Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 41


Soory guys for short update but what to do I have my medical exam hope you all understand and read my ff

After two weeks now pragya is fine and dadi come to her house
Sarla: please come
Pragya come and greet her and she make her sit beside her
Dadi: sarla ji I want my pragya and abhi get married now I don’t want any delay
Sarla smiles: this is very good news I am ready
Dadi: so I will talk to panditji and we start the sadi rasham
Pragya get shy and run to her room while both ladies started talking
Pragya in her room seeing abhi photo lovingly and crying suddenly she fell a hand on her shoulder and tun and see abhi is standing their and smiling and pragya also smile
Abhi: why my princess having tear in her eyes

Pragya: abhi this are not tears this is the happiness you have given me flow from my eyes
Abhi hold pragya from waist and pushed her towards himself
Abhi: but this are pricecious for me you cant waste like this and remove her chasma
Pragya smile and he kisses her on eyes and pragya smile
Abhi: so that’s like my princess smile make my princess more beautifull
Pragya only seeing in his eyes with lot of love
Abhi: so may I and see towards her lips

Pragya closes her eyes signal him yes and abhi lean to kiss her he is about to kiss her her phone ring and she see here and their but abhi is no where and she smile and hit her head with her hand slightly and take phone and see abhi name and gets happy
Abhi: so my princess is thinking about me
Pragya excitedly: how do you know
Abhi: how can I don’t know I am connectet to you with my heart and my heart say my princess is missing me
Pragya: say to your heart that don’t think much ok I am not thinking about you smiles
Abhi: oh accha so if you are not thinking about me then I think rosy my pa is thinking that’s why ok then I will go to her
Pragya hurridly: no way I onl;y missing you don’t you dare to go to that chipkali don’t know why all the world girl behind my abhi
Abhi: oh my abhi jealousy
Pragya: yeah don’t to dare to think anyone other than me
Abhi: dontworry jaan your are officially becoming mine now
Pragya smiles
Abhi: I love you my cute chasmish

Pragya: I love u my sweet ladu
And both smile and abhi cut the call
Next day pandit come and give them maurat of sadi after three days
Sarla: how can we prepare this much in three days
Dadi: don’t woory we will arrange all fuction here only and abhi purab and all see the work
Sarla: yeah ma we all do every work
Rohit: yeah nani I will also help them
Sarla smiles and kisses on rohit cheek
Abhi is seeing pragya only and bulbul se this
Bulbul: aliya I think jiju want this marriage to happen fastly right jiju
Aliya: yeah I also think so what say bahi
Abhi unknowingly: yes offcourse
Pragya shy and abhi realize what he said
All smiles

Purab: oh no bahi you have to wait for three days
Bulbul: yeah purab how sad
And all smile and teasing them and pargya and abhi get shy
Abhi: I have some work I will go and fastly go from their
Pragya: come rohit we will go to your room
And hold rohit hand and go in his room
All smile seeing their actions

Credit to: queen

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