Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 38


I think you are losing intrest so I will end this ff in 2 to 3 episode more
The episode start with next day all are preparing for engagement function and all are busy as well as happy at evening guest started coming and after some time abhi come with rohit both are wearing same colour sherwani its blue clours both are looking good and they come down and abhi take dadi blessing and all congars him for his engament after some time parya come with ranvi sarla and bulbul and as she enterd abhi get memerised seeing her and she comes and take blessing of dadi but abhi is seeing her only
Ranvi goes to him

Ranvi: abhi close your mouth other wise makhi ander cahli jayegi
Abhi closes his mouth and see towards ranvi
Abhi: oh ranvi you when you come
Ranvi: when you are staring your should be wife
Abhi smiles
Ranvi: today I am happy that my princess got a life patner like you make her happy always
Abhi: sure now she is my life
And both hug
As pragya is with dadi and all other rohit come and take her side
Rohit: mom today you are looking very beautifull like angel
Pragya smiles and pull his cheeks
Pragya: so today my little champ is looking dahing
Abhi comes their
Abhi: what about little champ dad
Pragya and rohit see each and tell at same time : not bad just ok

And give hi fi to each other and smiles
Abhi: oh all the girls are hear die for talking to me you are lucky that you are becoming my wife
Rohit: no dad you are lucky that in these you get a angel like my mom right mom
Pragya winks at abhi
Abhi: mom ka bacha I will not leave you today
But rohit runs from their
And abhi holds pragya hand take her to corner and hold from waist
Abhi: so my looking just ok
Pragya is breathing heavily
Pragya: vo I am just telling
Abhi: tell what are you telling
Pragya: vo
Abhi comes more near her

Pragya: dadi
Abhi leaves her and turn and see dadi is not standing
Abhi: that’s not fair
Pragya slightly push him
Pragya: everything is fair is love and war
Abhi: so this is love or war
Pragya smiles and turn: offcourse love my would be hubby and yeah today my hubby is looking like
Abhi: like
Pragya smiles: like a cuite pie and goes from their
Abhi: cuite pie seriously and smiles
After some time dadi calls them and both comes
Dadi: so lets start the engament
Bulbul bring the ring for abhi and aliya bring ring for pragya they both about to take the ring something strike in pragya mind
Pragya: where is rohit
Abhi: yeah where is he
All start to search him but not found
Pragya: where is he to her why I am felling that something is going to happen
At that time a message come in abhi phone and abhi take out the phone and see it’s a vedio message
Abhi is shocked seeing the message and all see him he sit their on sofa with a shocked face pragya and all goes
Pragya: what happen
Dadi: yeah beta kya hua abhi gives his phone to pragya and pragya open the vedio message

In mesaage it is shown rohit is tied on a chair her hands are toed and he is crying
Rohit: mom dad please take me from here please and vedio gets over
Its like a thunder stroke for pragya she fell on floor and tears are flowing from her eyes abhi see her like this and make her sit on sofa
Dadi and all family member are crying
Abhi: pragya talk something why are you slient I will not let anything happen to him
But pragya is not answering she is sitting like a statue abhi take her in his embrance and suddenly his phone ring abhi take phone and put on speaker
Unknown: I know you have see the vedio and get to knoe that your rohit is with me
Abhi: you why are you doing this
Dadi: es what we have done to you
Unknown smiles: nothing but
Abhi: but what you want money I will give you all my money just leave my son
Now pragya come in senses
Pragya crying: please give my son to me don’t harm him is a small kid please
Unknown: oh how much love for a boy who is not your son
Pragya gets angry hearing this
Pragya: how dare you he is my son and is my son only understand
Unknown: I get feared so rohit want to hear his voice
And that unknown give phone to rohit
Rohit crying: mom please save me please take me from here na please
Pragya: my little champ is so strong na don’t cry mom will take you from their
Pragya: what you want tell me I will give you everything
Unknown: I just want you come to xyz place tomarrow at 8:00 pm
And cuts the call

Pragya: hello
Abhi: I have to inform police
Pragya: no he or she can harm rohit please no
Dadi: but we cant let you go their
Sarla: yes beta its dangerous
Pragya: no ma I will go their I will save my son
Abhi: no way pragya you will not go its final decision
Sarla: yes beta try to understand
Pragya: ma if I am in danger then also you will say like this no na then why today I will go and all swer on me nobody will stop me
Screen freez on all crying face and prgya crying and determined face


Credit to: queen

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