Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 19

Todays episode start with they are contuning their joury and pragya see a mandir
Pragya: sir please stop na there is a mandir I want to go in
Then abhi realizes it is the same road where pooja accident happen and abhi stop the car
Pragya: sir are you coming
Abhi: no way I don’t belive in god
Pragya: but sir
Abhi: please pragya if you want to go then go
And pragya came out and crosses the road and go to mandir and abhi park the car somebit at distance and came out of car and that scence of pooja accident come in front of his face and a tear come in his eyes
Abhi thinks this is the place where I have lost my pooja and then he see pragya is coming out of mandir and a child meet her and she gave her prashad and as she was coming that girl slips and fall and started crying pragya goes and make her stand and wipe her tears and then give her chocklate and girl get smile

Here abhi thinks how can anyone have this much love in himself and think about pooja
Abhi: she is just like my pooja only know how to shower love on others and smiles
And pragya is coming and seeing abhi as she is crossing road and seeing abhi she didn’t see a truk coming towards her but abhi see this and get shocked abhi gesture her but she doesnot understand and abhi goes running towards her and shout to move aside and pragya see truck coming towards her side she get shocked for sometime as truch was about to hit her abhi pushes her aside
Abhi with anger
Abhi:pragya what you think of youself what If anything happens to u I have lost my love in my life but I cant lost you
Pragya is still in shock abhi shakes her
Abhi: are you listening what I am saying
Pragya came in senses and hug abhi tightly and cry abhi see the situation and hug her back and put his hand on her head
Abhi: relax pragya nothing has happened see you are safe now don’t cry
But pragya holds abhi more tight and bg music allaw wariya plays
After some time they compose them selves and abhi wipe pragya tear
Abhi: now relax
And take her to car holding her hand and make her sit and also sit and drive the car pragya see abhi
Pragya: abhi sir are u angry on me
Abhi: who I am to angry on u
Pragya: why are u saying this sir you are my frnd

Abhi: then I have told you to be carefull what if something happens to u what will I do then tell me
Pragya see him shocked and abhi realizes his words
Abhi: means I had promise aunty ji and rohit for your safety
Pragya in tears: soory sir I will take care of myself from now
Abhi: okay then I will accept your soory now smile you look ghost while crying
Abhi said this to lighten her mood but in heart he is also fearing when thought about scene
Pragya smiles: that’s not fair see I am not that mad bad looking
Abhi: oh please you girls put lots of make up on you face so that anyone don’t scared seeing you face
And abhi smiles
Pragya: how mean sir but I only use lipstick that’s it
Abhi rub his figure on pragya cheeks
Abhi: then what is tjis
Pragya: oh today bulbul get me rady so she put this make
Abhi: I appricate girls are master in making excuse
Pragya: and boys in telling lie
Both laughs on their talking and they are talking with each other sudeenlt at a lonely place their car get stop

Pragya: what happen sir
Abhi: I think there is a problem I will chek it you only sit here
And abhi goes out of car and pragya get bored inside so she also come out
Abhi: I tell u na stay in
Pragya: but I am feeling bored
Suddenly pragya phone ring its of sarla
Pragya: ma
Sarla: are fine na beta I am having bad intuitions that something is bad going to happen
Pragya: ma I am fine you don’t take tension ok
And they chit chat and after sometime pragya cut the call
Pragya: whats the problem sir
Abhi: don’t know
Pragya: what we will do sir I think their no mechanic here
Suddenly they see a village near by
Abhi: come go their and ask them about any transport for goa
And they started walking suddenly rain started and abhi goes under a tree but pragya started playing in rain like a child

Abhi: come here pragya you will get fever
Pragya: no sir I tell u also come there is so much fun
Abhi: no way
But pragya forcefully pulled him and started enjoying and abhi seeing her and smiling they both completely drenchend in rain suddenly pragya leg slip and she about to fall but abhi hols her and they share a cut eye lock and rain is showering love on them bg music plays
Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewkoof bada
Chahta hai kitna tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah (x2)
And after some time they compose themselves and rain is also get stopped as pragya is wearing a white suit and as she is drenched she is felling bit unconfertable abhi senses it and remove her coat and make her wear
Abhi: come lets go now see bcz of you I am also fully drenched
But pragya is lost somewhere and seeing abhi lovely
As abhi star walking pragya is standing their abhi turns and see her
Abhi: now what happen to u come lets go

Pragya come in senses and they go in village and knock the door a lady open the door
Abhi: we are stanger here can you tell me where we get goa bus
Lady: for that you have to wait until morning
Pragya: please we don’t know anyone here can we stay here for a night
Lady: but
Suddenly a man come and see pragya lustly and abhi see this and cover pragya
Men: yeah sure you are our guest
Lady: ok then come in
Abhi: pragya I think we will not stay here I am felling reastless
Pragya: its ok sir now where will we go at this time
Abhi: okay
And they come in
Lady: you both are drenched come change the clothes other wise you get fever
Lady take pragya and make her wear a sari and men take abhi and make her wear dhoti
They both come out and abhi see pragya in sari and get memerised seeing her and that men see pragya lustfully
Pragya goes to abhi
Pragya: not bad sir you are looking handsome in dhoti and laughs
Abhi: he he look at you first
And they start their fight
Lady come their

Lady: come food is ready
They both go and sit for food and men is staring pragya and abhi gets angry seeing this
Men: so you are husband wife
Pagya is about to say something abhi intrupted
Abhi: yeah and eyes men with little bit anger
Pragya is shocked hearing this
Lady: you look made for each other god bless you both
They complete their food
That men and abhi sleep outside and pragya and that women inside
At the midnight the men wake up and see abhi sleeping and goes inside house and open the door and see pragya from top to bottom
Men: I don’t have seen a girl like her and goes near her and stair her as she is wearing sari her waist is complety shown then he see her lips and smiles evily and see towards other lady
Flashbach is shown that men give sleeping pills to that lady in milk
He goes near pragya and hold her waist pragya wake by this and see the men
Pragya: hey what are you doing here go away

Men: stop your nonsense look at youslef how can I leave such a dimond and hols her
Pragya jerks her about to shout but the man slap her and she fall down and blood is coming from her mouth and that men closes her moth and tied her hand forcefully parya see the sleeping lady helplessly
Men: today no one will save you from me and laughs
Screen splits in bhi sleeping face and that men evily and pragya crying face


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