Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 39


The episode start with pragya detertimanation face
Pragya: I will go and save my son
Abhi: ok but I have a plan
And he discuss the plane and all agree
Next day pragya reached the place and abhi with police is at somewhat distance pragya is standing and thinks about the plane
Abhi: ok you go their but you should wear a traking device and microphone I with police is their with you but we hide ok
Pragya and all :ok
And abhi informs police
Now present pragya touch the microphone but suddenly a van come and put pragya inside and take her and abhi and police follwed her but it goes far and abhi got tensed
Abhi: inspector fast trace her they will do anything
Inscpector: sir we are tracing her it take time
Here the van drop pragya near a godown and left pragya goes inside and see rohit their tied and crying pragya goes and open him and he hugs her while
Rohit: mom please save me
Pragya: your mom is here na nothing will happen stop crying
And abhi hear the voice
Abhi: rohit pragya inspector please fast

Suddenly a voice come
Wow this much love and pragya and rohit turned towards the voice and pragya is shocked to see
Pragya: tanu you here
Tanu: yes baby I only kidnapped your so cold son
Abhi hear this and get shocked
Inspector: we trace them
Abhi: so please lets go fast
And they go towards their
Pragya: why are you doing this
Tanu: why bcz it want abhi his stardrom and everything did you get that for this I have done lot of things I become murder everyone knows that pooja died in accident but they don’t know that I did that accident so that she can go away from abhi life and my line get clear but you come and destroyed my plane but now I will not leave and today I kill you both
Rohit hide behind pragya
Abhi shocked hearing this and gets angry : tanu I will not leave you today inspector fast she can do anything please
Pragya goes and slap hard on tanu cheeks
Pragya: are you a human how can to do this only for money you snachted a love and life of abhi and for money you snatch a mother love from her child how can you do this don’t you fell bad by snatching a mother from a child
And again slaps her and she falls and take out gun
Tanu: enough yeah I am not a human I can do anything now I will kill you both first this rohit then you
Inspector and abhi reach outside the godown and hear this and shocked abhi rushed inside
Tanu shoot toards rohit but pragya come in front and bullet hits her stomach and she winch in pain and abhi hear the gun shout sound and shout pragya and runs towards the direction
Tanu: great and again shoot and it hits pragya chest rohit get shocked seeing this and abhi se this and shout pragya and pragya was about to fall he runs and hold her
Tanu see abhi and get shocked and about to shoot but inspector shoot her and arrest her
Abhi crying seeing this
Abhi: pragya

Pagya : its paning and cry and faints abhi shouts pragya name
Here rohit seeing pragya blood goes in deep shock and faints abhi see him and cry and see towards tanu
Abhi: if anything happen to them I will not leave you
And inspector take rohit and abhi take pragya in arms and and they take them to hospital rohit is admitted he is not coming in consciousness and here pragya is taken in ot all family member come their and see abhi sitting staing with blood and crying and seeing dadi abhi goes towards
Abhi: see dadi what happen now they come and tell that she is no more and I lost her dadi like I lost pooja I am a cruse dadi
Dadi: nothing will happen beta relax
Abhi: no dadi she will also left me dadi I cant leave with out her she also left me
Dadi: abhi come in senses
Abhi: I am a cruse dadi its all happen bcz of me
And all cry seeing his condition and bulbul is consoling sarla and abhi murmuring that she left me and dadi slap him
Dadi: nothing will happen to her
And abhi come in senses and hug dadi while crying
Abhi: dadi please tell her to come I cant livwe without her she is my life
Dadi : beta trust her nothing will happen to her
Here docter comes and abhi see him and go towards him
Abhi crying: hows is rohit now docter

Docter: his condition is critical he is in deep shock we have to take him out of this shock other wise he can slip in coma
Abhi and all other cry hearing this but abhi thinks something and goes towards rohit room and see him
Abhi open a voice recoder in which pragya voice is recored
Pragya: rohit get up see don’t you want a hug from your dost
Rohit: yes but I want to sleep
Pragya: see you are getting late for school
Rohit: no I don’t want to go school
Pragya : ok if you will not wake up then I will not talk to u and nor hug you
And hearing this there is a movement in his body and all happy seeing this
Pragya: so so you don’t want to talk to me na I am going and I will not come back
And hearing this rohit shouts and get and shouts: mom don’t go see I get up mom
Abhi hugs him and all get happy
Rohit: dad mom where is she while crying
Abhi; she is fine beta

Rohit: I want to meet my mom dad please dad
Abhi: not now beta we will meet her after wards
Rohit break the hug : no I will meet my mom now now and runs from their and abhi and all family member also goes while crying
Abhi holds rohit hand: beta you need rest
Rohit: no dad ineed my mom please dad I am requesting you let me meet my mom I will what you say
And fell on floor abhi crying make him stand and take towards ot and docter come out
Docter: we have taken out bullets but she is not responding towards medincines is she will not get consciousness in 2 hrs we cant say anything anything can happen to her
Sarla fell on chair and all cry hearing this abhi and rohit got a thunder stroke hearing this both rush inside the ot and see pragya wearing oxygen mask and rohit and abhi cry seeing her


Credit to: queen

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