Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 28


Thnks for liking my ff and supporting it
Todays episode start with abhi and pragya come home and abhi comes out of car and goes and help pragya to come out of car they see whole house on darkness
Abhi: why this much darkness in house I think there is a problem I should called electricion
Pragya: no lets go in na
Abhi: but its just take one min I will call
Pragya: I am telling you na just come
Abhi: what happen to u pragya I think we should consult a docter
Pragya: ok but first come with me
Pragya hold abhi hand and take her in as she was about to enter her leg get slip and she was about to fall abhi hold her and they share an eye lock and bg music ishq wala love plays and after some time they compose themselves and goes in
Abhi: dadi rohit bahi where are you all

Suddenly pragya go from their
Abhi: see pragya no one is their
Abhi get no response so he see towards pragya but she is not standing their
Abhi: pragya now where you have gone
Suddenly lights comes and colourfull paper start falling on abhi and all shout happy birth day to abhi abhi get shocked seeing this pragya is standing their with them
Abhi: dadi whats all this
Dadi: I know you forget your birth day

Rohit: so dad we arrange all this
Dadi: so hows our surprise did you like it
Abhi: dadi I know today is my birth day but I don’t want to celebrate please dadi I want to be alone for some time please
And gone to his room with out seeing anything all get sad by thie
Rohit: dad didn’t like this and is verge of crying
Pragya see this and fell bad and goes to rohit
Pragya: so my champ want to celebrate his dad birth day right
Rohit noded sadly

Pragya: you said I am your angel na so you trust me
Rohit: more than anything
Pragya: then come with your dost
And she hold his hand and take him towards abhi room both are standing outside abhi room
Pragya: so champ close your eyes and count 100 when your counting is completed and you open eyes your dad is in front of you promise

Rohit smiles and closes his eyes
Here in room abhi talking with pooja pic: how can I celebrate my birth day without you tell me and cries
pragya goes in the room she see darkness in room and she on the light and see abhi sitting in a corner with pooja photo
Abhi: pragya please go I want to be alone
Pragya goes to him and sit beside him
Pragya: what happen you can share with your frnd
Abhi;’ how can I celebrate my birthday without pooja how can I enjoy without her and tear start coming in his eyes
Pragya: you know abhi you are wrong you said you pooja leave she always with you I fell her presence she is with u everytime
Abhi see her and listen carefully

Pragya: how she fell when she see you in tears bcz of her how she get hurted seeing you like this making your life moving in darkness with your own hands she will blame herself for your condition think about rohit his mother and father both are you see her smile in rohit face see dadi how much she loves you how they preapare surprise for you I know its difficult to forget everything but you have to move on for your pooja for your family pooja didn’t get happy seeing you like this please understand
Abhi hearing this wipe his tears
Abhi: you are tight pragya I cant make my pooja sad and hug her
Abhi: thnks for coming in my life pragya you know bcz of you I get to know what life is thnks
Pragya breaks the hug
Pragya: come lets go all are wating
Abhi: wait I want to ask something
Pragya: what
Abhi: is your leg got really injured or
Pragya smiles little and tells him their whole planning
Abhi: oh that’s why you are behaving werid but I impressed with your acting
Pragya pats her shoulder
Pragya: I know that
Abhi: but you make me take you in arms you are so fat
Pragya hits him : that’s not fair I am not moti
Abhi smiles seeing her expression

Pragya: keep smiling like this you look good while smiling
Abhi: when you are with me how will I cry
Pragya : ok come lets go all are wating downstairs
Abhi and pragya open the room gate and here rohit counting get over and he open eyes and see abhi standing and smiling he smiles and runs and hug pragya
Rohit: dost you fulfilled your promise I love u
Pragya: love u to champ
Abhi sits on knees
Abhi: dad is soory rohit
Rohit goes and hug him
Rohit: don’t say like that dad I love you
Abhi: dad like your surprise very much
Rohit: really
Abhi: yeah and about your planning
Rohit and pragya smiles

Abhi: come lets enjoy the party
Rohit: yeah dad
And hold both pragya and abhi hand and take them to hall all get happy seeing abhi smiling
Abhi: I am soory I make u all sad
Dadi: its ok beta
Abhi: no bets call me ladu and yeah now celebrate my birthday
Dadi smiles: ok my ladu
And all smiles and cake come
Rohit: today me dad and dost will cut the cake
Dadi: yeah
And abhi rohit and pragya cut the cake and feed each other and they enjoy the party
After party abhi goes and drop pragya family to home sarla and bulbul goes in but pragya is their
Abhi: chasmish today I am so happy all bcz of you u know you are my lucky charm
Pragys smiles: thnks for the compliment
Abhi: ok bye gn

Pragya :gn
And goes in here abhi comes to his room and see rohit sitting on bed
Rohit: dad you come
Abhi: yeah champ you didn’t sleep till now
Rohit: dad today I am so happy and goes to balcony abhi also go behind him
Rohit: see dad toady mom is also happy seeing you happy and this all bcz of my angel
Abhi: you are right champ your angel is so sweet and caring
Rohit: just like mom na dad
Abhi: yeah my champ
And abhi realize what he said
Abhi: come beta now sleep
Rohit: don’t know dad today I don’t felling sleepy
Abhi: why bets what happen

Rohit: don’t know dad something strange is felling
Abhi: beta ignore it come lets sleep
And abhi make rohit sleep and sleep beside him
At the mid night rohit get a dream in which he see that he is going some where with pragya they are enjoying and suddenly a truck come and hit pragya and she fall in pool of blood
Rohit start shevirng in sleep his full body get sweat and he start murrmering pragya name and shevring with close eyes
Abhi hear this and switch on light and see rohit shevring and sweat over his body
Abhi worriedly: whaht happen rohit
But rohit didn’t open his eyes abhi hold his hand which is burning and he still murmuring pragya name

Abhi comes their with docter and check him
Docter: he has very high fever looking like he get feared of something please call him whose name he is recalling
Abhi: dadi I will go and take pragya
Docter: please fast as much you can see he is shevring in fear
Abhi goes towards pragya house

Precap: pragya caring rohit

Credit to: queen

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