Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 22


I think you all don’t like my tomarrow episode as I get less response hope you like this episode
Todays episode start with pragya getting ready in smiple suit and twinklw and roshni see this
Roshni: pragya seriously you are going to wear this
Pragya: yeah whats the problem in it
Twinkle: we are going in rockstar abhi dinner party
Pragya: so what
Roshni: so we will make u ready and no more discussion ok
Pragya: but
Twinkle: no means no
Twinkle take out a red gown and give it to pragya
Pragya: but I don’t wear this type of dress
Roshni: but you have to wear for your frnds
Pragya: ok

And goes to wash room and change and comes out
Twinkle and roshni see her and get shocked
Pragya: I know I am not looking nice na I will go and change
Roshni: wait you are looking like a angel today
Twinkle: anybody can fall for you what say abhi sir also
Pragya blush little bit
Pragya: u both just stup up
Roshni: ok come we will make you ready
And prgya goes and they make pragya wear matching earing and a small neckpiece and done a light make up and they go down stares and see tunj and sid standing their
Sid: oh god they finally come
Tunj: this much time cant you girls get ready fast
Twinkle: oh mister we are not like boys who get ready in 5 min. we have to wear dress and then its matching jewllary and then make up ok you boys don’t bath properly
Sid: ok you won we lost now come and where is pragya
Roshni: see now we are showing you an angel
And they move side and pragya is shown she is looking very beautifull in these dress
Sid: ou are looking nice pragya
Tunj: yeah
Roshni: now we are not getting late
They all sit in car and goes to xyz restaurant

In the xyz restaurant abhi is already their their with raj and talking their comes they all and come out one by one one pragya come out all are seeing her as she is looking so beautifull as abhi cant see as he is facing opposite to that side all are admiring pragya
Roshni: see pragya how all are admiring you
Pragya smiles a little but she is bit unconfertable
Two person come and stand near abhi
Person1: looking like a angel come on earth seeing that girl
Person2: yeah don’t know whome she came to meet that person that a bright luck
And they both go and abhi turn to see the girl and and get shocked as she is none other than pragya
Abhi: pragya
They all go near abhi and greats him but abhi is only seeing pragya
Twinkle roshni tunj and sid goes and sit on table and pragya was going but abhi hold her hand
Abhi: what a change
Pragya: vo twinkle and roshni make me ready so
Abhi: looking nice in this dress
Pragya fells happy hearing this
Pragya: thnks
And then see all around and see all are seeing her and fell little bit uncofertable and abhi sense this and hold pragya hand indicating that he is with her and by seeing this all take off their eyes from pragya and pragya see abhi with love in her eyes
Pragya: thnk u
Abhi: you are forgoting the frndship rules
Pragya smiles: ok
And they goes and sit with all of them and they oder their favirote food as they are talking a girl come and blindfold abhi

Abhi: who is this
Girl: guess first
Pragya see this and dint like the girl touching abhi and fells bad
Abhi: tell me whose this
And girl open blindfold and abhi see her
Abhi: tanu you here
Tanu: yeah their a concert of mine so I come here and hug abhi
Pragya shocked to see this and get angry
Abhi break the hug
Abhi: meet them this is tunj sid roshni twinkle and this is pragya and you all know her she is super model tanu
Tanu: hi guys
All say her hi
Tanu: pragya will you sit on next chair please

As pragya ia sitting next with abhi
Pragya: me ok
And goes and sit near next chair and tanu sit on pragya chair and their food come but pragya is felling jelious seeing abhi and tanu together
Pragya thinks what is happening to you pragya why are you felling bad she is his frnd only and what if she something else why are you bothering he is just you boss and frnd that’s it
Pragya inner voice: really that’s
Pragya think: yeah that’s it
Pragya inner voice: but its not looking like that you are jelious seeing her with him
Pragya: no way
And closes her eyes they complete their dinner and manager come their and told today is 50 th anniversary of our reastaurent so we invite you all to come with uss as we have a surprise for you
They all go in a garden area and see its beautifully decorated
Manager: you all enjoy the party we will give our surprise in 15 min.
Pragya is standing with roshni and twinkle while abhi with tanu and tanu is holding his hhand which make pragya more jelious as pragya as having drink in her hand she gets an idea
Pragya: I am coming in a min
And she start going towards abhi and tanu and as she come near tanu and internally stumbles and and that coldrink get on tanu dress and pragya loss balance and fall
Tanu: what you did
Abhi goes to pragya and make her stand
Pragya: I am really soory I lost balance
Tanu: you spoil my whole dress
Abhi: its ok tanu go to wash room and clean it
Tanu goes to wash room to clean the dress and pragya smile seeing her going
Abhi: are you fine did you get hurt
Pragya: no now I am fine
Abhi confuse: means
Pragya understand what she said
Pragya: I am fine now I want to tell that
And slowly hits her head
Pragya thinks don’t know why I did this but I cant see him with her and that’s it
And they started talking

Precap: abhi pragya dance

Credit to: queen

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