Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 18

Thnks to all for appreciating my ff and love u all for supporing my ff when I tared it I don’t imagine that I get this much appreciation and love so thnks from the core of heart
Todays episode start with abhi and rohit are laughing and when they tired they stop laughing
Abhi: by the way you have tell my name na
Rohit: yeah dad and you know that when I tell this to dost she smiles on your name and said cute
Abhi is happy hearing this and then they go to balcony
Rohit: hi mom I know you are angry on me that today I didn’t did break fast but mom I was becoming late so soory and holds both his ear
Abhi: and me too as I was getting late for office so pooja soory and he also hold his ear
Rohit: dad I think mom has forgive see the start is shinging bright
Abhi: yeah my champ
Rohit: ok mom gn sleep well and god you take care of my mom
And they both tell gn and goes in room and sleep on bed
Here pragya is seeing also start and a tear come in her eyes

Pragya: dad I am missing you so much I know dad you are with me always and wipe her tears and soory dad I will not cry as I has promised you and dad gn
And goes and sleep on bed
Next morning rohit get ready for school and abhi get ready to go goa and they both come and do break fast with family
After some time pragya come with sarla and bulbul to abhi house and all get happy seeing pragya rohit goes and hug pragya and pragya too gets happy seeing him and then see abhi who is looking him with fake anger pragya get feared
Sarla: namestey ji
Dadi: namestey
Aliya hugs pragya and bulbul and greats them
Bulbul: so he is the little champ of which my di is talking
Rohit: yeah aany dout
Bulbul: your company will me rocking champ
And they give hi fi to each other and all smile seeing them
Dadi: I must say you get two princess
Sarla: thnku ji

Abhi: dadi we are getting late shall we go
Rohit: wait dad I have to give something to dost
Abhi: ok beta hurry up
Rohit goes and all wait for him and then he come having something in hand which is hidden bach and he goes to pragya
Rohit: close your eyes
Pragya closes her eyes
And rohit shoe the gift and say pragya to open eyes and see the gift there is card which is made my him and a statue in which a angek is holding a child
Pragya take it and smile and open the card it is dectored well my his cute little hands and then she see something written she started reading
To my dearest dost
You know dost you are best in this world you cre for me so much you love me so much you know when you are with me I feel like my mom with me and you know dost when you care for me I thougt about my mom who used care for me like you did
tear come in pragya and all other eyes pragya continue the letter

you know dost my dad told me that when god take something from us they send their angel and I asked dad will god send angel for me then he say yes see you come in my life like a angel and god send you for me on my mom place so that I don’t miss her you know dost you are the beautifull gift by god my will daliy thnk him for sending a angel like you in my life and this statue is the symbole of our love
yours little champ
all have tear in their eyes listening the words of such a small child and specially abhi and pragya
rohit: what happen dost why are you crying don’t you like my gift
pragya sit on knees and hug him and then kisses on his cheeks
pragya: like this is the my best gift I receive in my life time
rohit: then why are you crying and make a sad face
pragya: these are the tear of happiness which you have given me

rohit: but I don’t like your tears and wipe her tears and say smile
pragya smiles abhi comes and hug rohit
rohit: why you all become senti just smile
all smiles hearing this
pragya smiles and stand up
pragya: even I have something for u not so precious like your gift but I have
and give him chocolates
rohit gets happy
rohit: how did you know dost I love chocolates
pragya: I am your dost I should know this much about you na
and rohit smiles and start eating chocklates
abhi: you both come we are getting late
sarla hugs pragya then bulbul

sarla: take care of yourself
pragya noded they three sit in car pragya and abhi on front sit and rohit in pragya lap
whole journey pragya and rohit talking and abhi listening their talking and smiles and they come to rohit school rohit come out and kisses on pragya and then abhi cheeks and then waves bye and go to school
here pragya and abhi start going towards goa pragya see abhi little bit angry
pragya: abhi sir why are you looking angry
abhi see her
abhi: oh I think someone is calling me ladu tomarrow
pragya smiles a little but stops as abhi see her angrly
pragya hold ears : soory sir
abhi: soory is accepted but you have to join me in my ice cream treat
pragya smiles : offcourse abhi sir

they stop the car and go to ice cream stall and take two ice cream and start eating as they are eating ice cream left from pragya hand and fell on road
pragya: oh shit my ice cream
abhi: don’t worry we will buy another one
and see but that ice cream stall person left
pragya: but he left na
abhi; take my ice cream
pragya: no abhi sir you eat
abhi: its ok you take it
pragya: no sir
and pragya sit in car and abhi throw the ice cream and sit in car and pragya see no ice cream in his hand
pragya: where is your ice cream sir
abhi: I don’t have mood to eat
pragya: abhi sir you are amazing
and they both smile and again start their journey


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