Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 27


Thnk u guys for your love and liking my ff as a gift today I will upload two episodes of my ff hope you all like it
Todays episode start with abhi complete his song and see pragya lost and waves his hand arounh her face
Abhi: hey chasmish where you lost
Pragya come in sense
Pragya: no where
And they talk

At evening
Abhi; come lets go I will drop you ok
Pragya: ok
Pragya try to get up
Abhi: chasmish wait your leg is injured how you walk let me
He put pragya in arms and take her pragya is seeing towards him and then they come outside and abhi make her sit in car and abhi sit and drive the car
Here prgya thinks now what should I do rohit didn’t call me now how I make him busy abhi see pragya lost somewhere
Abhi: chasmish what happen to you today I am seeing you you are behaving weird and again and again losting somewhere whats the matter
Pragya come in senses
Pragya: no no nothing like that and smiles
Abhi: ok
Pragya see something and shouts stop
Abhi hearing this stop the car and turn towards her
Abhi worriedly : what happen are you ok
Pragya: yeah I am ok and point towards something and abhi see
Abhi: so what
Pragya: I want to eat pau bajhi please
Abhi: for this you shout this much and yeah this is street food ok unhygienic ok so no
Pragya: please na its so tasty please
Abhi: I said no means no ok

Pragya crying like a child: I want it
Abhi see her and smiles seeing her crying
Pragya: you are so bad I am crying and you are laughing I will not talk to you and turn her face
Abhi control his smile
Abhi: ok you wait I will take pau bajhi for you ok
Pragya turns and smile
Abhi : you are such a dramebazz chasmish abhi tum naraj thi and now happy
Pragya winks: yeah Its my style ok go fast
Abhi goes to pau bajhi stall and take one plate and come in car and give it to pragya pragya take it and start eating like a child and abhi seeing her and smiling
Abhi: sometime I think you are small than rohit
Pragya: sometime becoming like child give us happiness
And start eating again and abhi is sataring her pragya see this
Pragya: you want it

Abhi: no way I don’t eat this unhygienic food
Pragya: you are so boring abhi aleast taste it its awesome
Abhi: no way
Pragya: ok as you wish and again start eating and abhi see her and he also fell like eating
Abhi: so you are insisting this much I will taste it
Pragya smiles and gives turn plate towards him abhi take a bite
Pragya: hows it
Abhi: awesome
And takes the plate from her hand and start eating and pragya start staring him abhi see this
Abhi: you also eat na
Pragya: no you eat

Abhi: ok and he break the pau in half
Abhi: its part is of mine and you eat this part
Pragya smiles and think I want to share all happiness and sadness of you like this only
And they start eating and smiling and they complete the food
Abhi: really with you I exprince the life and goes to stall and give the plate and see a flower shop goes towards it
Here in car pragya get rohit call
Pragya: all ok na
Rohit: yeah dost and did anyone wish dad
Pragya: no I am here na how can this possible
Rohit: tell me na what you did
Pragya : tell him how tanu come to wish him but she internally fall and make fake injury drama and then now this pau bajhi drama
Rohit: not bad dost you are best
Pragya: yeah I know I am your frnd na
Both laughs

Rohit: ok you take here dad all preprations are done
Pragya: ok champ
And cuts the call
Here abhi take yellow rose and go towards the cas and hide rose behind his bach and sit in car turing towards pragya side pragya see him hiding something
Pragya: what are you hiding show me
Abhi: first close your eyes
Pragya widen her eyes
Abhi: I said clase your eyes and you have widen your eyes
Pragya closes the eyes and abhi take out the roses in front of her
Abhi: now open your eyes
Pragya open her eyes and smiles seeing roses
Pragya: this is for me
Abhi: no for that pau bajhi wala
Pragya: what
Abhi: you are such a childish chasmish offcourse this is for you
Pragya takes the flower and hug abhi in excitement
Pragya: thnk u so much I love this and slowly and love u
And then break the hug

Pragya: but why are you giving me this
Abhi: for our frndship you came as frnd in my life I am very lucky so I want to share this happiness with you
Pragya: really
Abhi: ok now its late I will drop you home
Pragya: rohit has called me he want to meet me
Abhi: but you are injured I will tell him you meet him tomarrow ok
Pragya shouts: no I want to him now only
Abhi: ok ok don’t shout like this
Pragya: sorry
Anhi smiles and start the car and pragya start playing with roses and they drive towards mehra house

Credit to: queen

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