Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 24

Thnks for liking my ff and supporting it don’t take tension I will write both ff
Episode start with abhi and all reaching Mumbai its become late and pragya come in abhi car as rohit and pragya family is at mehra mansion wating of them so now pragya is in abhi car there is complete silence btw them and pragya want to ask why he is avoding her but raj is also their so she cant get the chance and they reach mehra mansion and comes in rohit see pragya and runs and hug her
Rohit: I missed you so much dost
Pragya smiles: mee too my champ
Abhi: so no one has missed dad
Pragya: no dad I also missed you and goes and hug abhi
Bulbul comes and hug pragya then sarla hug pragya abhi goes to dadi and hug her
Rohit: dost your sister is nice we have fun with each other you know
Pragya smiles but seeing towards abhi who is just avoiding her
Rohit: ok dost come to my room today I will make u meet my mom
And hold her hand and take her abhi also go behind them and sarla sit with dadi and bulbul with aliya
Rohit comes to his room balcony and point towards the star
Rohit: see dost she is my mom
Pragya: yeah
And abhi comes their
Rohit: see by seeing you with me she is smiling that’s why shining bright
Abhi: yeah champ correct
Pragya: rohit tell me one thing if some one avoid you without telling you reason that is correct or not
Rohit: that is not correct we should tell the reason
Abhi understand pragya is telling him only
Abhi: rohit you come sleep its already late
Rohit: gn mom gn dost
And abhi make him lie on bed
Rohit: dost please tell me a story na
Pragya: ok
And take his head in lap and abhi sit beside them
Pragya: once their was a prince he is very kind hearted but one day he meet a girl and he make her frnd and they are happy together and are best frnd share pain one day prince suddenly avoiding that girl
Rohit: why

Abhi understand what pragya is trying to say but dint talk anything pragya see him
Pragya: that girl also don’t know why he is avoiding she try to ask but he doesn’t give answer and by this the girl get hurt and she become sad
And pragya see rohit sleeping and smiles and stand up and kisses on forhead abhi see this and goes in balcony pragya also come in balcony
Abhi: you want to know na why I am avoiding you
Pragya remain silent
Abhi: you know pragya whome I love most left me first my mom dad then pooja I become weak but control myself for rohit and you came in my life don’t know why I share all problem with you
Pragya: bcz we arre frnds na and frnds are their in bad and good time na
Abhi: I know but I cant loose a frnd you will also left me like them so you stay away from me I cant have strnght anymore
And tear of drop come in his eyes
Pragya: no sir you are thinking wrong I will never left you
And hearing this words abhi hug pragya and tear coming in his eyes
Abhi: sure promise you will become my frnd
Pragya break the hug and wipe abhi tears
Pragya: paka promise ok
Abhi: soory pragya I hurt you bcz of my silly mind
Pragya: sir you are forgetting frndship rule no soory no thnk u
Abhi: ok miss pragya
And folds his hand

Pragya: jeta raho bacha
And both smiles and that star seeing both of them smiling shine more looking like showing her happiness
And after some time they come in hall smiling dadi see abhi smiling and get happy
Sarla: ok ab hum chalet ha
Abhi: aunty come I will drop u
Sarla: no we will go
Abhi: Its ok aunty I will take you
Pragya: no sir we will go
Abhi: I am telling na I will drop u so miss pragya no more argument ok
Pragya noded and abhi take them to their home in car and sarla and bulbul came out and pragya also came out of car but abhi stop pragya
Abhi: pragya one min
Pragya: ma you go I am coming
Sarla goes in with bulbul and abhi come near pragya
Pragya: yeah sir
Abhi: first of call me abhi ok
Pragya: ok
Abhi: thnk u pragya for coming in my life and becoming my best frnd and taking care of rohit
Pragya: soory but you again tell me thnk u
Abhi: ok baba soory
Pragya: I cant hear it what are you saying
Abhi : ok no soory no thnku
Pragya: yeah that’s something right and smiles
Pragya: abhi I am also lucky to have a frnd like u
Abhi: ok now I will go gn
Pragya: gn
And abhi sit in car both waves bye to each other and pragya goes in think about abhi and a smile come on her face and here abhi also think about pragya and smile come on his face


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    Lovely , excellent

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