have to tell soory
abhi: bahi please you call her na I will tell her soory later
raj: ok
on the other side pragya is sad thinking about job suddenly her phone ring no. is unkown
pragya: now who is this and take the call
pragya: hello
raj: is I am talking to pragya mehra
pragya: yeah but who are you

raj: I am talking from apr music company
pragya thinks about her figth with abhi and get angry
raj: miss pragya are you their
pragya angrly: why did you call now
raj: we are soory about are behavior you can join from tomarrow
pragya gets happy but don’t show it
pragya: so your boss don’t have time to tell soory
raj: no he will tell you soory personally
abhi hear this and see raj angrly but raj gesture hin to keep quiet
pragya: ok

and she cut the call and start dancing all people see her and then she goes in madir
pragya: thnks god for hearing my prayer thank you so much
and then she goes and take sweets and goes towards house in taxi

Credit to: queen

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  1. Wow! such a nice epi. I want to see next epi fast

  2. good yr 🙂

  3. NiCe YaAr… Bt WhErE iS PrEcAp??

  4. Very nice yaar… Add precap too na….:-(

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    So nice yaar…..Whr is PRECAP ?????Eagerly waiting for your next one……

  6. Nice episode…

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