Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 35


Guys please I want to know your thoughts about my story wheather you are liking it or not

The episode start with dadi and rohit come to hall
Rohit: dadi are u sure about this
Dadi: yes my little champ
Rohit: I am so happy today dadi love you
Dadi calls robin
Dadi: robin call abhi
Robin: but mam sir has gone to office early today
Dadi: ok you go and dadi calls abhi
Dadi: abhi come to pragya house directly ok
Abhi: but dadi I have work here
Dadi: no if but I said come means come and cut the call
Abhi thinks: oh god what should I do I way I want to keep distance from her but you are keeping her near me
Ghere scene shift to pragya house pragya get up with heavey head and see her in house and sarla is sitting near her and she hold is head
Sarla: drink this lemon juice you fell better
And pragya drink it
Pragya: what happen to me
Bulbul: di you drink and get faint abhi bring you here
Pragya remember everything and a smile come on face which is noticed by bulbul
Sarla: you get freshen up I will make soup for you
Pragya noded

Sarla goes and bulbul sit near pragya
Bulbul: di smile what happen tommarow tell me
Pragya blush: nothing let me get ready and goes in wash room
Pragya thinks: now how will I face him but that moment was the best moment in my life don’t know what happen next but I will leave all things on god
Here dadi and rohit come to pragya house and sarla greet them and they sit
Dadi: where is pragya
Sarla: she is getting ready
Bulbul comes their
Bulbul: namesty dadi and wats up champ
Rohit: fine bulbul di
That time abhi also come their and sit
Abhi: dadi why you called me here
Dadi: I tell tell you let pragya come here

And after some time pragya come and shocked to see abhi and abhi also see her both bend their head in shyness they cant see each other
Abhi thinks this girl is driving me crazy everyday dont know why I cant control myselfbut I have to
Pragya thinks oh god he is hear how I face him what he is thinking about me now
Their thought was inrupted by dadi
Dadi: sarla ji I want to tell you something important the way pragya love rohit a mother can do this only and I cant find a mother like pragya for my rohit and a wife for abhi so I want pragya hand for my abhi if you agree
Sarla and bulbul gets happy and abhi and pragya gets shocked pragya gets shock by this sudden happiness
Abhi thinks what should I do now I cant let this happen
Abhi: one sec dadi but I am not ready for this
Pragya shockgly see him

Abhi: yeah dadi please don’t force me I cant do this marriage I think her only as my frnd
Rohit: but dad
Abhi: rohit don’t talk in btw elders I am talking na so keep quit
Dadi: but abhi the way you care for her showing your love
Abhi: no dadi I care as she care for rohit so much that’s it nothing else and goes from their
Pragya get break by this tear start coming from her eyes and she goes in room and lock her slef
Dadi: sarla ji I am soory
And rohit cryingly goes from their bulbul goes behind pragya
Bulbul: di open the door
Sarla: beta please open the door
Pragya: ma please let me alone for some time please ma
And sarla and bulbul goes from their as they understand her pain

Scene shift to abhi in his car at place crying in his car and here pragya crying in her room bg music plays
Main toh.. jiya.. na mara..
Hai ve das main ki kara
Dil jude bina hi tut gaye
Hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rod akhiyan
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj
Kudrat ne..
Kataan main ki ve din
Teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara
Both rememeber their first meet and their fight and their argument
Chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai..
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage
Chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re…
Suna.. lage.. re..
How they become frnds and their bond btw rohit and them
Roothi rothi.. sari raatein
Fikhe fikhe.. sare din..
Virani si virani hai
Tanhai si tanhai hai
Aur ek hum hai..
Pyaar ke bin
Har palchin
Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re..
Patharo ki.. is nagari mein
Pathar chehre.. pathar dil..
Phirta hai mara mara kyun rahon mein tu awara
Yahan na hoga..
Kuch hasil..
They rember how abhi save pragya and console her and their moments
Mere dil chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai.. (kyun hota hai)
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai (dil rota hai)
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage
Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage re…
Suna.. lage.. re…
And pragya remember how abhi always care for her
Pragya: why are you crying pragya you know that he cant love you the3n why this is effecting you so much you know this will happen then why he only cares for you as a frnd nothing else this is you who have seen lot of dreans that’s why it is said we should not see unexceoted dreams when it breaks it give a lot of pain
Here abhi in car : I know I become the reason of your tears but I cant let you come near me neaver if I want to become bad I will bcz I love you dammit and cry

Don’t fell bad guys there is a surprise for you all and you will be happy and surprise after two episodes hope you like it

Credit to: queen

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