Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 3


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Next morning aliya take rohit to school and act normal in front of her and after they left tanu come in the house and goes to dadi and hug her and start crying then she goes to abhi room and knock the door but abhi doesnot open the door and after some time she goes and come in her car and think abhi now there is no one btw us now I will make you mine and goes
Dadi goes to raj
Dadi: raj beta abhi did not opening the door he has not eaten anything from tomarrow
Raj: yeah dadi
Dadi: don’t know whose blck eyes are put on my house
Raj: dadi you go and make him understand na
Dadi goes to abhi room and knock

Dadi: please abhi beta come out you have to be strong beta think about your child he has lost his mother now you have to be his father or mother if you will behave like this then what is happened to rohit please for the sake of your dadi and son open the door
Abhi open the door and goes and hug dadi and say dadi why this happened with me why and cry her heart out and after sometime he get up

Abhi: yeah dadi you are telling right I have to be strong for my son
After 2 weeks abhi has hidden his pain bcz of his son and started caring of rohit both as mother and father but his smile is faded from his face and rohit did not know about his mother is dead and if he ask anybody they tell him that she is at nani home and when he ask to call her they give some reson and on other side tanu is trying best to take pooja place but get unsuccessful
One day rohit decide to go his nani house without informing anyone as they don’t give him permission and he take some things and go early in the morning
And dadi is tadind in her room near pooja pic

Dadi : god please send some one which bring back my abhi smile which take care of my rohit as her son please god
Now scene shift to a small house and a girl is shown she is praying to god first her smile is shown then her eyes and some one call her and she tell yeah ma and goes to a lady the lady face reveled she is sarla and then the girl face reveled she is pragya
Sarla: pragya go to market and buy some groceries ok

Pragya: ok ma
Sarla: is bulbul awake or not today his collage first day
Pragya: not yet ma but I will make her awake
Sarla: no you go to buy groceries then you have to go for singing audition na I will make her awake you go
Pragya: ok ma
And she goes to market and here rohit got confuse where to go and come in the same market where pragya came and he is asking everyone to take to his mom and everyone is neglecting her and then he goes to pragya

Rohit: aunty can you drop me to my nani house I want to meet my mom
Pragya see the boy
Pragya: bets tell me where are your parents who is with you
Rohit: no one I came myself
Pragya: beta where is your house tell me I drop you
Rohit: no I want to meet mom
Pragya: ok beta we go but first tell me your father name
Rohit: abhishek mehra

Pragya think so he is son of that rockstar how careless he is
Pragya: ok beta I will take you to your mom house
Rohit: thnk u aunty you are the best
Pragya: you want icecream
Rohit: yeah

And pragya give him icecream and think why I am attracted towards this boy what relation I have with her and see him eating and smiles
On the other side in mehra house abhi wake up and doesnot see rohit beside his side and start searching him and when he not found in room he tell to every family member and they all start searching him but not found abhi calls police commisner and tell him about rohit missing and tell him to find her commisner alerted all the police sation
On the other side when rohit finishes ice cream he goes and hug pragya

Rohit: I love you aunty you are taking me to my mom
Pragya: kissed on his cheeks and tell I love you too you are such a sweet child
Rohit: oh shit aunty I forget ask your name

Pragya smile: my name is pragya and your
Rohit: my name is rohit mehra
Pragya smile by the way he is introducing and tell him lets go
And they both take auto and go to mehra house
Screen split on tensed face of mehra family and pragya coming to mehra house
What will happen when destiny make pragya and abhi meet????

Credit to: queen

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