Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 40

Episode 40
Soooo sooory guys I know I am so late but what to do I am busy in my medical exam prepration hope you all understand and I think you don’t forget me and my ff
The episode start with abhi and rohit enter the room and see pragya lying with machins attach on her body both cry seeing their life special person like this rohit runs towards pragya and hold her hand and abhi also come and stand their and cry
Rohit hold pragya hand
Rohit: mom please open your eyes na see your rohit is calling you and cry mom from now I will be a good boy I will do what you say I will not do any masti but please you also don’t leave me I cant live without you mom
Abhi also cry seeing his life important person in this state
Rohit: and mom I will be a good boy and you will proud of your rohit but please open your eyes na mom please see your rohit want a hug from her mom please mom I will not do masti and I will do what you say but don’t leave me you promise me you will not leave me then why are you not opening your eyes mom
And turn towards abhi
Rohit: dad please tell na mom to open her eyes please dad
Abhi crying sit on knees
Abhi: beta your mom will keep her promise she will come for us
Rohit: sachi dad then tell god na not to take my mom I cant live without my mom
Abhi hugs rohit and both cry rohit one hand is holding pragya hand both are crying suddenly there is movement in pragya hand but it is unnoticed by abhi and rohit after sometime pragya open her eyes and see abhi and rohit hugging each other and crying
Pragya : ro…ro…ro..hit
They both hear the voice and and see towards pragya abhi shouts docter and rohit jumps in happiness and shout
Rohit : my mom came
Pragya smile slight seeing rohit and rohit kiss pragya cheeks and then abhi come with docter and abhi smile seeing pragya and they go out and docter examine pragya abhi and rohit come happily outside
All see them and come towards them
Sarla: how is my beti
Bulbul: hows di tell jiju
Aliya; yeah bahi tell
Abhi: she has gain consciousness
All get happy hearing this
Rohit: dadi my mom come to me I am so happy dadi and he happily hugs dadi
All get happy seeing him
And after examing pragya docter come
Docter: now she is fine this is miracle this is all your love that she come back after fighting with death
Abhi: no docter it’s a son love by which she come back to us she is binded with her son love
Docter smiles
Rohit: can I go to my mom
Docter; no beta she is now sleeping na you will meet her when she wake up
Rohit nodes happly as mother is fine now
And docter goes from their
Abhi: dadi you all go home and freshen up I am here for pragya
Dadi: but we will stay here na
Sarla: yes beta
Abhi: no I am here you all go
Purab: bahi you go see your clothes with blood stain you all go I am here with pragya di
After much insitance they go and purab is their for pragya
After two hours they freshnup[ and comes to hospital and goes to pragya room purab is sitting beside pragya abhi and rohit come and send purab and sit beside pragya after sometime pragya open her eyes and see abhi and rohit and smile but they turn their face
Pragya: what happen to you both
Abhi: tell rohit to your mom that we are not talking to her
Rohit: yeah we are angry with you
Pragya: why
Rohit: mom you are going to leave us
Abhi: yeah so we will not not to you
Pragya smile seeing their care
Pragya: oh god they both are angry and not talking to me then take me god
And both abhi and rohit put hand on her mouth
Abhi and rohit: no don’t tell like this
And tear come in their eyes pragya see this
Pragya: hey don’t cry I just joking to make you smile
Abbhi: don’t you dare to joke likes this
Rohit: yeah mom we cant live without you
Pragya: ok baba soory
And both abhi and rohit hug pragya and screnn stop on pragya sleeping and abhi and rohit hugging her and pragya smiling

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  1. hai,how r u queen ?

    i am waiting 4 u long time yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    we r not forgot u n miss ff lot yaaaaaa

    i miss that “i hate u n i love u”ff also

    as get time pls u’s ff pls

    takecare yaaaaa n thanks 4 coming back

  2. Rocking come back Di ‘!!Awesome. Update!

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  4. Hey tz s too much yaar u took not a long gap u took long long long long longggggggggg gap I really missed how badly missed u know ah I thk u too discontinued n went as it is I understand u were busy @ leas u wound have given somewat small small episode na @lst u would HV SD tat I’m busy so I vl upload after a long gap without any intimation u just went as it is…thz s not fair thn if u want us to take ur sorry thn u deserves a punishment tat u HV too update ur episode regularly tat too long long one… Thn today’s s really awesome emotional lovely too cute n amazing…

  5. sheerapthinisd

    I agree with durga ur ff is a very close one to our heart so no one will forget and it’s so so good good

  6. rocking yaar

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    Awesomeeeeeee yrrr nd ofcourse v didnt frgt it waitng fr te nxt epiiiii…………

  8. Awesome

  9. awesome too emotional..

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    Welcome back queen …..superb epi

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    Welcome back ma’am……how r u??its d senti wenty best scene of this ff

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  13. Superb yaar missed it a lott???

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