Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 4


Thnks for commenting and support and I want to ask a question what you all like in me ff and what you don’t please answer it
Todays episode start with everyone in mehera house tensed and dadi goes to room with mitali and pray to god for rohit safety and on the other side pragya come on gate of mehra house with rohit and they steeped in
Rohit: papa
And goes to him abhi turn and see rohit but did not see pragya and abhi hug rhoit
Abhi: are you ok where did you go papa is so tensed for you and abhi start crying
Rohit wipe abhi tear and tell : papa I cant do this again
Abhi: why did you go beta
Rohit: bcz papa you are not telling me where is mom please tell me na I want to meet her please dead
Abhi: beta try to understand I cant you to her

Rohit : why dad why
Abhi gets angry: bcz she is dead she leave us alone
Rohit: you are lying dad and goes and hug aliya and aliya
Rohit: no dad you are lying I hate you
Abhi shouts: stop it rohit
And rohit get fearedand aliya take him to room
Abhi is in tears and tear also come in pragya eyes and raj see her standing
Raj: thnks you so much miss
Pragya: my name is pragya and its ok and goes to abhi
Pragya: hey you how you are talking to your child firstly you are such a careless person that don’t know where is her son and now you are talking to him rudely how discusting
Abhi: look miss if you don’t know anything don’t talk I thnk that you have tajen home my son safely
Pragya: I don’t know about your pain but do you know the pain which he is facing without her mom and you are shouting at him
Abhi: stop your lecture and go from here

Pragya: try to face truth you are a care less father who don’t understand the felling of his son you don’t love him
And pragya goes from their and abhi angrly goes to his room
Abhi stand beside pooja pic and tell what she I don’t love him she don’t know I love him more tham my life after you he is only my life
Abhi imagen pooja and pooja telling him that rohit needs you this time to him and then she goes and abhi goes to aliya room and see rohit crying hugging aliya and telling dad is a liar my mom don’t left me like this and aliya also crying
Abhi enter in room and gesture aliya to leave and rohit turn his face and aliya go from their
Abhi sit on knees
Abhi: please beta forgave your dad I know I am so rude on you but I don’t want to loose you beta please talk to me please beta I cant live without you
Rohit turn and hug abhi and they both cry
Rohit: dad why mom left us why
Abhi: she is so good that god take her to himself and make her a star if she see us sad then she also get sad so we have to be strong for her
Rohit: yeah papa we cant make mom sad and don’t cry
And rohit wipe his tear then abhi and both hug each other and aliya goes and inform dadi and mitali about rohit they 3 comes in aliys room and see bothof them hugging
Dadi: rohit come beta

And rohit see dadi and goes and hug her and see her crying and rohit gesture dadi to sid and wipe her tear
Rohit : dadi don’t cry if mom see she will fell bad and dadi hug him
Dadi: then promise me you don’t left me again
Rohit: promise
Dadi: who bring my rohit I want to thank her

Rohit: pragya aunty dadi she is very sweet she take care of me like mom took care of me
And abhi think about pragya and think how she tell that he don’t love his son
abhi: don’t compare her to pooja no one like pooja
rohit: yeah dad I know but she is sweet
and abhi goes feom their dadi: I want to thank her where is
and raj comes their and tell all the incident how abhi and that girl fight
dadi: that’s not right abhi should not have to do this don’t know when we will meet again I want to thnk her

and raj also goes to office
On the other side pragya going home in auto and thinking why I fell bad when abhi scold rohit why I felling bad for her and fell rest less why and her home come and she goes
Sarla: what happen pragya why you are late
Pragya tell her the whole story but cant tell about her fight with abhi
Sarla: I am proud on you my chid and goes and hug her
They break hug
Pragya: is bulbul ready we have to go we are getting late and a voice come I am ready a girl is shown she is bulbul come and hug pragya
Sarla: you both do breakfast other wise you get late

Pragya : ok ma
And goes to temple with bulbul and pray that god I don’t know what connection I have with that child but god give him strength for bear such a pain and tear come in pragya eyes but she wipe it without noticing anyone
And they go to do breakfast and then left in auto to their destination


Credit to: queen

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  1. It’s very emotional..
    I liked in ur story is ur taking this is something realistic but wat is different means here is no any negative characters & all r so sweet.. the negative only the fate.. I really cnt believe that abhi is loving pooja this much means how could he equally love pragya in future.. rohit is so sweet but abhi shouldn’t does to him by in angry telling that she is dead not fair, al this time they doesn’t say anything coz of not to hurt him but this time by angry how could he speak like that.. About pragya in future episode will b more interesting about her..

  2. Ur ff s sooooo emotional I thk thr s no thg which I don’t like… All I like bt one thg I felt that the s less abhigya scens n thr conversation also s short

  3. ur ff was so realistic yr I am speechless after reading It 😀

  4. nice epi yaar….

  5. it make me full of emotion. its heart touch story

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