Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 32

I think you are getting bore of my ff that’s why get less comments tell my if I continue it or not
The episode start with sarla seeing pragya father pic and scene shift to mehra house
Dadi: but beta we have to do something that your dad and dost come near each other and after that we will tell them about our plan ok
Rohit : yeah dadi we have to think a plan but what and both thinking about the plan

At evening abhi in office today he is felling restless so he closes his eyes and see pragya caring of rohit and pragya thoughts are coming in his mind so he open the eyes
Abhi: whats happening to you abhi how can you think about pragya how can you betray pooja and again closes eyes but pragya face come in front of him
So he open the eyes and take car keys go towards beach here pragya is also felling restless so she also go to beach and their she found those children playing and that children swa her and insist her to play so she start playing with them and after sometime abhi also come their and see the girl playing with some children and remember that girl which he saw that day
Abhi: today I will meet her
And goes towards them that girl face is covered with hairs due to wind so abhi cant see her face that girl put all her hairs back and abhi see face and a smile come on his face

Abhi: so pragya is that girl
Pragya see abhi and smiling come near abhi
Pragya: come lets play
Abhi: no please
Pragya understand and said ok
Pragya: come lets sit their
Abhi: ok
Pragya bids bye to childrens and they sit on sand
Abhi: you know pragya when I fell restless I come here only I get some bit peace here
Pragya: mee too and smiles
Abhi: don’t know today I am felling so restless I am missing pooja so much
Pragya: I lnow how it feels when someone near to heart go away from us I so hurting a tear come in her eyes
Abhi see this and turn to her and cup her face and wipe her tear
Abhi: what happen pragya tell me you fell better
Pragya break by this
Pragya: you know abhi when I am in collage I love suresh named boy I thought him my true love but he betrayed me and left me on my marriage day alone that day shatter is I am that much bad that he left me like this
Abhi: cups her face
Abhi: you know pragya its his bad luck that he doesn’t get a loving pure hearted girl like u you know you are best girl in this world and the boy whome you marry is worlds luckiest boy u know and no one can say no to you bcz you are so cute
Pragya put her head on abhi shoulder
Pragya: really I will get the one which I want and he will not say no to me
Abhi: offcours my cute chasmish and put her hand on shoulder
And pragya smile hearing my chasmish name from his moth and both sit their for long time in that position and then they stand up to go
Abhi: come I will drop you
Pragya: please I want to meet rohit
Abhi: ok

And both drove towards mehra house as they enter they see a boy is sitting tanu rohit and dadi are also sitting with him as the boy turn pragya smiles and shout
Pragya: ranveer you
Ranveer also smiles and pragya is holding abhi hand so he leave abhi hand and goes and hug him
Abhi is shocked by this and goes and stand near rohit and dadi
Ranverr: pragya you here how long
Pragya slightly hits him
Pragya: you came to Mumbai and doesn’t come to meet me
Abhi is not liking their closeness and slightly murmurs
Abhi: how can she hug someone like this huh
Rohit and dadi hear this and smile
Ranver: soory my princess
Abhi think how can he tell her my princess if he is not my frnd then I will surely kill him
Abhi: we are also here ranver
And ranver turn to him and hug him
Abhi: hey how do you know each other
Pragya: we are collage frnds not frnds best frns right ranvi
Ranver: offcourse my princess

And pragya holds his hand here abhi is fuming in anger but don’t know the reason and dadi and rohit smile seeing abhi and tanu comes to abhi and holds his hand and pragya fell bad seeing this and think this bhoonati cant leave a chance to go near my abhi I will teach her a leasson
Robin comes their with juice and pragya is atanding with ravi near abhi and tanu so when robbing come to give juice to tanu pragya make robin fall and the juice fall on tanu dress and this is noticed by dadi and rohit
Tanu: what is this
Robin: soory mam
Abhi: its ok tanu go to wash room and clean it robin take her to washroom
And she goes from their and pragya smiles and pragya sit on sofe as ranvi is going but abhi goes and sit near pragya and ranvi sit near by sofa
Dadi: see they both are jealous seeing each other with someone
Rohit: right dadi see how dost react and how dad react I fell like smiling
Tabu comes their after cleaning and sit next to ranvi
Ranvi: I came here to invite to my party ok and abhi pragya and tanu you have to come ok and my little champ you also
Pragya: yeah we will defiantly come right rohit
Rohit thinks and say yes sure we will come
And they talk for sometimes and started going
Ravi: come pragya I will drop you
Pragya is about to say something
Abhi: no you go I will drop her
Ranvi: no abhi I am only going their I have to meet aunty and bulbul also so
Rohit understand
Rohit: I dad let them go
Abhi sadly say: ok but take care and don’t drive fast ok and call me after reaching ok
Pragya rohit and tanu left and abhi goes to room
Rohit: see dadi how dad become sad
And both give hifi to each other
Here abhi is wating for pragya call and pragya call come he immedatly takes it
Abhi: hey are you reach home safely na hey talk what happen why are you not talking
Pragha: If you will give me chance then I will talk na
Abhi: ok soory
Pragya: I reach home safely
Abhi: ok
Pragya : ok ravi is calling me gn

Abhi sadly gn
And cuts the call and lay on bed and closes his eyes and here pragya is happy seeing abhi concerns foer her

Credit to: queen


  1. ash(akshaya kannan)

    It’s awesome yaar
    Please continue soon
    It’s not boring at all
    Now a days many of them are not visiting this updates regularly so only you are receiving less comments.
    Now only story is gearing up interest

  2. sweetylekha

    r u mad y we felt bore im mad on u r ff daily im waiting for u r ff but u r nit uploading daily pls uplaod daily yar we r missing u a lot plss upload nxt one fastt

  3. durga

    Ohhhhhh sooooo sweet n cute episode yaar… Really nice thn plzzzzzz update regularly yaar thn don’t thk Ur ff boring it’s interesting only plzzzz don’t stop continue with Ur story

  4. Maya

    Its not at all boring! But pls try to update on a daily basis. Its a kind request, i really like ur ff a lot but pls update regularly! ?

  5. Nivethitha

    Hey not like that yaar actually it was amazing yaar pls continue I was waiting for ur episode plssssssssss continue eagerly waiting for next episode and upload ur another ff also dr(I hate you to love you)

  6. syya

    hey it’s not boring.i love your ff and i was waiting for ur update.just awesome.i hope they realise soon their love

  7. sana

    Wow..really superb yaar…I am waiting from long back for ur episode…pls update daily….

  8. madhu

    I love ur ff queen pls don’t stop ….pls pls…..i am a silent reader . I do not comment often ……bt i love ur ff

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