Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 2

Thnks guys for comments and suppost I wiil make pragya entry soon
Todays episode start with abhi goes to pooja
Abhi: pooja open your eyes nothing will happen to you
And take her in arms and put in car drove to hospital and when he reach hospital fastly take her in hospital and doctor take him to ot
In the house dadi is felling restless and walking here and their suddenly mitali come
Mitali: dadi any problem you are seeing tensed
Dadi: don’t know beta I am felling restless I think something bad should happen
Mitali: don’t woory dadi nothing bad will happen you take your medicine
Mitali give medicine to dadi and her phone rings and mitali take the phone
Mitali: yes raj tell

Raj: mitali pooja has met with an accident and she is in city hospital now
Mitali: what and phone drop from her hand
Dadi: what happen beta
No response from mitali
Dadi shakes her: tell me what happened
Mitali: dadi pooja met with a accident now she is in city hospital
Dadi: what
And mitali and dadi goes to city hospital and see raj and abhi their
Abhi see dadi and go and hug her
Abhi: dadi please tell doctor to save my pooja I cant live without her please dadi
Dadi: nothing will happen to our pooja abhi
And doctor come from ot and abhi come to him
Abhi: how is she now doctor
Doctor: we cant say anything we are trying our best
Abhi: please doctor save her please

Doctor: look mr abhi we cant give you false hope her saving chances is almost less now only we can pray to god
Abhi: no
And break down into tears and dadi goes to console him
Dadi: control abhi
Abhi: how dadi she is my life I become lifeless without her
And abhi stand up and goes in the temple inside hospital and fold his hands
Abhi: please god don’t be so rude don’t take my pooja I cant live without her please god and cry bitterly
And in ot pooja is breathing heavily and suddenly her breath stop and on the other side the diya lighting in temple blow off
The ot light goes off and doctor come out and all goes to her
Doctor: soory but we cant save her she is no more
This words are thunder strome for all the family member and all started crying dadi get shatterd and mitali holds her abhi who listen all this break down and come to doctor
Abhi: I know doctor you are lying this cant happen I know pooja has tell you to say all this
And abhi see towards dadi : see dadi your become so naughty doing this type of pranks I will go and scold her

Abhi goes inside and all cry seeing abhi condition
Abhi goes to pooja: pooja please get up its enough your prank see dadi and all family member are crying open your eyes
Then dadi raj and mitali come to ot
Abhi: dadi see how rudely she is she is not getting up by your seeing your tears also
Dadi come to abhi tell: abhi she is dead
Abhi: don’t lie dadi oh so you are also invole in her prank but dadi tell her its enough now
Dadi: abhi why don’t you listen she is dead
Abhi: stopped she cant leave me I know I prank on her now she is doing but pooja now I will not prank on you but please get up na
Dadi goes and slap abhi and shout she is dead she is dead
And abhi brek down and cry bitterly no dadi she cant left me and dadi hug him
And they all take pooja dead body to house and aliya see her and cry bitterly
Aliya: babhi please get up na
And then goes to abhi
Aliya: bahi you tell na babhi to get up

But abhi is sitting their as life less body and prub goes and console aliya
In room rohit is with robin
Rohit: robin come we play outside
Robin: no baba you play here
Rohit: no robin I want to meet mom where is she today when I come from school she not even come to me
Robin controlling his tears tell: mom will come but till then we play vedio game
And robin start playing vedio game with rohit
In the hall pooja dead body is taken to final rights and after final rights they all come home and abhi goes to his room and closes it and in room he see a mandir and remember how pooja worship them and goes
Abhi: you have taken my pooja from me from now onwards I have no place in my heart for you and open then door and take the murti all see him taking the murti and goes behind him and abhi goes to store room and put that murti their
Dadi: what are you doing abhi
Abhi: dadi these have taken my pooja from me now onwards there is no plce for them in my heart and in my room

And goes to his room and locked from inside
All started crying by seeing abhi condition
Dadi: we have to be strong so that abhi could get out from this pain
Purab: yeah dadi is telling right
Then suddenly rohit came and all wipe their tear seeing rohit
Rohit: dadi where is mom and dad
Dadi: beta your dad has goen to drop your mom to nani house
Rohit: but why she gone without me I will not talk to her when she come
And dadi hug rohit and tell aliya and purab to take him to his

abhi in his room crying seeing pooja pic and reciming his memories with pooja and bg music
screen splits in dadi crying standing near pooja pic and abhi crying in room seeing pooja pic

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  2. out standing story line but sad episode 🙁

  3. Nice episode… Continue ur story I thk thr vl b interesting twist n turns

  4. I think pooja character also plays by Sriti Jha…

    1. I too think the same by the way story will go on.. really ur extraordinary queen mind blowing episode but really so sad..

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  6. plz update d nxt episode n make pragya entry plz yaar …

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