Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 17

Episode 16

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Episode start with mehra mansion as dadi purab and aliya are chating rohit come their
Rohit: bua come with me I will show you something
And then he see purab and runs and hug him
Rohit: chachu I missed you a lot
Purab: me too my chamo anyways hows is my champ
Rohit: look fit and fine
And they smiles
Rohit: chachu I think you are forgetting something
Purab: how can I forget it
And he gave him chockletes and he gets happy
Rohit: chachu bua come I will show you something
Aliya: ok
And they both go behind rohit and dadi goes to pooja pic
Dadi: now I am confident that this girl will bring my abhi back who used to smile whole day and I know no one love rohit more then her and I have to do something so they get close to each other and smiles
Here rohit come with aliya and purab in his room
Rohit: you knoe bua I have made a surprise gift for my dost
Purab: so who is your new dost don’t you tell your chachu
Aliya: I tell you na its pragya di
Purab: ok
Rohit: now see my gift

And they see the gift and get teary eyed and hug him(I will show you gift later)
At evening abhi is sitting on beach and here pragys in her room felling restless and moving here and their and she goes to sarla
Pragya: ma I am not felling well shall I go on a walk
Sarla: ok but take bulbul
Pragya: but ma she is sleeping
Sarla: ok but come come fast
Pragya : ok ma
And goes from their to near by beach and abhi is also their but they don’t see each other as abhi is seeing the waves of water and pragya also sit their but at much distance from abhi pragya also come their when she fell restless they didn’t see each other but thinking about each other suddenly some small children come their as they are playing football and suddenly football hits pragya and she see and take football in hands and stand up
Boy1: aunty please give the ball
Pragya smiles: ok on one condition I will play with you
Boy2: ok
And they start playing and get tired after that they go in water and start sprinkling water on each other now abhi notice some girl playing with children but doesn’t see that girl face she is wearing white suit and start seeing them and a smile comes on his face and he goes and started going towards them
Here that pragya is sprinkling water on children and smiling and dancing suddenly a boy fell and crying and pragya see this and go and make him stand and wipe his tears and make her smile and kisses on his forhead
Abhi see this and think how pure hearted this girl is and walking towards them
Then pragya see the time and thinks ma told to come fast I have to go and she waves bye to children and turn to go abhi see her going and runs but he missed her and she go dancing abhi goes to that childrens

Abhi: bacho do you know that girl
Children: no uncle
Abhi thinks who is that girl but that girl has a pure heart and abhi smiles and go from their
Abhi reach home here pragya also reach home
Abhi goes to his room and change and do dinner with rohit and then they both go to their room here pragya also do dinner with family and then goes to room with bulbul their they chit chat and then bulbul falls asleep and pragys is awake
Here in abhi room with rohit
Abhi: so my champ don’t you tell gn to your mom
Rohit: yeah dad but I want to talk my dost
Abhi: its very late rohit
Rohit: dad please and make a sad face
Abhi thinks for a while and dials pragya no. and pragya picks the call
Pragya: hello whose this
Abhi feel her voice and stay silent
Pragya: hello is anyone their
Abhi come in senses
Abhi: soory hello I am
But pragya intrupted him
Pragya: abhi sir
Abhi: yeah but how you remember my voice
Pragya: this is called talent abhi sir and thinks how can I forget your voice

Suddenly she jerked her thought what are you saying pragya
Abhi: are you there pragya
Pragya: yes sir
Abhi: so I should appreciate your talent
Pragya: thnk u sir
Abhi: I hope I has not disturbed u
Pragya slowly: how can u disturb I was only waitinfg for your call
Abhi: you said something
Pragya hits her hand and think what are u saying pragya just control your tounge
Abhi: I have called as rohit want to talk to u
Pragya: ok sir
And abhi put the phone on speaker

Rohit: dost hows you
Pragya: I am fine my little champ
Rohit: dost I am missing you
Pragya: me too
Rohit: dost I have a surprise gift for you I know you are going goa with dad for concert I will miss u in these day
Pragya: aaww my little champ don’t take tension I will call you now smile
Rohit smiles : you are best dost
Abhi hearing their talks and think I cant understand this girl she is having such a pure heart how she spred only love and smiles
Pragya: so hows mr. ladu

As pragya don’t know that phone is on speaker and abhi name is ladu at home as dadi called him but he hate this name rohit tell pragya about it
Rohit see abhi angry
Rohit: dost we will talk about it later
Pragya: why ladu is near you
Rohit: please dost leave it
Abhi take the phone and hear pragya smiling their
Pragya: champ this name suit on your dad very much
Rohit is seeing helplessly as abhi tell him not to utter a word
Pragya: rohit are u their
Abhi: yeah its me abhi
Pragya: sir you but rohit
Abhi: by the way my phone is on speaker and why are you calling me sir call me what are you calling me now
Pragya hits her head
Pragya: soory sir I don’t mean that
Abhi: then what you mean
Pragya: soory sir my mom is calling I have to go and bye my little champ
Rohit: bye dost
Abhi: no no pragya give me my answer
But pragya cuts the call and then abhi see rohit laughing
Abhi: you and your dost I will not leave you both
And rohit start running and smiling and abhi also running behind him after some time they both get tired and fell on bed and both started laughing and dadi see this from outside and gets happy here pragya cuts the call
Pragya: now how will you go in front of abhi sir tomarrow and this long joruny you are gone now pragya cant you control your tounge but ladu nice name
Scren splits in abhi and rohit on bed smiling and pragya smiling
They both don’t know that their distance btw them is decresing day by day but don’t know what destiny wants


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