Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 34


Thnks for liking my story and soory for a small upadte
The episode start with pragya faint in abhi arm and abhi see her and then take her in arms and go towards his car and make her sit in car and himself go towards driving seat
Here in party tanu is wating for abhi
Tanu: don’t know where this abhi has gone now
But she see someone and a smile come on her face
Tanu: leave abhi go to this director you can got a new project
Here abhi sit in car he get a call from ranvi
Ranvi: abhi where are you is pragya is with u
Abhi: yeah she is with me she has drink by mistake and get faint so I am taking her home
Ranvi: is she alright na
Abhi: yeah
Ranvi: ok then go carefully
And cuts the call abhi see pragya and closes his eyes and exale his breath and start the car and reach to pragya house and take pragya in arms and ring the house bell sarla open the door and seeing pragya faint shocked
Sarla: what happen to my pragya
Abhi: I will tell aunty let me lay her on her bed
And sarla shows the room and both bulbul and sarla get tensed seeing pragya like this abhi make her lay on bed
Bulbul: di what happen to u
Sarla cares her face
Abhi: nothing she drink by mistake so she get faint she will become normal tomarrow
Sarla: thank u beta
Abhi: she is my frns to aunty and bulbul change her dress she get wet due to rain other wise she caught fever
Bulbul smiles on abhi care for pragya and nodes abhi goes from their
Abhi comes to his house and directly goes to his room and closes it and lay on bed when he closes eyes the scene when he kiss pragya came in mind
Abhi open his eyes and sit on bed and hold his head
Abhi: what you did abhi you did wrong she is your frnd how can you kiss her she is not in senses but you are in senses right so how can you do this and he gets angry and start throwing things angrly

Abhi: you betrayed pooja how can you do this how will u face her now
Suddenly pooja appered and abhi see her
Abhi: pooja go I am not your abhi now I betrayed your love I have done a great sin I cant show you my face and turn
Pooja goes near him and put her hand on his shoulder
Pooja: don’t get sad abhi you doesn’t did any sin I am happy that you have moved on in your life I am so happy that you love a girl who love my son as her son such a pure hearted girl don’t leave her abhi I am happy for you
Abhi: no pooja how can I can her I love you na
Pooja: I am your past abhi see when we go on a path if its end what we do
Abhi: we take a u turn
Pooja: so when you will take u turn in your life move on abhi she loves u and I know u also love her and rohit will not get better mother like her
Abhi: but
Pooja: ok abhi close your eyes and see whome u see me or pragya
Abhi closes hir eyes and he saw smiling face of pragya pragya caring for rohit and smile come on his face
Abhi: yeah pooja you are right I love her
And open his eyes and see pooja no where and a smile come on his face
Abhi: oh god I love my chasmish I will tell her tomarrow only and the smile which is lost again come on his face
But a thought faded his smile
Abhi inner voice: how selfish abhi you know the one you love get away from you then how can you risk her life
Abhi: no way I cant let her anything happen she is my love
Abhi inner voice: then leave her if you come near her her life is in danger
Abhi worriedly: no I cant let this happen
Abhi inner voice: so due you have guts to leave her
Abhi: I can do anything for her safety I make her that she hates me
And cry I don’t let anything happen to her and think something

Precap: abhi decision shocked everyone

Credit to: queen

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