Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 5

Guys I am felling that you are getting bored that’s why I get less response but thanks to guy who comments on my ff
Todays episode start with pragya drop bulbul to her cpllage
Pragya: best of luck bulbul
Bulbul : thnks di and you too best of luck I know my di will get job
And both hug each other and and pragya goes in taxi to audition in music company and bul bul enter the collage
When bulbul is going towards class some senior call her and she goes
Bulbul: yes
Senior: so you are fresher
Bulbul: yes
Senior: call yes sir understand

Bulbul: why I call you sir
Senior: attitude
Bulbul: it is in me from my birth
Senior: don’t you have fear of us
Bulbul: fear and me no way
Senior: so you can do anything
Bulbul: yeah
Senior: ok then there is a challage for you you have to slap the person who come first from gate
Bulbul: challenge accepted
And they wait for anyone to come and their come a person all see him
Senior: oh shit he is principal
Bulbul get tensed
Senior: so miss you will do or you are back offing
Bulbul with attitude: back off and me not at all bulbul prays god to save her and goes
Senior: she seems daring I think she should done it

Bulbul goes but suddenly principal goes back and a boy come he is looking dam handsom he is purab bulbul see him and think how handsom but I have to slap him and goes in front of him he was about to ask anything bulbul slap him hard on his face he get shocked by this and put his hand on cheeks and see her with anger bulbul senses this before he could tell anything
Bulbul: soory mr its just part of raging and point towards senior hope u understand
Purab goes from their in full anger
Bulbul: hey wait at least tell your name
But he doesnot listen and goes from their bulbul get sad and then she goes to senior
Bulbul: so next time don’t mess with me
And all senior get shocked and bulbul goes to class
On the other side pragya goes to music company and enter in it
Pragya goes to a man and ask him about the audition and the man take her their pragya see a girl singing and the man tell her to sit

After some time pragya goes in and raj see pragya and recognize her pragys sing the song janam janam
Raj get impressed by her voice and she completed her singing and goes after audition raj give list of selected members and his associate goes and announce the name first name is of roshni second is of sid and third is of twinkle fourth is of kunj and fifth is of pragya and rest of all go from their and the associate give the timing to come and infom about their salary and then goes they introduce each other and then goes
Pragya while going from their strike with abhi and both fall and pragya is on top of abhi she is about to but her chain get stuck she start freeing it and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya play and after chain get free they both stand up

Abhi(angry): what the hell are you doing here
Pragya: why should I tell you
Abhi: bcz I am the company owner
Pragya: I have selected here for singing
Abhi: who selected you i will see him and you don’t come here I am rejecting you
Pragya: so I have not intested in doing job here
And they both angrly leaves abhi goes to raj
Abhi: raj bhiya what is this why you selected that girl
Raj: who
Abhi: that pragya
Raj: she is very talented and it is benifical for our company
Abhi: she and talented no ways she has only attitude
Raj plays the music and abhi heared her voice and lost in her and think pooja has also such a sweet voice he thought like pooja is singing and when music stops abhi come in senses abhi fell guilty (its that abhi can angry on any one but he does not insult any one talent)
Abhi: but bahi I have scolded her and fired her

Raj: what
Abhi: so don’t we have her number
Raj: yeah
And call his assistant to take the file of the members who appeared in audition
On the other side pragya goes to mandir and sit on stairs and think what have you done pragya you left job in anger how important this job for you now what wii you say to ma and becomes sad
Screen split in abhi cheking file and pragya sad face

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  1. Divya Chandru

    Good move of the story , very nice

  2. loving itttt awesome yr

  3. Hey super… Queen…:-)

  4. It’s nice .. A vry diff plot ..

  5. In soap abhigya only nokjokh here abhigya only clashing very good move… enjoying but abhi means flirty, funny & cool not this much serious na.. I can understand right now situation but we want back cool & naughty abhi atleast try to make if could b..

  6. It’s not like that queen actually dnt feel bad for less comment yar… actually I want to say this to all writer’s who r right now writing on abhigya fiction… in previous month thr was very less seriously less than 3 r 4 only thr but getting good response but by this year more than 15 is on track now for al wat happened I dnt everyone started the ff by little similar to each other like someone started of college students abhigya, somebody of present track of kkb at a time al r started updating really it’s very hard to read us…which story we r reading & which story we r continue reading very whr we were confused so pls guys who r planning for new story pls wait for some time of atleast any one track will get to end… By this way u all writer’s also get a good response & encouraging..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice …..

  8. superb… I like it…

  9. Superb going… Awesome I love it… Go on with ur story

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