Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 37


Soory guys for small update but I am busy with my collage project work so I write small but I promise toady I will upload next part also hope you enjoy this I am not expert in emonital talking but I tried hope you like it if you like it please comment
The episode start with all going happily at home there is happiness everywhere pragya sarla and bulbul come home pragya face is shining showing her happiness and sarla smile seeing this
Sarla: I am so happy for you pragya you got a best patner in form of abhi
Pragya smiles and shy
Bulbul: oh someone is shying oh
Pragya: bulbul stup up
Bulbul: yeah now my di only want to hear my jiju voice right di
Pragya: di ki bachi ruk and they pragya start chasing her
Sarla smiles: god please save my children from evil eyes
Here in abhi house all are happy raj hugs abhi
Dadi: today I am so happy I got my abhi bach thanks to god
Rohit: yeah dad I love you so much and hug him and abhi smiles and take him in arms and they go to their room
And all of them go to their room
Dadi: please god save my child happiness from every evil eyes
Here a girl is shown talking on phone
Girl: are you sure about this news
Person: 100 percent sure mam tomarrow is their enagment
Girl: what so I have to do something
And girl cut the call and turn her face is shown she is tanu
Tanu angrly: firstly that pooja now this pragya I have do something so that this marriage doesn’t happen and get a idea

Here in evening at abhi house
Rohit and abhi are standing in balcony
Rohit: see dad mom is looking so happy today see how she is brightly shining
Abhi smiles: yes my little champ
Rohit: mom you know I got a mom who cares for me like u thank u mom for sending her love you bye mom in morning I have to wake early na so bye
And abhi smiles on his talk and rohit give gn kiss to abhi and goes and sleep and here abhi is standing in balcony and felling the cold breez by closing his eyes and with a smile and relif of his face but open his eyes by a voice
I am so happy today abhi
Abhi : pooja
Pooja: yes me I am happy that you have decided to move on life I am so happy for you my rohit get a caring mother and you get a pure hearted girl which I want to happen now I don’t have anytesion of u both I know she will give you both so much love that you forget me
Abhi: I will never forget you pooja
Pooja: I know but I am happy that you free me from your love bond now I have to go bye so give me my abhis smile
And abhi smiles and waves bye and she also waves bye and disappear
Abhi: I will miss u pooja and again close eyes and see pragya smiling face and smiles and murmurs I love u my chasmish and smiles and then go in sleeps
Here pragya is also standing in the balcony and see bulbul sleeping and then see moon and smiles
Pragya: god today u give me everthing which I want today u give me all happiness the one whome I want to care for me the one whome I want to love me the who stand for me in every situation the one who wipe my tears the one who protect me from every evil eyes that person you gave me you have given me my life to me me if abhi is in my heart then my cute little chap is my heart beat thank you for giving me a complete family now give strength that I give my little champ that much love that he not misses his mom and abhi that much love that he never forget to smile and I fill their life with so much love and happiness thank u god and smiles and goes in and sleep


Credit to: queen

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  5. What is the purpose of Tanu? She is the other woman no matter how she sees it. She is the mistress and she will never be the wife. Can Pragya get back her backbone. Did she lose it around the wedding fire? I should hope not. Tanu needs to get what is coming to her. Pragya needs to slap her up and let her know what her position in this relationship is….that is the other woman who is encroaching on her property (Abhi). Abhi doth protest too much if you ask me. He likes being married to Pragya but still stringing this thing (Tanu) along. Time to cut her lose

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