Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 33


Soory guys for late update now days I am little bit busy with my studies so when I will get time I will write my ff
The episode start with as usual pragya goes to office and at evening she is about to go abhi comes to her
Abhi: so pragya today you will go to ranvi party so lets go together
Pragya gets happy liseting this but her smile faded
Pragya: soory but ranvi come to pick me
Abhi sadly: ok
And pragya goes from their

Ineer voice: so mr. abhi why are you sad bcz she is going with ranvi
Abhi: no way I am not sad I just ask her as a frnd
Inner voice: frnd or something else
Abhi : what are you thinking just go
And abhi go from their and reach home and after getting ready goes to ranvi party as he enter his eyes are only searching pragya but he not find and become sad
Abhi: looking like she not come yet

But abhi see tanu coming towards him
Abhi: oh god from where he come now I have to tolerate her
Tanu: hi abhi hows you
Abhi: fine
Suddenly a car come and stops and car door opens and ranvi come out and goess to another door and open it a hand come and hold ranvi hand and pragya come out of car she is wearing a red gown with her hair open abhi get lost seeing her and after greeting guest ranvi and pragya come towards abhi and pragya pragya see tanu with abhi
Pragya think: oh god this boothani come where ever where my abhi comes don’t know when she will leave my abhi
Here abhi also see pragya hand in ranvi hand

Abhi thinks: they can walk normally what is the use of holding hand of each other
They come and all greet each other and after some time talking ranvi goes from their to other guest now there is only abhi pragya and tanu
Tanu: abhi you didn’t compliment me hows I am looking
Abhi: bandariya(in mind) gives a smile and said beautiful as usual
Tanu : thank u I know
Pragya gets jelous hearing this
Pragya thinks : he didn’t compliment me and compliment this boothani how mean
Some one call tanu
Tanu: come abhi I will meet you my frnds

Abhi is about to say something she forcefully take him leaving pragya alone and pragya get sad and seeing abhi with tanu gets angry and from side a waiter is going she stop him and take a drink and drink it but its bitter so she cough and then she see abhi they are still talking and she gets motre angry and drink 3 to 4 glass as its was her first time so it effect her so much now she is not in senses so she go outside and abhi see her going outside
Abhi: now where she is going I have to check her
And make some excuse and go behind pragya as he come out but doesn’t see pragya anywhere and shout her name
Abhi: pragya pragya where are you
A voice came
I am here
Abhi goes towards the direction and see pragya sitting in front of car on floor and she see abhi
Pragya : so you come
Abhi sit and a smell come
Abhi: you have drunked pragya but why
Pragya: hum aapni marji se nahi petey vo to gum ne hame pila di and laughs
Abhi: come pragya you are not in senses lets go from here
Pragya: hume ab jine ka sokah nahi and stand up with much difficulty arey baghwan mujhe utha lo I don’t want to live now and laughs
Abhi holds from shoulder : come lets go

Pragya jerked her
Pragya: no no why you come here go to that boothni na you are enjoying with her na go go and pushes him
Abhi: boothni but who
Pragya: that super model tanu and make angry face
Abhi: tanu and boothni
Pragya stops him by showing her hand: look I wear chasma so I am chasmish right
Abhi noded
Pragya: you are sweet like ladu my cute sweet ladu and pulls his cheek so I called you ladu
Abhi noded

Pragya: so that tanu come always btw us so she is like boothni so we should call her boothni na its logic you don’t understand it you should have brain to understand this and laughs and runs from their abhi goes behing her she goes in near by garden and see her sitting on bech folding both her legs up and putting her head on legs abhi comes near her and put his hand on her shoulder
Abhi: pragya come I will not go to that boothani ok now come
Suddenly pragya started crying abhi panic seeing her crying

Abhi: now what happen
Pragya: you didn’t compliment me hoes I am looking I will not talk to you you are so bad
Abhi: ok baba soory you know today you are looking like angel
Pragya smiles and stand on bech and jump: really sachi and pulls abhi cheek my sweet ladu aww
Abhi smile seeing her childness
And suddenly its start raning and pragya start enjoying rain and he admire her but suddenly pragya come near her
Pragya: did you effect by my presence near you she has lot of love in her eyes and abhi lost in it
Abhi: no
Pragya comes more near: now
Abhi lost in her eyes: no
Pragya comes more near now space btw them is very less : now

Abhi: no
Pragya comes more near now there is no space btw them: now
Abhi: no
Then pragya put her feet on abhi feet and put both her hand on his shoulder : now
Abhi noded no

Pragya stand on her toes and now their face are near each other : now
Abhi nodes no
And both of their face are coming close and abhi cups pragya face and pragya closes her eyes and their lips meet each other all surrouending is showering love on them and raing is also showering love to make their love more and more and after five min due to lack of oxegen both left each other and pragya is on abhi arm and half conscious

Pragya: i…i…I l…o..v..e y..o..u my l…a..d…u
And faints in abh arm and screen stops on abhi holding pragya in arms


Credit to: queen

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