Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 29


Episode 28

So soory guys I am busy in my cousin wedding I am out of town so I cant update my ff hope u all understand my problem hope you pardone me and don’t cruse me for late writing ff so here we go
Abhi comes to pragya house and start ringing the bell of house pragya come out of her room and sarla also come
Sarla: who is their this much early
Pragya: ma wait I will see
And pragya open the door and see abhi and shocked
Pragya: abhi u this time everything is ok na
Sarla comes near them
Sarla: beta u here this much early
Abhi: pragya vo rohit
Pragya gets worried : what happen to rohit
Abhi tells her the whole incident and tell her that he is taking her name only I came here to take u
Pragya worriedly: ok come lets go
And started going but sarla stops her
Sarla: beta come and change first
Pragya huriddely goes in and change the dress and comes and go with abhi and abhi start the car and drove off
Pragya: how is he now did fever is more don’t know how he is now you please drive fast na please
Abhi and pragya reach the house and pragya open the car gate and runs towards house and comes in ask robin about rohit and goes towards rohit room and here abhi is shocked seeing pragya worridness for rohit he also goes in

Pragya goes in room and see rohit lying on bed and in semi conscious telling her name and docter is checking him and whole family is present don’t know but by seeing him like this she has tear in her eyes she goes and sits beside him and hold his hand
Pragya: champ open your eyes see your dost has come please open your eyes
Rohit murmurs: dost please don’t go
Pragya: see I am not going anywhere
Abhi comes in room and stand near bed
Docter: see he is having high fever so this medincine you have to give him in interval of 4 hrs and make him eat mainly soup and at evening I will come and check him and yeah now I will give him injection ok
Pragya: docter injection I will give him pain give him any medicine please
All gets happy seeing pragya concern towards rohit and abhi goes near her
Abhi: pragya let him do his work ok
Pragya: but it will give him pain
Abhi: ok do u want to see rohit well na then allow him to give injection
Pragya: ok
And holds abhi hand also as docter is about to give injection pragya closes her eyes and abhi look at her and its looking like she is taking injection
Docter: ok its done
Pragya open her eyes and see towards rohit who is sleeping now and put her hand on his head and cares it
Raj takes docter out and abhi sit near rohit
Dadi: thank u beta for coming
Pragya: dadi that’s not fair you are calling me beta and then thanking me rhoit is my responsibility also he is my best frnd
Dadi: ok baba soory
Pragya: dadi
Dadi smiles

Pragya: you all take rest I will here I will take care of him
Mitali: we know pragya u will take care of him like a mother
And they go from the room and abhi and pragya are alone in room
Abhi: he will be fine pragya don’t get worried
Pragya: how he will fine see how much he is having fever see
Abhi : first relax docter said na he will fine my this medicines and you are with him then he will defiantly become fine
Pragya think something
Pragya: abhi u take me to kitchen
Abhi: kitchen but why
Pragya: please na

And abhi take her to kitchen she take a boul and put some cold water and comes to room and sit beside rohit and put a cloth in water and scuze it and put it on rohit heard and did it many times and then tell abhi to do it and abhi start doing that and she strat rubbing his hand and then she see the time and stand up that time slightly some drop of water fall on rohit face and he gets disturbed in sleep and pragya see this and make him again sleep
Pragya: abhi what are you doing be carefull your are disturbing him
Abhi: ok baba sooory
Pragya: its ok I am going to making soup u concentrate okay he will not get disturbed ok
Abhi: ok apka humkum sarakho per
And pragya goes and take soup and make rohit drink it and give medincine to rohit and chech his temperature there is slight downfall in tempratue and whole day she take care of him and at evening docter come rohit is sleeping that time
Docter check him
Dadi: how is he now
Docter: now he is fine and after 3 to 4 days he will will be perfectly alright
And docter goes and rohit get up and see pragya and hugs her
Rohit: dost
Pragya: what champ tumne toh hame dara hi diya tha
Rohit: dost I see a dream I which I see you are going away from me u promise me u will never left me
Pragya: promise my champ
Rohit gets happy
Abhi: your dad is also here my champ
And rohit hugs him
Dadi: my rohit hows u now
Rohit: now I am fine dadi I have my dost and dad with me
Dadi: ok beta you all sit I will go and send your dinner here only ok
And dadi goes
Pragya: now u take rest and lay him on bed and close his eyes
And pragya phone ring

Pragya: mom is calling
Abhi: ok you go and take I will be here
And pragya goes in balcony and start talking to her mom here after sometime rohit get up and doesn’t find pragya and get panic
Rohit: dad where is dost she go na
Abhi: no beta he is here only
Rohit: no dad you are lying she is gone
Abhi: look I will call her
And abhi calls pragya nd pragya hear it and cuts the call and comes in room
Abhi: see champ she is here only
Rohit see her and runs and hug her
Rohit: where u go u know I was scared
Pragya: you are brave na and brave child don’t scared and you know na your dost don’t break promise
Rohit noded
Pragya: ok now come
And she make him sit on bed and robin come in room with three plates and gives them dinner abhi and pragya both feed rohit and rohit also feed abhi and pragya and they did their dinner
And after sometime pragya give medicine to rohit
Rohit: I will not take it its taste is bitter
Abhi smiles: you have to take it and smiles
Rohit: see dost dad is smiling on me
Pragya: don’t see him you know na he is
Rohit: yeah

Abhi: what are you trying to say me just tell me
Pragya: that you are little bit you can understand na
Abhi: so you are trying to say pagal
Pragya; wow rohit your dad is so smart he understand clearly
Rohit: yeah ofcourse he is my dad
Abhi: you both are prasing me or making fun of me
Rohit: what you think dad is right
Abhi: so u both are making fun of me I will not talk to you both
Pragya smiles: see champ I think we call your dad tubelight now just cancel the name ladu what say
Rohit: yeah dost nice name
Abhi turns towards them
Abhi: I am tubelight then you are miss chasmish huh
Pragya: that’s not bad name nice what say champ
Rohit: yeah its awesome
Abhi: but you should get angry na
Both smile seeing abhi face and give hi fi to each other
Pragya: you are looking like a small child and smiles
Abhi: I will not talk to u both and its final and turns his face
Pragya: oh no champ this child get angry
Rohit: yeah we have to do something
Both holds their ears
Pragya and rohit: soory

Abhi see them and smiles
Abhi: ok soory taken
And they all 3 smiles on their talk and pragya gives medicine to rohit and make him sleep on her lap and sings lubly and he get sleep here abhi also get sleep and pragya see him lovely
Pragya: don’t know when I fell in love with u but now I love u and I can do anything for u both and smiles and stares abhi and bg music plays
Tumko chu ke bhi chune ko karta hai dil
Paake bhi pane ko karta hai dil
Aawargi aane lagi
Sanson mein khusbu chane lagiiii
Dil pe deewangi chha gayi is kadar
Band aankhon se bhi aaye nazar
Kaise kahein Hume
Kitni mohabbat hai
Haa mohabbat hai.(x2)
And she slowly doses off on the shoulder of abhi and abhi is sleeping in sitting position
Screen splits on abhi sleeping in sitting postion ans pragya on his shoulder and rohit in pragya lap today everyone is happy seeing them like this the start is shining more brighter showing her happiness after long time


Credit to: queen

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